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Johnson Jr. - Episode 12 & 13




Johnson Jr. - Episode 12 & 13

Written by Sadiq Infinity

NoticeThis story is Rated 20+  f_ul languages and $ex in writing.


She came back to the living room with a plate of plantain and stew, Man it was delicious, we ate together and gisted a little, While we were both talking, I noticed her eyes were staring downwards to my d+ck 🍆 area, the effect of the drug 💊 that mallam Garba gave me was starting to take effect, BigBam couldn't concentrate, she kept staring at my d+ck 🍆, I wore baggy shorts, so my d+ck 🍆 was standing erect visibly, the drug was also disturbing as well, it was like my d+ck was about to bust! 

We both stopped talking and looked at eachother, I made the first move, within a minute we were all over eachother, 💋 kissing! 

I kissed her mouth, neck, breasts, anywhere my mouth could kiss, I massage her p+$$y and her b👀bs, she was also massaging my d+ck, rubbing it with her hands, I removed my clothes, I was n+ked, I sat on the sofa and BigBam worked on my p+$$y, she sucked my d+ck, good and fast, she licked my balls and also fingered my @$$, she drooled all over my d+ck, she swallowed my d+ck whole, making me cum in an instance inside her mouth, Damn, this feeling is too good, I stood up and motioned her to remove her clothes,! 

Johnson ➡ Oya! Remove ur cloth sharp-sharp

BigBam ➡ Ah, take am easy now! 

Johnson ➡ hurry I no get time! 

Women! They are problem, when they've got you in their hands they mess with ur brain! BigBam was slowly removing her clothes to tease me, My d+ck was driving me nuts and this bitch is adding more pressure on me, before she could even remove her skin tight, I jumped on her, I pushed her on the sofa, adjusted her legs and penetrated her, (missionary style). 

I f+cked her fast and hard, I was deep inside her, she was moaning, begging me to pound her deep, she spanked my @$$, calling me a bastard, son of a whore, saying all sorts of things that would make me angry, she was mocking me, saying she was f+cked better than this,! (😦 What!? 😡) I am going to make sure, she pays for what she said! I drilled her p+$$y hard like a mad man, I went faster and harder giving her no space to breathe, we f+cked like b+asts in heat, the only sound in that room was our breaths, m+ans and our coliding flesh flapping eachother! 

After some minutes, she came hard, pushing my d+ck out, she was panting like a dog! She was tired, she asked me to give her some time to rest, 😦 What!! No way! 

BigBam ➡ Ahhn, Jesus, Johnson you get stamina! You and your prick wan kill my toto, abeg make I rest small, then we go continue!. 

Johnson ➡ Wetin you say? E be like say you dey mad! Abeg spread ur leg jare! I know c+m and you wan rest! 

BigBam ➡ Pls now, johnny, my toto dey on fire! Pls make I rest. 

I didn't pay heed to her pleads, I pinned her on the 🛋 sofa and used her shirt to tie her hands, after that, I penetrated her p+$$y and fucked the hell out of her, she was m+aning louder and was struggling to break free, she begged me to stop but I didn't stop, I fired on, I dug deep into her p+$$y, As I was fucking her, she came numerous time, she gave up struggling and surrendered herself completely, After some minutes, I came hard into her p+$$y, But my d+ck was still hard! 

I took her on my arms and went to her bedroom, I dropped her on the bed and adjusted her for the d+ggie style, I also tied her hands on the edge of the bed, I tore  her skin tight and penetrated her from behind, her @$$ was soft and plum, I drilled in deep into her p+$$y, I rammed mercilessly, her p+$$y was clamping my d+ck tight, I spanked her @$$ hard, she was m+aning and dropping tears from her eyes, she was whimpering like a dog, the sensation of pleasure and pain was too much for her, she gripped the bedsheets and was biting her lips hard, my d+ck was drilling her deeper than anyone had ever done, while I was f+cking her brains, I sensed someone watching us, I turned around and glimpsed at the person, it was Ifeoma 😂, she was watching us, m+sturb+ting herself in the process! 

