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Married To A Mafia Boss - Episode 13 & 14




Married To A Mafia Boss - Episode 13 & 14

SUBTLE: Ruthless Heart

THEME: His Little Bride

GENRES: Dark/Couples Romance/Action/Erotica

TAGS: Contract Marriage,Mafias,Deaths,Bloody,Suspense,Secrets,Cold Hearted,College,Jealousy,M*rders,Love Triangles,Rivals,Age Gap,S£x.

Written By, Summer Gold R.             



                 🖤THE WARNING🖤



"Hey,are you sure this is right??" Razor asked Ace who was sitting down on the car,smoking. They are here for an exchange but haven't seen anyone. 

"Their boss wouldn't dare me,I will kill him" Ace scoffed and continue smoking. 

Razor pushed his two hands into his pockets,looking around. Seconds later,a car drove into the port and stopped right beside theirs

'They are here" Razor said 

Ace jumped down from the car and dropped his cigar remain. 

The door opened and three men in black and glasses came out

"You're late" Razor said 

"Apology" One of them said and gave a sign to the other two,one of them opened the car door and brought out a case. 

"Open it yourself" Ace said coldly from where he was standing

"It's not out first time doing business together......" The man stopped when Ace brought out his gun

"OPEN.....IT" He said slowly and calmly,with a devilish glare

The man immediately opened and it contained bundles of notes

"Good" Ace muttered and looked at Razor who collected it and handed over their own case,they also checked and in a minute,they entered their car and drove off. 

"That was too quiet for my liking" Ace hissed as they entered the car

Razor chuckled and sped off. 

"Penthouse?" Razor asked and Ace nodded. 



Leo sighed out loudly as he moved from one side of the bed to another,he was looking totally worried. At the coffee shop hours back,Lily suddenly returned from the restroom and carried her bag,he tried asking her what was wrong but she refused to say a word to him,she was in tears which made him even more worried,and now he's been trying to tall to her but she's not picking up. 

"Please pick up....please" he muttered when he dialed the number again but still its the same. 

He groaned and got down from the bed immediately,he grabbed a jacket and rushed out of the house. He entered his car and drove out. 

Minutes later,he got to the Gavin's house,he knocked gently on the door and Regina was the one who opened the door. 

"Hi ma'am" Leo bowed

"Oh Leo" Regina said looking surprised

"Is Lily home??" Leo asked

"Oh....yeah...she's sleeping" Regina replied

"Oh....I've been trying to call her but she's not picking up. Is she okay??" Leo asked 

"Of course...she's fine" Regina stammered and Leo sighed in relief

"Then,I will take my leave. Goodnight" He bowed. 

Regina closed the door and went in

"What's that??" Austin asked

"Do you think something happened to our daughter? She's not picking my calls either" Regina said

"I'm sure she's fine,stop getting so worried" Austin said and Regina sighed

"I'm scared" She muttered. 



Madam Hope entered Lily's room and found her on the bed,staring blankly at nothing in particular,her face look so dull. 

"Lily?" She called and Lily looked st her

Madam Hope gasped when she saw her lips

"What happened??!" She immediately asked and rushed to sit next to her

"I'm fine" Lily muttered

"No you're not,since you got back from school,you've been here and didnt even come downstairs to eat,this isn't like you,I know you. So tell me what happened" Madam Hope said

Lily broke into tears which shocked Madam Hope even more

"Stop crying and talk" she said

Lily sniffs and wiped her tears

"I don't know what her name is.....but.......she found me at the coffee shop and....." She stopped

"Go on" Madam Hope urged

"She want me to leave this house" Lily said

"Who?? This house is for Sir Ace,so who would dare tell you that shit?" Madam Hope asked

"She said she's his girlfriend" Lily muttered,more tears rolling down her eyes

"So she was the one who hit you this way??" Madam Hope asked and Lily nodded

"It hurts" Lily said

"You should tell sir....."

"I can't,he doesn't even like me" Lily said and madam Hope sighed

"Wait here,I will get the first aid kit" she said and Lily nodded

Madam Hope got up and walked out of the room only to bump into Ace who was just coming. 

"Oh...welcome sir" She bowed

Ace nodded and walked away

Madam Hope sighed.

"Should I just tell him??" She muttered before going downstairs. 

She got the first aid kit and also dished out Lily's food before going back upstairs,she entered Lily's room and dropped the food on the table.

"Sir Ace definitely have no girlfriend" Madam Hope said and Lily looked at her

"She threatened to kill me if I don't leave within two days" She said

'What?! Is she crazy?!" Madam Hope yelled as she started treating her lip

Lily chuckled

"I'm hungry" She pouted and touched her tummy

"Seriously?? And you remained in your room since?" Madam Hope scoffed

Lily nodded with a cute face

After Madam Hope finished up with her lip,she got up and went to bring the food in the tray. 

"Thank you madam Hope" Lily said and started eating. 



Lily got downstairs,rubbing her eyes sleepily. It's a lecture free day so she's just waking up,she was still in her pajamas,heading to the kitchen. 

She suddenly stopped when she noticed someone in the dinning room,her eyes widened when she saw that it's Ace,but before she could turn and run,Ace raised up his head and their eyes met. 

Lily swallowed hard,nervousness filled her body as Ace stared at her blankly. He stared at her for few seconds before coming out,he started walking toward her and she was almost shaking only for him to pass her side. 

Lily exhaled.

'Was i expecting him to come to me??' She thought and turned to look at him but he was nowhere to be seen. 

"Is he even human??" She touched her chest and finally entered the kitchen,Madam Hope isn't there. She opened one of the freezers and took a bottle of water,she uncapped and started drinking. 

Madam Hope came in afterward

"Hey Lily" she smiled

"Good morning,please can I have some cereals? I'm totally hungry" Lily said

"Oh Jesus" Madam Hope said and they both laughed. 



"Ace!" Scar entered Ace's room excitedly and met him standing,she quickly rushed to hug him from the back.

"I've missed you,I didn't see you all through yesterday" She muttered,still hugging him. 

"Let go" Ace muttered.

"Why? Don't you miss me??" She asked

"Move" Ace said again and gently she let go of him.

"Is everything okay??" She asked and came face to face with him. 

"What did you do to her??" Ace asked and Scar gave him a confused look.


"You know who I'm talking about Scar,I hate repeating myself and you know that" Ace muttered

"I don't know what you're talking about" Scar said. 

Ace looked at her and she rolled her eyes

"I only told her to stay away from you....."

"Whose order??" Ace snapped and Scar gave him a surprise look

"You don't like her...."

"So f**king what?? What right do you have to raise your hands on her??" Ace cut her off


"She's married to me and I'm the only one who have the right to treat her the way I want,not you,Let this be the last time Scar,I won't warn you again,don't ever repeat that shit again" Ace said

"You said you don't care about her,why are you mad at me right now? Huh??" Scar asked

"Get out" Ave muttered

Scar moved closer to him

"I'm sorry" She muttered and touched his cheek

"Get out,I'm not in the mood for that" Ace said and slap her hand off before going into the inner room leaving Scar speechless. 

"What the f**k....just happened??" 



To be continued....

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