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Married To A Mafia Boss - Episode 17 & 18




Married To A Mafia Boss - Episode 17 & 18

SUBTLE: Ruthless Heart

THEME: His Little Bride

GENRES: Dark/Couples Romance/Action/Erotica

TAGS: Contract Marriage,Mafias,Deaths,Bloody,Suspense,Secrets,Cold Hearted,College,Jealousy,M*rders,Love Triangles,Rivals,Age Gap,S£x.

Written By, Summer Gold R.             



           🖤HUMAN OR A DOLL??🖤



Ace said no word as he stared at the view,they kept on smiling and laughing,and the dude wouldn't stop touching her hair,it got to a point that he Carried her on his back and his so called wife seems to enjoy everything. 

"You have nothing to say?" Razor asked

"We have just thirty minutes left,step on the speed" Ace muttered,looking away from them. 

Razor stepped on the speed like Ace said and sped off. 

Few minutes later,they entered the mansion and immediately the guards ran over to open the doors for them. 

They all came out at the same time,Razor and Ace were both putting on the same outfit,looking like bad @ss billionaires,they are both looking so hot. Spudz also disguised as a guy. 

They all showed their fake invitation cards and they were allowed into the house where the party is ongoing. 

They could see their prey,Tanzer,from afar drinking with his men,they all have girls on their laps,except him. 

"Cardi and Nicki should be here now" Razor muttered as they took their seats. 

The bartenders came over to serve them

Some seconds later,Cardi and Nicki walked in looking so sexy as planned,they didn't bother looking their way as they went straight to the spotlight,dancing and moving in a Seductive way. 

Some girls came over to Ace but just one cold look from him sent them away.

"Seriously?? Since when did you start rejecting p**sies?" Razor asked and Ace looked at him

"We are here for a mission" He said

"You can just do a quickie,I'm here" Razor smirked

"Shut up" Ace muttered and Razor chuckled. 

Spudz was busy interacting with Flash and Blondie through the spy pod. 

"Where are you??" She asked

"Rooftop,I can see you actually" Blondie chuckled and Flash looked at her

"This isn't a joke" He said

"No time to argue,check the hallway and staircases,how many guards??" Spudz asked

Blondie and Flash began counting and scrolling

"Twenty three in total" Flash replied and Spudz turned to Ace. 

"Twenty three men to deal with" He said

"There might be more,don't be relaxed" he muttered,his eyes not leaving Tanzer who was now talking to one of his guards,the guard left his sight and walked over to Cardi and Nicki,giving them a piece of sheet. 

Tanzer walked out of the party room after that. 

"Bastard" Razor muttered and Spudz chuckled. 

"I think this is it,he want us in his room" Nicki said and their eyes met

"Don't do anything with him,delay him till you get the signals" Ace said

They both nodded and followed the direction of the guards. 

Ace turned to Razor and Spudz. 

"Go" he ordered

"What about you??" Razor asked

"I have something else to take care of,don't worry about me" Ace replied

Razor and Spudz didn't argue,they both went the same way. 

Somewhere in the mansion,Whiskey,Rambo and Hermes walked through the lonely way on the second floor.

"Are you sure this way leads to the safe room?? It's dark up here" Hermes said to the spy pod

The second floor is the darkest side of the mansion

"That's it,stop making noise" Flash said

"How can you say he's making noise?" Blondie snapped

"Hey keep quiet kiddo,you're not even doing anything here" Flash said

"What do you mean I'm not doing anything here??" Blondie snapped

"Geez,are these two normal at all??"Rambo shook his head

Whiskey kept quiet and rolled his eyes,he almost turned off his own pod to stop hearing their argument. 

"I think we found it" Hermes suddenly said,pointing the flashlight to the last room standing separately. 

But the moment they moved closer,three men jumped in front of them and sent them all back with flying kicks. They all landed on their backs heavily,but they got up instantly,facing their opponents. 

"You really entered the lions den on your own" One of them said,moving closer to them. 

Hermes scoffed

"A lion can be killed in his own den too" He said and without thinking before acting,he strike forward and pounced on him with a slog kick which made him fall on the other two.

Whiskey pulled out two guns from his pockets and fired repeatedly till they all dropped dead on the floor in a pool of their blood. 

Hermes and Rambo turned to him

"Why did you do that?!" Hermes yelled

"We have no time to chase clout with them" Whiskey muttered and walked to the door,he tried opening it but it was locked. 

"Move" Rambo said and Whiskey quickly did

Rambo brought out a tiny hair pin

"Where did you get that from?" Hermes asked

"Blondie,who else uses a hair pin?" Rambo asked and Whiskey chuckled

"Prepare to die when we return to the penthouse" Blondie said

After turning the pin thrice,the door opened

"Great" Hermes immediately entered

"I will wait here,go in" Rambo said and Whiskey looked at him

"Be careful" He muttered and Rambo nodded.

Whiskey also entered the room. 

"The way is still clear for now,but don't waste time" Flash said

"What about Nicki and Cardi?" Rambo asked.

"They are with Tanzer"Blondie replied. 

Rambo nodded. 




"Go in" The guards said to Nicki and Cardi and they entered the large room. 

Tanzer appeared to them,smiling. Nicki almost rolled her eyes but she covered it up with a smile. 

"You called for us" Cardi winked and moved closer to Tanzer,she touched his beard and pulled it softly

"You look so hot" Tanzer said

"I wanna f**k your sexy @ss" He added

Nicki chuckled.