I decided to make her cousin an example to show hers what I was made of, I drilled her p+$$y harder, I spanked her @$$ hard, she m+@ned louder, waiing! We fucked for hours and did rounds of $+x with BigBam! After some time, we both came, tired and exhausted! My body was still planted on BigBams body, Ifeoma too had also c+m too, she left before we could see her, I stood up and went to their bathroom to bathe, while I was bathing, Ifeoma came into the toilet, looking at my d+ck, she didn't wasted time, she stroked my d+ck, and sucked it hard, she sucked deep and fast, her mouth was small, but she put  the entire thing inside her mouth, she sucked my balls, she even sucked underneath my balls almost reaching my @$$, I pushed my d+ck inside her mouth and she took it like a pro, After a while, I came inside her mouth, she swallowed my c+m, licking her lips, winking at  me😉😏! 

Ifeoma ➡ Guy, ur d+ck is amazing and very, very big! 

Johnson ➡ Hmmm, so do I get ur number then!? 

Ifeoma ➡ of course! 

We bathe together, kissing,  m+ssaging and f_gering eachother, God, her body is a perfect package, too bad my c+m was low, I would have f+cked her right there. 

After we were done, I wore my clothes, took my maize and took off! (Man what a day) 

I went home, before I reached home, I went to see Mallam Garba to thank him for the medicine but he's kiosk was closed so I went home! 

When I reached home, I was confronted by my dad! 

Mr Johnson ➡ Jr, where are you coming from? 

Johnson ➡ Dad, I was busy doing the usual stuff, you know.... 

Mr Johnson ➡ That's my boy, but don't have too much fun, spare ur time for studies. 

Johnson ➡ Ok, pop! 

That's my dad, he always says"too much fun with no study makes jack a dull boy"that's his favorite quotes but in his own words! 

Damn, today was a great day, Fucking 2 busty ladies and 1 giving me Bj! That's the life! 

Studying with Cynthia and having sex with Vivian and Felicia wasn't an easy task, of course I needed to study with Cynthia to pass my exams, but I couldn't  stop having s+x with them, it was like my Bonanza ticket to p+$$y land! 🙄

So, a week later, I decided to pay really good attention to my study buddy, Cynthia, she was a really good help and she sure was an interesting person! So later that Saturday, I went to Cynthia's house for our regular stuff, I knocked but there was no answer, so I peeped through the window to see who's in the house, I saw something that made me drop my mouth open, Cynthia had  just came out of the toilet, cause she was obviously wet and there was a toilet robe on her body! 

As she came out of the toilet, her toilet fell off her body and Gbam!!! I saw what I needed to see,! (God) her body was flawless, crazy figure 8, b👀bs like melons, and the nyarsh!? Cheiiiii!!! This girl is a treasure, her body could make a guy do anything and I mean anything! 

Damn! All this while, the guys in school thought she was just a plain normal girl, this girl was a Kim kardashian in disguise! And she did a good job hiding that body of hers! And to make things worse my d+ck 🍆 was already standing e+ect! I was busy looking at her, I didn't check my balance, I fell heavily on the floor, I was sure she heard, she quickly went and dressed, I quickly stood up cleaned myself and knocked again! This time, she came and opened the door! 

Dios mio!!! This girl is hot, she wore a S+xy shirt and a skin tight jeans, the top of her shirt was unbuttoned, getting me a nice view of her melon b👀bs, (cheii) she welcomed me with a S+xy smile, something about Cynthia was different today, she looked S+xy and attractive, she was on a whole different level, Kai and she was crushing on me of all people, she could make rich men line up for her, but she choose me!? 

Johnson ➡ How are you, Cynthia? 

Cynthia ➡ I'm fyn 😏, 

Johnson ➡ Damn! Cynthia you sure look lovely  and beautiful. 

Cynthia ➡(blushes) Thank you! 

Johnson ➡ Okay, let's go and study! 

Cynthia ➡ Okay! 

