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My Name is AKA - Episode 35





My Name is AKA - Episode 35

Written By Amah's Heart.

He glared at me from a distance as I approached him

"You fvvcking brought a man to my house? Are you nüt?

I tried to speak but he shút me up again and then went with so much rage..

".. I'm asking you a question, are you dümb. Why the héll did you bring a man to my house Aka? 

"... girls from the slum will always abuse every privilege they get. Are you kidding me right now, so you actually brought a man here, you had no fear.. dâmnít.."

"Is not true sir. I never...." 

Venus try to cut me shút immediately I try to speak.

"Sir, You can ask Kamp and the security guy at the gate. This isn't about håté or jealousy like she usually use to insúlt me, I actually warned her. She spend all night and all day chatting and talking with the same guy. She goes to see him and will spend all day with him during her off days. I was actually concerned and had to change our working time but that still didn't stop her from inviting him over. I was surprised at the effrontery but I guess it's because of the privilege you gave her sir, I'm very sure she wouldn't have done this if she feârs your orders or respect you..."Venus said to Mr Law who añgrily stared at me with disgust.

"Venus is lying sir, he's my lesson teacher and cam.."

"So you're also scrëwing your lesson teacher? Just like the case of Tobe. Tobe mentioned prøstïtütīon and hoøkup and I was dámn mad at him, i decended on him for attaching you with such but now you're begining to give me reasons to regret my actions.."

"...You bunch of women are just the same everywhere. You will choose if you want to work here or you want to be going around sleeping with men. If I ever get another complain about you again, you will definitely be leaving my house. I can't accommodate unrepentant høokup girl in my house. So think about this and make your choice on what exactly you want to do.."

"...if you choose to stay here, I don't want to see you leaving the gate except on official reasons but if you choose to make money out of your body then pick up your pieces and get the héll out of my house today, I don't want to see you around my property. Hope I'm clear..?"

My head was bent, I kept swallowing hard, the hûrt choke at my throat.

I was fighting real hard to remain strong, I don't want Venus especially to see my tears, she will feel so victorious

I also don't want Mr Law to see the íll impact of his words.

He will misinterpret my tears and will feel I was guilty as accused.

I kept my head down as I stared at my feet, trying not to look up as I struggled with my own emotions.

My heart felt so heavy and I know alot of things have been said about me before, my aunty Ego and her family, Lambert case finally sent me home, back home where l thought I will be safe, my parents and siblings accused, labelled and wanted to turn me into a money making machine, I escaped and was faced with so much painful lonely life until Mr Law offered to help. 

Getting here, I thought I will atleast feel safe, he has never used such hurtful words on me before except today.

I understand he's not the kind of man that one can mess around with but he went beyond the board today because of Venus.

It hurt so much and all I wanted to do was to go and hide somewhere and cry.

This is exactly what Venus have been fighting and working so much on.

Her évil plan finally paid off

Congratulations to her.

"... hope I'm clear..? Mr Law barked, bringing me back to reality.

I couldn't speak, if I dâre open my mouth I may end up crying aloud.

I nodded and mutted a quiet "yes sir" while I continue to look down at my feet.

Tears drop at my feet, my nose was running but I sniffed it back.

"Raise those head of yours, look into my eyes and answer my question young woman.." Mr Law ordered angrily.

I had no choice than to raise my head.

My eyes was already red from how much I have been fighting to hold back the tëars.

"Ye..yes sir.." I replied as the tears freely run down without control.

He stood watching me as I turned to leave

"Who said that you can go, did I ask you to go..? He asked but no anger dictated this time in his tune, he said it with an eyebrow raised.

"I...op..pologiese Sir." I took a deep breath, wiped off my face and nose and stood

Avoiding their serious stare, I looked at nothing

"Aka... uhmm.." he wanted to say something else

He swallowed loudly

"...You can go.." he finally said

I nodded as I quietly turned and walked away.

I silently cried as I walked to the backyard to sit alone

I just wanted to be all by myself with no one knowing exactly where i was.

I sat on the ground, close to a wall and allowed the tëars to Flow.

