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Married To A Mafia Boss - Episode 19 & 20




Married To A Mafia Boss - Episode 19 & 20

SUBTLE: Ruthless Heart

THEME: His Little Bride

GENRES: Dark/Couples Romance/Action/Erotica

TAGS: Contract Marriage,Mafias,Deaths,Bloody,Suspense,Secrets,Cold Hearted,College,Jealousy,M*rders,Love Triangles,Rivals,Age Gap,S£x.

Written By, Summer Gold R.             





'Is she a human or a doll?' Ace thought and went upstairs with her in his arms. 

He opened the door to her room and entered gently,he went straight to the bed and dropped her. He covered her body with the duvet,he stopped moving while staring at her face,but he was interrupted when a call came on his phone. He checked his phone and immediately walked out of the room. 

Lily opened her eyes afterward and bite her lips,did Ace just carried her inside?? She was still looking so shocked and surprised,all at a time,he really carried her and dropped her in her room??. 

She couldn't think too much because she was feeling too sleepy to do that,slowly she closed her eyes again and slept off. 


Ace entered his suite and went straight to the private zone,he sat down in front of the system and used his headphones. 

"Boss" The voice said from the other side.

"Did you find anything??" Ace asked

"Yes,the location of your mom" The voice replied and Ace's eyes widened .

"Really??" He asked

"Check your mail boss,I sent you the address already" 

Ace immediately opened his mail inbox and he saw the address.

"Seen" he muttered and hung up. 

He searched the location through the map,it's quite a distance from here. He sighed out and removed his headphones,he would go secretly without Loretto finding out. 

Finding his mother will be the most amazing thing ever but more importantly,he need to find her. 

Ace's eyes caught with the pink bracelet on the table,he stood up and walked out of the zone. 

He entered the bedroom and fell on the bed,slowly he drifted into sleep. 



Lily walked out of her room,she was already dressed as usual. She walked slowly toward the stairs wondering if Ace was still home,she will definitely be too nervous to face him at this moment. She got downstairs without catching any glimpse of him,madam Hope appeared to her almost immediately. 

"Lily" She called

"Morning madam Hope" Lily smiled and Madam Hope sighed

"When did you enter the house? I was worried about you all night,only to check you this morning and discovered that you were in your room" madam Hope said and Lily smiled. 

She gave her a sign to come to the dinning room,madam Hope followed without argument. 

"He came back for me last night" Lily said 

"Wh.....what?!" Madam Hope widened her eyes in disbelief

Lily nodded with a smile.

"Who came back for you??" Madam Hope questioned again

"Ace" Lily muttered. 


"He took me in....he carried me in his arms" Lily said and went on to tell her how he had carried her and how he had asked her to come down and how she refused. 

"Seriously??" Madam Hope chuckled.

Lily nodded,smiling. 

"Why did you do that??" Madam Hope asked.

"I don't know,He's....huge and comfortable to sleep on" Lily said and Madam Hope laughed.

"Bring your voice down,what if....."

"He's not home,he left" Madam Hope said and Lily nodded softly. 

"I'm hungry" She pouted.

"I was expecting you to ask that,why so late??" Madam Hope asked and Lily laughed. 

Madam Hope went into the kitchen to dish out her meal while Lily took her phone,she got a text earlier from Roxanna 


Lily smiled and replied. 


She dropped her phone as Madam Hope returned with her food. 



"You can go" Loretto said to the guards. 

They all bowed and walked out,Loretto faced Ace after that with a smile.

"Stop smiling and tell me why I am here" Ace said without looking at him.

"Your bride" Loretto said and Ace looked up. 

"What about her??" He asked. 

"I'm asking you if you still want to get rid of her" Loretto said. 

"Will you do that??" Ace asked

"I can get rid of her anytime I want,she's just a tool used to pay back their debt anyway,typically she's mine......"

"What are you talking about?" Ace cut in. 

"You know what I'm saying" Loretto replied and sipped from his wine 

"What do you mean by she's yours??" Ace asked.

"She's just a product of my money" Loretto smiled. 