We went and sat on her reading table, she even prepared some snacks, and they were delicious 😋! I've never seen a girl so sweet 🍯 I mean she's different from most of the girls around (After all this is 🇳🇬 naija and naija babes, hmmmm!), we started studying and reading, she sat opposite me, and if I didn't know better, she was intentionally bending her b👀bs across my direction and it was working, my d+ck was hard as rock now, and I was trying desperately to maintain it, I can't f+ck this girl! I just can't, and you know my reason! 

But Cynthia wasn't giving me any space to breathe, she pretended to stretch herself and she sexually adjusted her b👀bs and bra! Damn! She sat down looking at me smiling. 

Cynthia ➡ Sorry, I needed to stretch myself! 

Johnson ➡ Oh, take ur time. 

Cynthia ➡ So, can I ask you a question? 

Johnson ➡ Okay...... 

Cynthia ➡ Sorry but do you have a girlfriend? ☺

Johnson ➡ 😦 What!? 

Cynthia ➡ look😓 sorry for asking! 

Johnson ➡ No its okay! I don't have a girlfriend! I'm not the type of relationship kind of guy! 

Cynthia ➡ Oh, so you don't like women!? 

Johnson ➡😂😂😂 what! I like women. Its just that....... 

Cynthia ➡ What? 

Johnson ➡ Nothing, so do you have a boyfriend? 

Cynthia ➡ No but there's a guy that I'm crazy about. 

Johnson ➡ So who's this guy? 

She didn't answer, she just starred at me, smiling😏, she's a shy person, so I knew she was really referring to me, so we continued our reading, just after some minutes, I felt something touching my 🍆 d(ck, I noticed it was Cynthias foot, I looked at her but she was reading or pretending to be reading, she was tempting me too much! And I tried to resist as long as I could, but she was really doing a good job, massaging my d+ck with her foot,. 

And that was it! I stood up and went to her and kissed her and she responded warmly, we kissed like tomorrow is going to be the last day, our tongues lashed and twisted eachother, we were kissing the hell out of eachother, I grabbed her b👀bs, massaging them, she was also working on my d+ck, I pulled off her shirt and sucked her b👀bs, (Gosh, they smell nice) she was wet under, I could see the wetness under her jeans, I pulled the zipper of her jeans and inserted my fingers inside her p+$$y, Wow, her p+$$y was tight, I tried to finger f+ck her but she stopped me! 

Cynthia ➡ Wait I want to suck ur d+ck 🍆! 

Johnson ➡ Okay! 

She knelt down and sucked my cucumber, and she sucked me good, she was good with her tongue, she licked every inch of my balls, she was sending vibes through my d+ck! I felt like I was in heaven! In some minutes, I came deep inside her mouth, she swallowed my whole c+m, she even licked my d+ck clean! 

God, this girl is a freak, I laid her down on the floor, opened her legs and sucked her p+$$y, her p+$$y was delicious, clean and shaved, I shoved my whole tongue inside her p+$$y, she was m+aning softly, pushing my head deeper inside her p+$$y, her thighs were wrapped around my head, she was squeezing my brains out, the more I sucked her, the tighter she became! 

I decided get settle the score, I used my hands to massage and pinch her b👀bs, she was m+aning louder now, her hands gripped the carpet on the floor, she was pulling it with all her strength 💪 after a while, she screamed and came really hard! She was spent 😵! 

After a while, She opened her legs and urged me to f+ck her, I removed my trousers halfway to my legs and went straight to her as I was about to f+ck her, something stopped me! I remembered what I was doing, there is no way I could do that to her! 

I stood up, pulled up my trousers and took my books, she was surprised 😯, she wasn't expecting this, she was h+rny and so I was I but my willpower stopped me from doing it,. 

Cynthia ➡ Johnson! What's wrong? 

Johnson ➡ Sorry, Cynthia, I can't do this not to you! 

Cynthia ➡ what do you mean? I want it, I want you! 

Johnson ➡ I'm sorry Cynthia, i'm sorry 

👋 Bye. 

I went out of the house 🏚, leaving Cynthia surprised and sad! She wasn't expecting this but I did it so I wouldn't ruin her, she doesn't deserve this, she deserves better! 

To be continued 

(What do you think of Johnson behavior? 

Do you think Cynthia will give up?) 

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