It wouldn't have pained this much if Mr

Law picked up a stick and flogged me rather than those húrtful words

If things were as I initially envisioned it, I suppose to be back with my parents and siblings

Going to school, looking forward to finishing my senior year and writing my Waec exam

Even if they couldn't do anything for me again, atleast finishing my secondary school would have been great 

I will be so grateful for that, I will get a job and start saving towards university but I will continue to hold them dear for sponsoring me to the secondary school level.

Why do life have to be so unfair? What did I ever do wrøng to deserve this kind of treatment.

I try to be a good person but each time I'm pushed to the edge.

I want to vent out my ánger, I want to scream, life is just unfair.

I did nothing to all this people that want me gone from this earth, none of them knows what I have been through

None of them understand my pâin or how much I really want to disappoint those who labelled me a failure.

I'm not happy, life is throwing hard pebbles on me without considering the fact that I'm only a human, a weak one who breaks down every now and then

I don't have anyone or anything to fall back to if things goes wrøng.

I only got myself and Mama Zaram who is the only person who has truly cared for me.

Is tiring, everything is getting me tired.

Is not easy and I don't know how much I can take before I lose it all.

I know I'm still a teenager but the kind of trøuble I have seen in this my age makes me wonder how my adulthood will be

Just thinking about it alone scares me greatly.

"Aka..Aka! Where are you..? I can hear someone calling me from a distance.

That must be Nneka.

She wasn't around yesterday when I got the news of somebody looking for me at the gate.

She would have spoken in my defense but sometimes, she tries to avoid trøuble from Mr Law by saying nothing untill she's asked.

"...Aka, where are you..? 

She was talking to somebody, she asked the person if they saw me

I wanted to respond but I just wanted to really be alone.

"...Finally, this is where you're hidding..." She found me after a long search.

"... there's no where Sylvester and I haven't searched for you. Even Kamp looked around and inside the pool.."

I chuckled 

"What will i be doing in the swimming pool and around the pool..? I asked wiping off my face with the hem of my gown.

"I don't know, we're just checking in an unexpected places. Sylvester even checked in the kitchen cabinet and inside pots but you're not there.."

I began to laugh. That really cracked me up.

"You're here crying, that Venus girl will be happy that she finally succeeded. You've always been strong, why did you break down today.."

"Mr Law believed her and refered to the incident of Tobe and said I should choose between prøstïtütīon and working for him. That hûrt so much.."

"Yeah, you're right. I will  be broken too if such was said to me. You have every reason to cry but enough already. Your face, your eyes is all swollen from crying. I know it's not just the words, it's the journey and obstacles like this, it néver stops right? Mr Law asked of you earlier, he wanted to see you in his library but I told him that I don't know where you are, I couldn't find you and he said we should go search for you. You don't have to cry anymore, is okay...I guess he regret saying those words to you. I'm sorry on his behalf.."

I nodded as wiped off another tears.

".. you know I admire your kind of strength,  Sometimes I cry too, despite how strong I seem, I usually breakdown in my quiet time. Do you know what it feels like to be reminded that you're approaching your forties, never being married, no kids and the kids that you watched grow are getting married, giving birth and you're just like a god mother, without having any one of yours. I try to wave it off so that it doesn't bother me, I want to focus on the bright side but different things will always remind me that I'm a failüre because I don't meet up with the society requirements. You won't understand how much that hurt.."

"I'm sorry that you've to go through all of that. That's an emotional battle but you managed to appear strong, unbothered, fearless and a great coordinator. I know you will make a good Mom and a wonderful wife. Thank you for giving me hope even when you're feeling hopeless. You're a great friend and I'm happy to have you in my Life.."

She wiped off her own tear, laugh a little and said with a smile

",Yeah, maybe I will start charging you for every time I have to cheer you up, if you pay twice, you will learn not to allow people's hurtful words and actions cut you too deeply. If I was dwelling on people's hurtful words, I would have wrinkled off or taken pø!son to end it all.."

"... let's go before all this our over sweet friendship talk begin to rot my teeth.."

I begin to laugh as she dragged me up from the ground.

"Have you eaten, is already late. Go and take a shower and get something to eat. When you see Venus, flash her a fake smile and don't make her glory over your hurt.. alright.."

I nodded as we walked back to the house.

(Do NOT take credit or plagiarize AMAH'S HEART STORIES)

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