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Clash Of Love - Episode 3




Mother vs Daughter

Clash Of Love - Episode 3

Written by Chidinma Ihemenandu

Good morning mum, morning dad hope your night was great mine was fantastic, lemme go get ready for school, dad please wait for me so that I can join you in your car, I want you to drop me off please.

Ok darling be fast because I have emergency to attend to at the office,

Ok, thanks dad you are the best muah! 

You are over pampering this girl with so much petting, that's why she always talks to me the way that pleases her, hmm! But never mind, soon and soon enough I will handle her the way that I wants to and meanwhile Mr man, don't forget our deal last night, today is a  great day and I don't want any excuses again

Honey please take it easy just give me some time to think about it and make plans for for it please dear.

Oh please spare me that, I have told you my own bit, your food is ready go have your breakfast is getting cold mtcheeww!!

Mum that's not fair why are you giving dad so much heat to do what he doesn't wanna do, is unfair mum is quit unfair, please dad don't do what she is asking you to do please I beg you

Oh shut up you this little talkative of a  girl, Delight listen and listen very good, this will be the very last time adults will be talking and you will eavesdrop or put your mouth into that conversation or else I will teach you a lesson you ain't gonna forget so easily in your entire life, now go eat your breakfast, your dad is almost running late for work

Mum I'm 14 and I know what you want dad to do but I tell you, you will regret it if he goes through it... Dad please let's go, I don't wanna eat

Come and eat your breakfast dear, her father told her

No dad I gat no appetite, we are running late already hurry up please let's go.

OK dear I have equally lost my appetite let's go her father said as he grabbed his car key 

Give me your suit case dad lemme take it to the car, please hurry

I now sees that, that daughter of yours is now telling you what to do, you are now dancing to her tune, perhaps if she has been the one that is asking you to do it, you would have already done it by now, anyways I won't say much until you returns from work today by then the divorce papers will be ready, I have spoken with my lawyer already, I won't say much for now, action speaks louder than voice excuse me! 

Dad I'm 7minuites late please hurry, Delight called out to her father

Right on it dearie, jump in child let dad drive you to school 

sure dad



Hello Mr Fred are you done preparing the papers, OK thank you very much I will be coming over to your office by 12noon,yah, sure thank you very much, bye.

I can't wait to hold my hands on millions of naira, I will put on a very short bombshot with my legs crossed and different sipping my wine with plates of fruits, watching movies, just like the  way I am demonstrating it now , oh my gosh! I can't wait, I can't wait!! but if reverse be the case and that coward of a man I married failed to bring the money, I will call Sandra and tell her that am in for the game, flexing, meeting top men in top hotels, going to different parties and different countries, eating different dishes, I mean intercontinental dishes oh my Grrr gosh!  I can't wait! I can't wait!! I can't wait!!!  Yup Hahaha doorrrh! I am two beautiful to be poor or to suffer a bit at all, beautiful Treasure like me, he calls me Treasure but sure don't know how to treat me Mtcheww! 



Dad please take care, like I always tells you please, please and please don't do what's wrong, don't mind mum, she's just been too unreasonable and childish I think some friends are influencing her and you have to cut them off. Delight told her dad as she alight from the car.

My darling you are too tender to understand what's happening... You have got to run now so that you won't be punished. 

OK daddy take care and have a  nice day at work

OK my angel do take care of your self, be a good girl and stay out of trouble and remember dad loves you very much more 

I love you too dad bye..  Bye daddy muah!

I wish I can be as strong as my daughter Delight, I love my wife but the task ahead of me is a great one, I don't want a broken home and I don't want to embezzle from my company and ruin my reputation either, oh God I am so confused right now what should I do, how do I convince my wife to have a little more patience with me,, my beautiful smart daughter, I don't want her to suffer in life and go through shame because of what am contemplating to do, oh God help me through this ordeals, change my wife and turn her heart around for good.

Lemme get to the office and cross check the company's finances and assets before I will know what my next plans will be.  

What do you think, will Delights father go ahead with the embezzlement?

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