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Johnson Jr. - Episode 10 & 11




Johnson Jr. - Episode 10 & 11

Written by Sadiq Infinity

NoticeThis story is Rated 20+  f_ul languages and $ex in writing.


"What's next" she asked!? 

This bitch is on fire, I decided to make sure I gave her every ounce of f_ck, she wanted, I asked her to go and sit on her 💺 chair, when she did that, I balanced her legs on the arm of the chair, which made her pussy wide open for me to penetrate! I pushed the chair to the wall so that when I'm banging her we won't fall. 

After I did that, I noticed she was looking at me with a 😏 smirky look on her face! 

(Hmmm, this bitch has no idea what she's getting into) I inserted my d+ck slowly inside her, she was a bit tight but She'll manage! 

Felicia ➡"Ah, Johnson your D+ck 🍆 is deep inside me, ahhhnn"

Johnson ➡ What!? Bitch you have six more inches to go! That's half of my d+ck inside you, remaining half! I'm going to resize that p_$$y of urs! 

Felicia ➡ What!!?? 

Before she could say anything, I pushed in my dick deep inside her! Felicia let out a scream and bit my shoulder to suppress her scream,  She held onto me tight as I banged the hell out her! I ploughed her p_$$y deep and deep, her fingers dug into my back, it was as if I was hammering her with nails, her grip on me was like she was trying to give birth, the more I shoved my d+ck into her, the more she bit my shoulder! 

We were both feeling pain and pleasure but mine was much greater, I pulled away from her and used a rag in her office to tied her hands behind the chair 💺 after that, I pinned her legs on the armchair and fucked her hard! I went fast and deep, I didn't give her any space, I savagely pounded her p_$$y into oblivion, she was enjoying it rough, her pussy walls clamped on to my d+ck 🍆, she was begging to give her more! 

"Arrghhhh, Jeezus yes, yes, harder you son of a bit**h, Fuck me harder yes, f+ck me baby, oh yes! Yes, yes"

Her m+ans were driving me nuts, i fired her p_$$y more and more, despite the air 💨 conditioner, we were both sweating from the f+ck, this lady was a real slut, she kept on receiving the pounding I gave her p_$$y, she wasn't backing down, it was as if she needed this f_ck! 

Johnson ➡ F_cking slut, you like it hard,  don't you? 

Felicia ➡ Yeessss!!! 

Johnson ➡ Say it, bitch, say it like you mean it! 

Felicia ➡ I love this big black dick pounding my slutty p_$$y, I love ur cock! Sir! 

Johnson ➡ Who owns this booty? 

Felicia ➡ You sir! 

Johnson ➡ Say it again! 

Felicia ➡ You sir! 

Johnson ➡ I own this body! You hear me? Mine! 

Felicia ➡ Yes sir, my body is urs, you're my big@$$ d_ck master! 

Damn! We continued f+cking and f+cking and after minutes for intense fuck, I came inside her p+$$y! 😥 Whew! The f+ck was great but I wasn't done and so was she, we changed positions, I sat and the chair and I climbed on me, she sat on my d+ck and started riding me, Oboi, she was good, her p+$$y clamped on my d+ck as she rode me, it was as if she was possessed by the devil 😈, her b👀bs were bouncing up and down, I caught one her br+asts with my mouth and sucked her good! Her br+asts were amazing as I sucked them, I give them a little bite on the n+pples (Payback 4 biting my shoulder) she was moved by my action, it was driving her nuts, she rode harder on me and I fired on from under, I used my hands to spank her @$$, she was m+aning and drooling as the same time, her noise were beginning to rise loudly, so I kissed her and she responded warmly, we stayed like that, kissing and f+ck and after some time! We both came!

We rested for some minutes, and cleaned our selves and luckily she had a toilet inside her office so I splashed water on my body to clean all the sweat and cum! After I was done, I decided to go back to class but before that......... 

Felicia ➡ Johnson,! 

Johnson ➡ Yes!? 

Felicia ➡ That was fun! Nobody has everyf+cked me like you did, not even my fiance, it was amazing! 

Johnson ➡ Yeah,.... Wait ur fiance?? You're engaged? 

Felicia ➡ Yes, that's why I didn't want you to post that video! 

Johnson ➡ Don't worry I won't, By the way, that deal of mine is off. 

Felicia ➡ So you're letting me go?? 

Johnson ➡ Yeah, I'll destroy the video. 

Felicia ➡ Thanks but I want to see you again 😏

Johnson ➡ Really?? 

Felicia ➡Yes, after all, I'm ur bitch! 

Johnson ➡ Okay, I'll send a text if I want to so... 👋 Bye 

After, that I left the office and went to class, as I was about to enter, I bumped into Cynthia! I apologized for bumping her and she was okay with it, just b4 I could enter, she stopped me. 

Cynthia ➡ Johnson, I want to talk to you! 

(Oboi, what does this girl want?) 


Johnson ➡ Okay Cynthia, what is it? 

Cynthia ➡ uhmmm, ah, i-i,....... 

Johnson ➡ Don't be shy, what do you want? 

Cynthia ➡ Since you're writing Waec in a couple of weeks, I thought it would be better for us to study together! 

Johnson ➡😐😐😐😐 Okay, where would you like us to study? 

Cynthia ➡ Let's study at ur place. 

Johnson ➡(What!? That would be like bringing a sheep in a wolf's cave) No, no let's study at ur place then. 

Cynthia ➡ 👌 Okay see you on weekends! 