"She's not yours,she's mine. She's married to me not you,what the f**k are you saying??" Ace scoffed

"How is she yours? It's my money not yours" Loretto smirked. 

Ace rolled her eyes.

"Then you should have married her for yourself" He scoffed and stood up. 

"Just know that I can decide to get rid of her anytime,and besides you didn't get married to her for Love" Loretto said and Ace faced him. 

"Like I said,she's my wife and I can do whatever I want with her,you have no right whatsoever to get rid of her without my approval" he said

"I don't know why you're defending her right now,you don't even care about her do you??" Loretto scoffed.

"Text me your account details,I will send your money to you. Stay away from her" Ace said and walked out. 

"Wait...for real??" Loretto asked no one in particular. 

Ace got out of the suite and walked into Scar who also stopped walking as their eyes met,she finally looked away and made to walk away. 

"Hey" Ace called and she immediately turned. 


Ace scoffed

"You should play hard to get at least,just one call and your body is shaking" He said and Scar frowned.

"What,you told me to get out of your sight" She said.

"I'm not taking it back" Ace said,walking away. 

Scar followed him immediately.

"Wanna go out with me?? Huh??" She asked

"I'm not in the mood" Ace muttered without stopping.

"Come on,you should have fun sometimes also" She grabbed his arm and he looked at her. 

"Please" Scar said. 

Ace sighed. 

"Fine" He said.

"I will get dressed" Scar smiled and walked away. 



Leo and Lily walked out of the class together,unexpectedly,they wrote a test today. 

"How was it??" Leo asked Lily and she sighed sadly. 

"I didn't do well" she muttered. 

"Oh" Leo bite his lip

"He should at least give us a spoiler if he's gonna give us test,I didn't answer all the questions.. It's what he taught us the previous day" Lily mumbled. 

"You didn't study last night??" Leo asked and Lily shook her head. 

"Why?? That's unlike you" Leo said and Lily sighed. 

'I was outside' she said inwardly. 

"Was it because you got home late?? I should have thought about it,I'm sorry" Leo said

"No....I enjoyed being with you,it's not your fault. I can't fail anyway,I'm just sad I couldn't answer all" Lily said and Leo sighed. 

"Don't worry,I'm going to remind you every night to study" he said and Lily chuckled.

"You don't have to do that,I was just too tired yesterday,you know I always study" Lily said and Leo nodded.

"Guys!!!!" Roxanna caught up with them. 

"What,you finished all??" Lily asked.

"No" Roxanna said and Leo chuckled. 

"You should know she wouldn't,stop asking" He said

"I didn't answer all,I did four out of five" Lily muttered. 

"Well at least those four are sure,I did three out of five and I'm not even sure" Roxanna said and Lily chuckled. 

"Stop playing with your life" Leo pulled her hair

"Stop that!! Not everybody is gonna be like you,I hate studying okay??" Roxanna scoffed.

"And besides,I'm too busy waiting for my crush to show up again" Roxanna said 

Leo and Lily groaned frustratingly and started walking faster 

"Guys!!" Roxanna followed them. 

"How about we go eat something? I'm hungry and I don't wanna go home right now" She said

"A restaurant??" Leo asked 

Lily immediately nodded.

"Foodie" Leo pushed her head and she smiled

👥 Hey Leo!!!

Some group of girls waved at Leo as they passed. 

Leo waved back at them but Roxanna pulled his hand down.

"Stop it,I'm jealous" She said

Leo looked at Lily but she was already busy with her phone.

"How about we eat something light??" She asked

"Don't tell me you're searching for food on your phone" Roxanna said

"Aren't we eating again?" Lily asked. 

Roxanna burst into laughter.

"Cute" Leo muttered and chuckled. 

They all got to his car,Leo opened the front seat for Lily but she already joined Roxanna at the back,he closed it back and entered. 

"Dope restaurant please,they have the best food" Roxanna said

"Yes miss" Leo said and started the car. 



The waitress returned with the trio orders and they started eating. 

"Yummy,Lily taste this" Roxanna said,giving Lily a bite from her chicken. 

"Hmm" Lily nodded her head and lick her lip. 

