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Clash Of Love - Episode 4




Mother vs Daughter

Clash Of Love - Episode 4

Written by Chidinma Ihemenandu

Hmmm! There is too much money in this company, if I should embezzle 20 million nobody is gonna find out in a year's time but my problem is how do I go about it, how do I steal it without getting caught, but what of if am been caught, what will be my fate and the fate of my family, or is this a way that God is using to try my faith and contentment in what I have? But come to think of it, what of if am not caught, how about if nobody have a trail about my embezzlement after I deed it, It will be an opportunity for me to get rich and wealthy, I will secure my wife and family and earn the trust, respect and love of my wife, we all can even travel abroad and reside there then I will look for a  new job and start over again abroad, hmmm! I think this is a  better plan, a very good one, I think I will start calculating and making plans on how to lay my hands on huge amount of money, who knows all these men riding big cars and owns many houses and plazas in this country I know they dip their hands in one dirt or the other and yet they still moves around very freely and happily enjoying life, I think my wife has a  point some how.

Excuse me sir are you alright? 

Oh! Stella you startled me,  when did you get into my office and why didn't you knock? 

Sorry sir, I knocked severally but no response so when I turned the lock the door wasn't locked then I came in, greeted you but no response then I dropped the file and left, it's about 30minuites ago and then I returned to check if you have signed them so that I will fix other things inside it but yet you was still absent minded until I opened the files only to find out that you have not signed them, then I had no option than to tap you.

Really, that means I have been trance fiscally absent minded for close to an hour now, is that what you are trying to tell me? 

Undoubtedly, yes sir, if not more than one hour now, I am very sorry because at the juncture of your absenceness of mind, your facial expressions was strange also.

Stella, how do you mean strange? 

Sir sometimes you put up a smiling face and sometimes you will frown, you also do some exclamations like wow! Or you whistle, sometimes you will stand up from your chair and pace about.

What? You mean I deed all these things?

Yes sir you did

Hmm is like I am running mad, hand over the files lemme sign them, my head is full I think I need some air

OK sir, take it, should I wait to collect them now or do I have to return for it later? 

Just hold on some minutes to collect them. I am through with these, anymore files to sign? 

No sir, this is all for now.

Stella, Please don't discuss this with anybody

You can count on me sir, nobody is gonna hear it, but sir don't be offended, is there something bothering you, you can let me in on it, I might also be of help to you.

No don't worry I am fine is just a  personal issues, I can handle it on my own

I know you can sir, I am your personal secretary and can be of a tremendous help to you, like they said, a problem shared is half solved.. 

Thanks for your concern, I do appreciate but never mind, I can take care of it.... Meanwhile I will be going out now, counsel 

 all my appointments today and reschedule them for tomorrow because I might not return to the office again once I lives from here 

OK no problem sir, I will... Just take care of your self and think less please

Thanks and bye.... OK bye sir.

I hope my boss is not in any form of conflictual mind disorder... He is such a great man with good reputation, anyways it might be family issues that's the one thing that stresses men and women in marriage most.... Hmmm God please see him through


Mrs Treasure, are you sure you want to pull through in divorcing your hubby? He is a great man very reasonable and responsible that any woman will always dream of having.. 

Oh please! Mr lawyer, barrister or Frank which ever you are been called, you duty is to render to me the services that is required of you which I am also paying for but if you can't Mr, their are other Chambers filled with barristers that needs clients to patronize them! 

Sorry ma'am, it hasn't gotten to that, I am only trying to know if their are other ways to handle this and bring back your husband and marriage to the right track than filing for divorce ..

So Oga, are you trying to insinuate that I don't know what is wrong or what I want in life? Anyways staying here to ask for divorce is a  wrong turn and a big mistake so I think you are not worthy of my pay neither are you worthy to render your services to me I think I should be on my way now, have a  nice day.... Fool! 

Please Mrs Treasure it hasn't gotten to that, I have been your lawyer for years now and I know your home to be a happy one, just that what you're requesting for is confusing and surprising to me that's why I'm asking ..

And who made you the judge of my life and marriage, I asked for a simple thing and you are asking unnecessary questions, is obvious you don't want money or you don't know your job neither do you know that clients are customers and they needs to be treated like kings and not to be interrogated like criminals, you should have been a pastor to counsel people instead of been a  lawyer rubbish! 

Please ma'am take it easy..

You are are fool, I regret ever coming to your office... Mtchewweeww!!!

Please come back let's address this issue, divorce is not the solution or ultimate....... This woman is dam serious about this, what could be the problem between him and Mr jude that could cause or lead to divorce... I think I need to know her reasons I have to inform Jude as soon as possible

 Hello, yah am fine I need to see you please is urgent sir

What is it barr. Frank this one you needed to see me urgently is everything all right? 

Nope that's why I needs to see you now, your wife just left my office now 

What! Are you serious? I will be in your office in the next 30mints please.... Thanks for the info... 

OK sir will be waiting... Bye.... Bye

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