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Clash Of Love - Episode 23




Mother vs Daughter

Clash Of Love - Episode 23

Written by Chidinma Ihemenandu


(Delight didn't stop, she just walked straight to her room, 2 steps before she turns the handle to her room, something hit her, it was her mums slippers)

*Alarmed with anger and hatred for her mum *

Mum why did you hit me with that, that could have injured me if it had hit me in a sensitive part!!!

(Now Treasure is close to her, standing in front of her daughter, she gave her a resounding slap on her cheek)

How dare you raise your voice at me!! 

(Delight holding her cheek as tears gush down from her eyes)

 Mum you slapped me!!?

And I will slap you yet again if you talks to me anyhow, Oh my gosh!! Jude coward this is your hand work, you raised her so spoilt and ruthless that she dare challenges me and have the effrontery to insult me...... Now listen and listen good young girl, I am your mother and carried you in my stomach for 9 painful and stressful month,  gave birth to you in pains and sorrows, do you know what that means.... It wasn't easy given birth to you so you dare not open those flimsy and premature mouth to talk to me anyhow, wherever I tell you to sit you sit and where ever I tell you to stay you stay, this is my house and you dare not speak when I ask you not to....get that into your thick skull

(She pushes her aside and made to leave)

Oh really mum, because my dad is not here that's why you wanna treat me like a maid or worst still

Oh yes darling, your coward of a father is gone and gone forever, his rule has passed and this is my turn, so therefore, I command and you obey... Do you hear me!!


(Smiles) Mum you lied, in your dreams, you are only my mother legitimately and in this world but not in heaven and I Delight Eze the daughter of Mr Jude Eze will only accept and recognize you as a mother when you start acting as one but as of now....... Calling you mother is just a title and nothing more....... And yes mother..... This house still remains my father's house, you have only succeeded in deceiving and pushing him away from me  but that's for the main time, because he is not going to be in prison for ever younno 

I know my rights as a legitimate child mother, this house also belongs to me, and if you maltreats and try to intimidate me, I swear I will sue you, and will sure make you pay for all your crimes, I am just 15years not 15days or 15months ,, so I know my right and nobody not even the president of this country can trample on my right..... Is just an information Madam Treasure Nkechi Okezie

What the hell you spoilt brat, who ask you to address me by my father's name.. (angry)

That's your real name mother, is just too obvious that your husband is dead to you so addressing you as Mrs Treasure Ngozi Eze is of no importance to you or is it? Wicked wife and mother!

I think you have eaten more than you can chew and I am going to teach you a lesson you ain't gonna forget in your entire life.

(As she made to grab Delight, she quickly stepped back and her mother's leg slips, she staggered and miscalculated a step thereby making her loose balance and she landed on the floor.. Delight laughed and shouted serves you right wicked woman, she ran into her room still laughing at her mother's fall)

***Please all the names I used here is fictional,

Please if by any means you bear similar name biko!! Don't take it personal. .. ejor🙏***

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