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Married To A Mafia Boss - Episode 15 & 16




Married To A Mafia Boss - Episode 15 & 16

SUBTLE: Ruthless Heart

THEME: His Little Bride

GENRES: Dark/Couples Romance/Action/Erotica

TAGS: Contract Marriage,Mafias,Deaths,Bloody,Suspense,Secrets,Cold Hearted,College,Jealousy,M*rders,Love Triangles,Rivals,Age Gap,S£x.

Written By, Summer Gold R.             





"Get out,I'm not in the mood for that" Ace said and slap her hand off before going into the inner room leaving Scar speechless. 

"What the f**k....just happened??" Scar muttered in complete shock. 

"Seriously??" She squeezed her fists and stormed out of the room with anger,she ended up bumping into Spudz

"I'm so......"

"F**k off!!!!!!" Scar yelled before Spudz could finish talking,she glared at her and walked away,her shoulder hitting hers. 

Spudz turned to look at her and sighed before going her own way. 

"Did you see that just now??" Blondie asked,facing Nicki

"Yeah" Nicki muttered

"I don't get why Spudz is always so soft when it's about Scar" Blondie said

"Isn't it normal?? Everyone knows how Scar can be,at times I even Mistake her as the boss" Nicki scoffed

Blondie was about to reply when their phones beeped at a time. They exchanged glances and got up at once,they just received a message from Ace.

"I hope I'm gonna be counted among this one" Blondie said with her two palms clasped together which made Nicki chuckled. 

They met Flash and Hermes also walking toward the red room

"Hey" Blondie waved at Flash

"Kiddo" Flash winked st her

"Don't call me that!" Blondie yelled but Flash only chuckled and went in

Hermes and Nicki's eyes met but he didn't say a word before going inside

Soon,everyone gathered in the red room waiting for Ace and Razor. 

"I wonder what it's all about this time around" Cardi said impatiently

"Anyone seen Scar?? She's not here" Rambo said

"Guess she's angry" Blondie chuckled

"Why? Did you see her??" Cardi asked

"Yeah" Blondie muttered

Almost immediately,the door opened. Ace came in with Razor and everyone became quiet as Ace took his position in the front. 

He was about starting until he looked around the room

"Where's Scar?" He questioned and everyone exchanged glances

"No idea" Blondie muttered

"I can go and call her...."

"No,it's fine" Ace cut in and started giving them the necessary information for their next mission. 

Apparently,they are bringing down a popular billionaire who on a low key is a black sheep in the mafia world. 

"Tonight,no buts" Ace said after he finished up his talk. 

🗣 Yes boss. 

The projector was turned on and the map showing every part of the mansion was shown

"Razor and I will get into the gathering,Cardi and Nicki......"

"Boss...." Cardi tried to say something but the moment Ace looked at her,she bite her bottom lip and looked down

"Make a slight mistake and you will be buried alive" Ace muttered coldly

"I'm sorry" Cardi said 

Ace continued

"You two know how best to distract him,he's a man whore....others,be alert and bring down anyone who tries to get in your way,Razor and I will take care of the rest" Ace said

"And....Spudz. You will represent Scar...tonight. So get ready to leave with us" Ace said and everyone looked at Spudz

"Yes...boss" Spudz muttered.

Blondie raised her hand and Ace looked at her

"What about me??" She asked

"Stay with Flash and watch out for everyone" Ace replied and she smiled

"Is that clear?" He asked

🗣 Yes boss

Ace nodded and pushed his two hands into his pockets

"Get ready,we move by 8pm tonight" Razor added before going out with Ace. 

"Did you hear that??!!" Blondie turned to Flash who chuckled

Cardi and Nicki glared at each others hatefully before Nicki stormed out of the room.



Scar opened the door and came in at once looking pissed off,she met Ace getting dressed and she frowned. 

"Where are you going?" She asked and Ace looked at her

"Home" He replied and Scar scoffed 

"Seriously,now you go home every minute? The home I don't even know?? And you claimed not to like that tiny kid??" She asked 

Ace looked at her but didn't say a word

"Are you still mad at me?? Is that why you excluded me from the mission?" She asked

"You were not there....."

"I was just late! I f**king apologized already so what else do you want me to do??" She snapped. 

Ace moved closer to her with a cold aura

"If you raise your voice at me one more time,I will kill you" he said calmly

Scar looked up straight into his eyes

"Kill me.....I don't care" She muttered and pulled his face closer and smashed her lips on his own,kissing him hungrily. 

Ace broke the kiss

"What,you're not in the mood again?!! Why!!!" She screamed

"It feels different" Ace muttered

"That's because you've been pushing me away" Scar said and kissed him again

"Stop it" Ace pulled her off. 

