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My Name is AKA - Episode 34





My Name is AKA - Episode 34

Written By Amah's Heart.

My lesson teacher was teaching me a whole lot, including computer

It was always a great learning time, I put all my mind to it, making sure I do every of my given assignment.

He said I was very intelligent and smart, that's a good compliment and that made me wants to keep up with my learning performance and progress.

He was a young man of about thirty two years, I don't know if the age is categorized among young men but he has a young stature and  face.

His name is Uchenna Blessed, his tutorial center is called Blessed academics centre. 

The same name sake with ify's boyfriend but the difference is that my teacher is brilliant, finer and very successful.

He knows too much stuffs in book that made me wonder how he does it.

He is very good in all the subjects and I wish to atleast be like him someday.

Well, Uchenna asked me to his girlfriend, he wanted us to be in a relationship.

Kiki is one of the girls that attends his computer training class.

She's 19years, intelligent and speaks fluently

Her parents are preparing her for the university.

We're friends and she was the one that noticed and told me that teacher Uchenna really likes me.

She had seen him severally staring at me and the way he gives me speacial attention.

I also noticed but didn't take it serious because learning was the key point for me.

Kiki wanted to know if I will say yes when he finally ask me out.

I told her I don't know and we shouldn't jump into conclusion of that yet.

Kiki said she has a boyfriend who loves her but if somebody like teacher Uche ask her out, she will leave her boyfriend for him because teacher Uche is too brilliant and very handsome too.

Kiki said she used to crush on him, whenever he's teaching she will watch his lips movement and imagine being kíssed by him.

That's a whole lot of distraction, meaning while she's wallowing in her imagination, she will miss every thing that's being thought. 

I asked her how she manages to concentrate when he's teaching and Kiki said anything she miss or do not understand she will go to him and he will carefully explain to her and that's more reason she loves teacher Uche.

Class ends by 3pm and he gives me extra lesson on mathematics and English for an hour.

He doesn't charge for that, he suggested it and I jumped at the offer.

It was during one of those private classes that he asked me to be his girlfriend.

I couldn't give an absolute answer, I asked him to give me time to think about it.

He agreed to do that, he kissed me on the lips twice and it felt really nice.

But as I went back home and begin to think about it, I realized that i was already getting distracted.

Nothing usually occupies my mind other than my books, but this days I will mostly think of the kíss and becoming his girlfriend which is super cool.

And I thought of what Kiki said.

I knew it wasn't time for such a huge distraction

I can live my Life as I please, date any man I want and act without giving a care to the world but I'm answerable to God and to mama Zaram

I don't want to disappoint God, I usually imagine him looking down and watching my every behavior

 if I do anything wrong I go straight to apologise to him immediately.

Like when teacher Uche kíssed me, after the second time, I was already walking in my own love fantasy, I will lay on my bed and imagine lots of nonsénse in my head.

I will leave my homework and pick up my phone. We will text back and forth, I will laugh and kept smiling while at it and will even skip my sleeping time.

I will wake up tired with puffy eyes but I will still have to resume duty

That was a whole lot for me.

I told Kiki about teacher Uche and she said I should jump at it because I'm the luckiest girl.

She said he's not a womanizer and for him to want me makes me lucky.

That makes good sense but I'm not sure I'm ready for that

After much thought, i saw how the whole thing was changing my real person, I had to go to God in prayer.

 God is my heavenly parent, I report every case to him.

After prayer and thinking it through I was convinced that this is not what I want for my life

Mama Zaram is a woman I hold so dear to my heart, she's elderly but her counsel, her prayers, her advice and care irreplaceable.

I want to make it in life, I know that alone will make her happy.

I made up my mind after final conclusion, I told teacher Uche that I can't do it.

He pleaded that he was in love with me and I'm one beautiful, intelligent girl that he can't do without.

He asked me to reconsider but I can't.

I calmly explained to him how this whole thing was already affecting my learning and life plans.