"You should know the deal...Money" she smirked,and pushed Tanzer to the bed

"Of course I know" He grinned foolishly.

They could see his d**k getting hard already. 

"How about you do it now?? We prefer cash tho" Cardi smiled

"Really??" Tanzer chuckled as they both continued to rub his body sensitively. 

"Don't worry then,there's money in this room" Tanzer smirked

"Lemme guess,that door?" Nicki grinned,pointing at a door

"Smart girl" Tanzer said and pulled her closer

"Body can't wait anymore" He said

'Where the h*ll are they?' Nicki thought.

Almost immediately,The door burst opened. Razor and Spudz came in at once. 

Tanzer sat up in shock

"What's going on??" He asked

"Shut up pig" Cardi slapped him and got down from the bed. 

"Leave" Razor said to them. 

Nicki immediately ran to the door Tanzer confirmed money to be,she opened it at once and a box was there,she unlocked it and it was full of cash.

"Great" She smirked and carried it,she left the room with Cardi. 

"Razor??" Tanzer mentioned his name

"Oh wow,you know me" Razor chuckled.

Tanzer also smiled and he started pulling a gun out under his pillow stylishly but Spudz saw that. She shot his hand

"Ahhhh!!!!!" Tanzer screamed

"It's time to rest in pieces,come here" Spudz grabbed his hair and dragged him out of bed.

"Did Loretto sent you??" Tanzer asked

"I don't have time to explain" Razor said,pointing his gun at him

"Wait!! Tell me your price!! I promise to give you anything!! Spare my life please" he cried,shaking in fear

"We are not assassins" Razor muttered and opened his mouth with the gun

Tanzer groaning in fear until Razor shot directly into his mouth three times,he dropped dead almost immediately. 

"Let's go"Razor said 

They both walked out of the room at once

"Everyone,get ready to leave,we are done" Spudz said.

Minutes after,everybody were all inside the cars

"Where's Ace??" Razor suddenly asked

"He's not here" Spudz muttered

Razor was quiet for a while before speaking up.

"Let's go" He said


"Move" he cut Spudz off. 

Their cars took off immediately and they left. 




Ace jumped down and landed smoothly. 

"You're here" The voice said almost immediately and he turned to see Spartacus. 

"What,are you scared that I showed up?" Ace asked and Spartacus chuckled.

"Your wish" He muttered

"I told you the last time,I will kill you the next time I see you" Spartacus said

"Oh...it sounds like a joke in my ears" Ace smirked and Spartacus frowned.

"Because of you.....do you know what I've lost??" He asked

"You mean.....you're not strong enough??" Ace asked

"How dare you!!!" Spidey yelled from where she was,holding a gun,she was about pulling the trigger when Ace threw a cobalt knife straight at her and it entered her arm

"Haaaaa!!!" She screamed and dropped the gun in her hand

Spartacus glared at Ace angrily

Ace grinned

"Wanna fight me or save your lover??" He asked

Spartacus ignored him and thundered at him,throwing two kicks at the same time but none of them met Ace. 

"Those are quite lame" Ace smirked,making him even more angry. 

Aggressively,Spartacus advanced closer ready to strike again. Ace slapped him with his back hand and twisted his arm which made him scream. He kicked his knee joint twice making him more weaker before he finally smash his fist on his nose,he kicked him one last time and Spartacus flew,landing directly on Spidey. 

They both fell on the ground,Spartacus tried standing up but his leg already disjoint. 

"You devil!!" Spidey yelled and got up

"You invited the devil by yourself,I mean....who does that?" Ace asied and dust his shirt before winking at Spidey. 

Spidey started running to him with anger in her eyes.

As soon as she got close to Ace,she set up her leg to kick him,Ace slapped the leg down with one hand and grabbed her neck,he pulled her against the wall. 

"Don't make me mad,I don't want to kill you.....it's not time yet" He said,coldly before letting out his fake smile. 

"You should take care of him,he can still walk,I didn't break the most sensitive part" Ace whispers into her ear,he winked at her and pushed her off. 

The next second Spidey turned,Ace was gone.

"Aceeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!" She screamed her lungs out. 

She turned to Spatacus again

"Baby!!" She shouted and immediately ran to him. 



It's past midnight already,the breeze was blowing so coldly and everywhere was freezing. 

Lily was sleeping on the floor just at the door step,her body shaking from the cold,she was really fast asleep that she didnt notice the door opened and Ace came out. He was quite surprised to see Lily sleeping on the floor.

"Seriously??" He scoffed and stood there,staring at her. He noticed she was battling with the cold and he sighed out. 

He bent down and carried her gently in a bridal style,her head fell on his arm and he looked down at her face. 

'Does she have any strength at all??' He thought,she felt so weightless in his arms,he doesn't even feel a thing as he carried her. 

He opened the door and went in,he started climbing the stairs and at that moment,Lily opened her eyes. 

Her eyes went wide almost immediately but she didn't move,Ace wasn't looking at her but she was surprised when he stopped and spoke up. 

"If you're awake,get down immediately" He said in his cold voice but instead of getting down,

Lily quickly closed her eyes back and adjusted herself well in his arms. 

Ace looked down at her with a frown but then staring at her face,the way her long lashes clung together and her red pouted lips,a silly smile escaped his lips. 

'Is she a human or a doll?' He thought and went upstairs with her in his arms. 







To be continued....

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