"How do you expect me to stop?? My whole body is heating up and it's killing me,I want you...just few minutes...." She tried unbuttoning his shirt

"Scar!!!" Ace yelled and she stopped

"I want you" She said

Ace stared at her for a minute before walking out of the room.

Scar screamed and sat down on the bed,roughing her hair crazily. 

"Lily" She mumbled,folding her fists and gritting her teeth 

"I will kill you....just wait for it" She muttered. 



Lily was just done dressing up when her phone beeped again,she smiled when she checked the message from Leo. It's where they will be meeting up in few minutes,she just couldn't contain her happiness when he decided that they go out and have some fun,he wanted to come pick her up as usual but she declined totally so she would meet him. 

She carried her bag and arranged her hair one last time before going out of her room. 

She got downstairs and met madam Hope in the living room watching a series. 

"Where are you going looking so cute?" She asked

Lily smiled

"I'm going out with my friend" She replied

"Really?" Madam Hope smiled

'Yeah I need to hurry,he will be waiting already....."

"What??.....he??" Madam Hope's eyes widened and Lily gave her a confused look.

"Yes....any...problem?" She asked

"What if...Sir Ace ask of you?" Madam Hope asked

"Not like he cares,I'm sure he won't ask. Don't worry" Lily scoffed


"If he ask,tell him i went to school,See you later" Lily waved and rushed out of the house

"Oh greatness" Madam Hope muttered uncomfortably. 

She sighed and decided to calm down,Ace wouldn't really ask like Lily said but she was still scared. 


"Welcome Boss" the guards all bowed.

He ignored it and went inside,meeting Madam Hope still in the living room but she quickly got up when he entered.

"Welcome sir" She bowed

Ace nodded slowly and took the route toward the stairs but he suddenly stopped and faced Madam Hope.

"Where's she??" He asked and Madam Hope swallowed

"She went...to school" she replied

Ace didn't ask more,he went upstairs and Madam Hope sighed out loudly. 

"I don't think I can do this,he's not someone that can be deceived,oh Lily please don't do this to me" She groaned,walking into the kitchen to drink a full cup of water,her heart was beating so fast. 



Razor was the one driving,Ace in the front seat while Spudz was sitting at the back. The city of Paris was so rocky as they drove,the lights beautifying the roads making it look more amazing. 

Ace brought out a cigarette 

"Can I have one?" Spudz spoke up from the back and Ace looked at her

"I'm not in my right state of mind' Spudz said and Razor chuckled,seeing the look on Ace's face before he handed the pack to her

"Thanks" She muttered and took one,As she lightened it,her mind went to her encounter with Scar just few minutes before she left the penthouse. 

"Just because I was represented with you doesn't mean you're better than me,maybe your wish but you can never be like me" Scar had said to her and all she could do was scream inwardly

'I'm not competing with you!! I also hate the fact that I won't be seeing you there!!!' 

Spudz sighed out and continue smoking in her own world until Razor spoke up.

"Isn't that your.....you know...bride???" He asked,looking outside and Ace also turned to see Lily and Leo walking together,holding hands.

"She's the one right? But who's the guy with her?" Razor asked

Ace said no word as he stared at the view,they kept on smiling and laughing,and the dude wouldn't stop touching her hair,it got to a point that he Carried her on his back and his so called wife seems to enjoy everything. 

"You have nothing to say?" Razor asked

"We have just thirty minutes left,step on the speed" Ace muttered,looking away from them. 

Razor stepped on the speed like Ace said and sped off. 



Unfortunately,Lily got home quite too late than she had imagined,it was almost 11pm before she entered the mansion. She was praying inwardly that Ace isn't home as she tiptoed into the house,she was able to get a perfect excuse for the guards at the gate to open for her. 

The moment she was about opening the entrance door,she was stopped. 

Lily immediately turned back to see Walter and Roger staring back at her.

"Oh...hey" She waved nervously.

"We are sorry,but the boss said we shouldn't let you in" Walter said and Lily's eyes widened.

"Wh.....what??" She couldn't believe her ears

At that same moment,Ace appeared also,walking with his two hands in his pockets at usual,their eyes met.

"You should go back to where you're coming from" He said coldly and Lily stood there speechless

"Or...doesn't he have a house??" Ace asked again and her eyes widened. 

"Get out" He added and opened the door right in front of her,she closed the door loudly that Lily flinched. 

She could hear madam Hope trying to talk to Ace


"How dare you lie to cover up for her!!!!" Ace yelled at her and Madam Hope kept quiet

"Open the door for her and prepare to f**k out of my house with her" Ace said and went upstairs. 

Madam Hope went to the door

"I'm sorry.....Lily" She muttered through the door even though she couldn't see her. 

Lily bite her bottom lip and squatted,fighting back her tears. 



To be continued....

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