From kíssing and cuddling, it will migrate into his bed, having sëx with him at this age will begin to feel like a normal thing when is all shade of wrøng.

He will get tired when another finer or intelligent students comes his way and I will become an old school to him.

My life will become bitter and miserable.

I'm not cut out for such yet, Is a whole lot.

Getting into a relationship with him will definitely distract me greatly.

I won't even pay attention whenever he's teaching, I won't take any of my learning serious.

This learning is very important to me and I don't want anything to come in between.

He couldn't convince me further because my mind was solidly made up.


Venus actually left me alone for a while but I know she wasn't happy.

Sharing a room with her is one of the difficult thing to do.

She threw my things off, saying it's occupying too much of the room space. 

she will shout at me and threaten to beat me if I caution her behavior.

I was not scâréd of her, she's a búlly but she doesn't scare me one bit.

I sometimes leave her and go to the living room in the quarter

 if she comes to the sitting room, I go back to the room.

I can live with anyone, I'm not trøublesom at all

 if anyone wants to give me trøuble they will try and get tired.

It annoys her that I wasn't afráid or threatened no matter what she does.

She left me for sometime and started planning other ways to deal with me.

She told me one day that she wants to change our shift

Meaning I will be working on my off days and she will be working on my on day

I refused because my off day is the only time I go for my lesson.

I can't possibly miss any of my tutorial day because of Venus.

She refused and said that's how she wants it.

I spoke to Nneka and Nneka confronted her but Venus started raining insúlts on Nneka, saying is none of her business.

Venus said that she's the senior and can change our working day as she please.

I started missing my classes.

Venus wasn't done, she refused resuming during her duty day,

Claiming that she wasn't feeling well.

She will stay up watching movies inside and playing games on her phone, she will start sleeping during the day.

I was working my shift and her own too.

Nneka said she will report her to Mr Law but Venus laughed and said, she's having fever and can't pick a pin, Mr Law will not query her.

So she will be taking off for two weeks.

I was always busy working and I missed class during this period.

Mr Law mostly comes back in the night and leaves early in the morning.

He sometimes comes back with the same pretty Lady

He was so occupied with her and hardly have time for anything else.

The lady was a classic, clean pretty girl and speaks like she wasn't born or grew up in the country.

She always include "please" anytime she's asking for a service or something

"Please, can I get a medium coffee and chicken kebab? Thanks.." 

 "Please, can you take this to the laundry, I want it ready by morning.. thanks..."

That's the way the lady speaks and she has a nice voice.

Venus rolls her eyes at her anytime the lady wasn't watching. She's was obviously jealous of Mr Law's woman.

Mr Law stays home most weekends or drives down to see his father.

I was planning to go and complain to him anytime he's around.

Is over a week that this new Venus mādnëss started.

I have missed classes and always busy with my daily work.

Kamp came to call me one day that the gate security said that somebody was at the gate asking of me.

Who could that be, Nobody knows where I live.

I only filled my house address in the lesson form

Who then will come looking for me.

I walked down to the gate still in my working apron.

I saw Venus coming behind me

It was teacher Uche, he came to check up on me.

Is almost two weeks I haven't come to class.

I spoke with him few days ago on the phone and told him I will come around whenever I'm free

I no longer engage in long talk or chat on the phone to avoid giving him the wrøng impression or make him to assume we're already in a relationship.

I spoke to him at the gate and told him I was busy with work but will come around.

I walked back to the house and Venus started clapping and displaying that she was definitely telling Mr Law that I invited my boyfriend over to the house.

She knows that is not true but she's ready to fabricate anything just to spoil my name and remain relevant.

That weekend, she came to inform me that Mr Law want to see me, he was obviously very ångry after she reported the boyfriend case to him.

I took a deep breath, before going to go face Mr Law.

(Do NOT take credit or plagiarize AMAH'S HEART STORIES)

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