Leo was almost lost staring at her until she looked up

"Aren't you eating??" She asked and didn't wait for his response before looking away. 

Few minutes later,Lily looked up and her eyes caught with Ace and Scar coming into the restaurant,Scar held into him as if she's married to him. 

Lily couldn't take her eyes and unfortunately,Ace's eyes also locked with hers so she quickly looked down. 

Scar followed Ace's eyes and they landed on Lily,she smiled inwardly.

"What are you looking at? Let's sit" She said,pretending not to see Lily. 

They sat down few table away but so easy for Lily to see them clearly. 

"Are you okay??" Roxanna asked Lily. 

"Yeah" Lily muttered but her eyes drift toward Ace and Scar again. 

Leo also followed her eyes and then back to her face. 

"Are you done eating??" He asked

Lily immediately nodded

"But I'm not done...." Roxanna tried talking

"I will wait for you guys outside" Lily cut in and stood up

"Fine fine,let's go together. I'm full anyway" Roxanna scoffed and also got up. 

They all walked out of the restaurant,Scar looked at Ace to see her reaction but his expression was totally blank.

'Geez,are you a human at all?' She scoffed inwardly. 

"Lily are you okay??" Leo asked when they entered the car

"I'm fine,I just want to go home" Lily replied.

"Then I will drop you....."

"No,don't worry about me. I'm fine,I promise" Lily immediately said. 

Roxanna and Leo gave her a confused look.

"I just....want to go home alone" She mumbled. 



Lily was in the living room studying but she couldn't even concentrate well,she kept on thinking about Ace and Scar,so she's really his girlfriend like she claimed?? 

The fact that Ace is not back home only means he's still with her right??  Thinking about it alone makes her feel bad than she ever imagined. 

She was still thinking when the door opened and Ace walked in and she looked up,their eyes met again but this time it was Ace who looked away first. He was about climbing the stairs when Lily got up. 

"Hey" She called and Ace stopped on his track. He turned and looked at Lily,she swallowed and said nothing. 

Ace scoffed and took another step.

"Hey!!" Lily shouted

Ace frowned and turned to her again. 

"Where are you coming from??" Lily asked 

Ace raised his brows. 

"From your girlfriend?? That's what she told me,she's your girlfriend right??" Lily asked

Ace kept quiet,staring at her.

"Did you sent her to hurt me?? You can do that,I don't really trust you. If you had a girlfriend,why didn't you tell your dad when he talked about getting married?!!! Why?!! You punished me last night just because I went out with my friend,I'm not allowed to do whatever I want but you still have a girlfriend." Lily said in tears.

"Since I've gotten here,you don't talk to me,you're always looking so scary,you obviously hate me with the way you look at me,I heard you....you said I'm not your type,I'm too tiny and I look like a kid,is that why you're treating me this way?? Huh?? You obviously know that your girlfriend threatened to kill me if I don't get out of your house but you did nothing about it,you treat me like shit,if you hate me that much,just let tell your dad to let me go!!!" She cried out. 

Ace chuckled. 

"Don't laugh!!" She cried more loudly. 

"What the f**k is this" Ace chuckled again and Lily sniffs. 

Ace walked closer to her. 

"Hey barbie" he called and Lily bashed her wet lashes,looking up at his face since he's super taller than her. 

"Why don't you just continue studying before I do something you don't expect?" Ace said. 

"What......are you talking about??" Lily asked softly. 

"You want to know??" Ace asked and she nodded. 

Ace let out one evil smile and bent to her size. 

"Anyone ever eat you up or suck your titties ??" He asked in a whisper

Lily blinked in confusion. 

"You want to eat me up and suck??" She asked and suddenly gasped as if she got what he said

Ace said no word,he only stared at her,expecting more from her until she dropped the bomb. 

"You're a vampire??" She asked and Ace's eyes widened.

"What are you talking about?" He asked.

"If you want to eat me up and suck me....that makes you a vampire!" Lily said. 

Ace's eyes grew even more wider. 

"What the f**k did father gave me as a wife??" He muttered in complete shock. 



To be continued....

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