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Clash Of Love - Episode 20




Mother vs Daughter

Clash Of Love - Episode 20

Written by Chidinma Ihemenandu

Jude now spent most of his time with his daughter because he knows soon enough they are going to part ways and not see each other for years... Therefore every of their activities together they both video and record it so that it will serve as remembrance and memory to them.

Treasure on the other hand is not always constant at home, she goes out every day and comes home late in the evening,her dressing pattern, hairstyles and makeups changes to another different thing entirely.

Jude entrusted the super market to some one he trust and gave him some strict warnings about how to make expenses, and make sure to keep every documents transparent and accountable pertaining all the transactions that will take place in the supermarket.

He also set up people in the Plaza to manage and take care of it, one of the plazas money will be going into the account for Delight while the other money will be going into Treasures account, although it is for the meantime.

Jude set up everything, some to the notification of his wife and some he did secretly but in all these, Delight knows about everything but pretends to her mother as if she knew nothing

Jude also told her wife that once he is been arrested, after two days that she should take her daughter and relocate to one of the new house he bought.

The way Jude was arranging and setting everything in order gave his wife extra joy and happiness that soon enough, the coward Jude will be taking away from her life for many years if not for ever

Delight was acting in accordance even more than her father expected, sometimes she does things that her father never expected she could do, most a times too she filled in the loopholes her father mistakenly creates sometimes, but because of her daughters braveness and smartness, she covers up with out her mother suspecting anything


Jude was ever grateful to her because at her age, now 15 she proves that wisdom is not by age but God's special gift to some people.

The appointed time kept drawing nearer as their plans is successfully been actualized just as expected

Both daughter and father bitterly waits for the D-day of the fake arrest of Jude, though delights knows all is a game, but she still feels that her father's absent from her live all that years have already created a big vacuum in her life, and living without him but just her mum is going to be boring for her, but she knows what she is looking for, and achieving it is her greatest aim

On Saturday morning  around 6:15 am, a hard banging was heard and a command to open the door followed.

Father and daughter looked at each, in tears yet mixed with excitement. What the end product will be dawned on them both and kept them strong as they hugged each other non-stop**

**The appointed time of the fake arrest has come now the drama is about to begin**

Who do you you think is banging the door by that time of the morning??

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