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Clash Of Love - Episode 24




Mother vs Daughter

Clash Of Love - Episode 24

Written by Chidinma Ihemenandu



(After some hours, Delight came out from her room and went to the sitting room, she switched on the television and was watching a certain t.v series, just then her mother came in)

Good evening mum

Yes good evening, I thought you will remain in your room forever..... Now go pack some of your stuffs because we are relocating to our new house first thing tomorrow morning

Mum please let's extend it till next tomorrow so that I will have the chance to properly say goodbye to my friends

Listen and listen good, whatever I said is what's going to happen and I don't want to repeat myself a second time

Mum please, just grant me this one chance, I want to say goodbye to my friends

No way, we leave tomorrow and that's final

(Just then a knock was heard at the door. After some time Treasure went to see who's at the door before opening it)

Good evening ma'am.....

Yes good evening, (looking at the three men in confusion) 

how may I help you gentlemen?

I am inspector Segun from....

My visions are still clear Mr Segun and my memories are very much active, I know you guys were here early this morning to arrest Mr Jude Eze...... So what do you want now?

Well ma'am, we are here to ask you few questions and carry out an  investigations about your husband

Ex husband please, because I can't possibly be the wife of a thief, not any more

But mum, dad became a thief because of you, he stole his company's money all for your happiness!!(Delight said in anger)

Oh shut your trap you spoilt brat, what do you know!?

Mum I knows nothing but at least I knew enough to distinguish right from wrong and white from black.... I knew enough because I believe that you don't love my dad, you are only very selfish and greedy that you threatened to divorce him if he doesn't embezzle from his company, you are gonna divorce him..... He loved you so much that he took the task to save your marriage thinking that you will love him back.... But is just a pity that he is so stupid to believe that you ever have any love for him...... Now just a day gone and he has become your ex husband... Mum you are so greedy and mean!!

Delight, you don't really know whom you are talking to, I will so deal with you that you will ask God if I truly gave birth to you... Don't worry just say whatever you want for now very soon you won't speak anymore

I hate you so much mum... Please officers arrest this woman!

Please, please and please ladies,This is not the reason we came here, after doing what we came for you both can continue with your fight.(One of the officers said) 

I want to ask the both of you this question, Did Mr Jude by any chance returned to this house today?

What sought of silly question was that inspector, you came here this morning and took Jude in handcuffs to the station, so why asking us if he return back to this house

Yes inspector, you took my dad and since then we haven't set our eyes on him, what do you mean if he returns here?

Yes is obvious that we took him to the station and he was locked up there too but news getting to us this evening was that he escaped from prison an hour ago so.. 

What! How on earth did that happened, so you are here to tell me that Jude is no longer under your custody?

I think that's a good news officers but with whose help and support did he escape? Delight asked excitedly 

(Delight said with her tune indicating happiness)

This the question we can't answer right now miss Delight........ So to be certain that he didn't return to this place, we are going to search the whole house right now

OK no problem officers you can go on with the search...

Delight tapped her mum.... Please officers you guys should hold on for a minute I wanna speak with my mum.

Mum, why are you telling them to search the house, what of if dad truly escaped and came back home hiding some where in the house without us knowing, that means they are gonna find him again and take him to prison....... You know what that means mum

Oh keep quiet for once when adults are talking. Your father have to face the law because what he deed was unlawful, and besides what use is he to us!

But mum you are so unfair!!

Thank you darling (she touch Delight on her cheek but she removed her hand from her face).

Please officers, you can go ahead with the search

Now officers, make sure to search the whole house thoroughly, leave no stone unturned did you get that?

Yes sir!!

(After about 20mints of searching, they found nobody and they returned back to the sitting room and told the inspector that they found nothing.... Treasure was disappointed on hearing that because she really wants Jude out of her life by all means)

OK thanks ma'am for your time,we should be on our way now but please don't hesitate to contact us if you find out your husbands hiding

Sure inspector I will....... Treasure replied, feeling disappointed 

I won't give my dad away if I finds out officers, and don't bother looking for him because you can't find him..... My father is too good to be punished for his crime.

***Greediness, selfishness and too much love of money can cause people to do things that are not encouraging at all........... Now this type of woman called Treasure do you think that if she was giving and opportunity to use her daughter for money rituals she will hesitate?

Please let us be mindful of the things we do***

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