Johnson ➡ Alright! 

We both entered the class to receive our lecture, Studying with Cynthia wasn't a bad idea, plus it will help me, perform better in the exams! 

I was busy caught up, in my thoughts, that I forgot I was a houseboy for Vivian on weekends! Damn! 

After school, me and my cousins hung out around the school premises, looking at every chick that went by, Our principal, mr gesinde, saw what we were doing and sent us away! 

Spending the afternoon at home, was boring, so since there was nothing to do, I took my bath and slept the afternoon off, I woke up around 4.00pm thanks to my disturbing siblings, I took my shirt and left the room, I went out to take some fresh 💨 air, since I could no longer sleep peacefully in the house! 

I decided to go and buy some smoothy drink for a kiosk nearby! Mallam Garba's kiosk was the best in the neighborhood, he was friendly and crooky person, he knows every secret, corner, and shit that is going around the neighborhood, he even sells weed to the local area boys in the area, despite all that, he's an interesting guy! He and I both have common interests, Yeah, women! The guy is a crazy cucu womanizer! He keeps an eye on every girl that comes in and out of the neighborhood! 

Mallam Garbage ➡ Shegen mutum, Johnsin, how gida? 

How pamily? 

Johnson ➡ Its good, Mallam garba, how business? 

Mallam Garba ➡ Hmmm, yaro we tank God, wallahi

Ehn, johnsin I wan ask u something? 

Johnson ➡ What is it? 

Mallam Garba ➡ That day, I see you for Madam Vivian house!.. 

Johnson ➡ (😦 What!?) Uhmmm, yes! Wetin happen? 

Mallam Garba ➡ Shege yaro, so u dey chop the woman ko? Wallahi, that woman get fyn body oo. 

Johnson ➡ Mallam Garba you know me now! So you wan chop? 

Mallam Garba ➡ No, no, Ahah, me I get my own, Oboi, this girl she get bum bum, eberyday she dey service me oo wallahi, 

Johnson ➡ Hmm, Mallam Garba, so any new chick? 

Mallam Garba ➡ Yes oo, you know one maize seller? Ifeoma! 

Johnson ➡ No! Who she be? 

Mallam Garba ➡ Kai yaro, this girl she fyn and she white oo, ifp you see her body, Waiyooo, ur prick go fuck tire. But she no dey give her body oo, she dey toss her body dey say no man fit satisfy am! 

Johnson ➡ Hmm, where she dey,?.. 

Mallam Garba ➡ If you go straight follow corner! You go see am! 

Johnson ➡ Okay, mallam Garba, I dey go! 

Mallam Garba ➡ wait, take this! 

Johnson ➡ Wetin be this? 

Mallam Garba ➡ this medicine go make ur bulala hard for hours, teach that Ifeoma girl lesson, kaji ko? 

Johnson ➡ Mallam Garba I hear you! 

I collected the stuff and took off, as I reached the place, I spotted her, Ifeoma! Mallam Garba wasn't kidding this girl is amazing, her body self is something else entirely, I checked myself to see if looked okay, just as I was about to take a step, I saw BigBam coming towards Ifeoma! I saw them talking and I came close to 👂 listen, during their conversation, I learnt that they were both cousins and live in the same compound. Wow, double bonanza, two busy chicks and I've fucked one already, So I waited till BigBam went away and I went straight to Ifeoma, thank goodness I had some cash in my pocket. 

Johnson ➡ Evening 

Ifeoma ➡ Evening! Want do you want? 

Johnson ➡ I want to buy maize 🌽 roasted one! 

Ifeoma ➡ Okay hang on, it will be done in a minute! 

Johnson ➡ I've got to say you're beautiful! 

Ifeoma ➡ thanks,.. You're not so bad urself. 

Johnson ➡ thanks, can I get ur phone number? Q

Ifeoma ➡ Sorry, I dont give my number to strangers!. 

Johnson ➡ Okay, sorry for asking! 

I took the maize 🌽 paid her off and followed BigBam! God, this family has big booty, as she walked she was tweaking her ass, seeing her do that made my d-ck 🍆 hard! I followed her till we reached her house, Damn it wasn't that bad for someone working as a nanny! So I went into the compound, it was a nice surrounding just as I reached BigBams quarters, I saw Mr gesindes car! 


WTF!!! 😡

This bastard even knew her house, damn, this guy is a dog! A married man following young women, I waited outside to see what was going on, Later, he came out, bading her 👋 goodbye! He entered his car, licking his lips, (Fucking Pig) he started his car and took off, when he left, I went straight to her door and knocked! 

She came and opened the door, surprised to see me and baffled at the same time! 

BigBam ➡ Johnny, how far? Wetin bring you here! 

Johnson➡ I come visit you now! 

BigBam ➡ How you take know this place? 

Johnson ➡ Ah, ah, you go allow me enter! 

She allowed me to come in! Damn, the place was nice and well furnished! Most of the things in her room were quite expensive, she couldn't have bought this unless mr gesinde or some rich sugar daddy was providing it for her! 

I sat down, and she bought some juice for me to drink! She went back to the kitchen to do whatever she was doing! Wow BigBam looks more S€xy and attractive in her home attire, She wore a skin tight trousers and a nice white shirt, the shirt was too tight because it exposed the top of her b👀bs and nipples she didn't wear any Bra inside! Seeing her earlier made me hard and I'm not going to go without fucking her, I remembered the stuff Mallam Garba gave me, I mixed it with my juice and drank it! 

To be continued 

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