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Clash Of Love - Episode 21




Mother vs Daughter

Clash Of Love - Episode 21

Written by Chidinma Ihemenandu

Another bang on the door, gbum! gbum!! gbum!!! Open this door before I break it down!

Mr Jude who has already known what they came for dressed up. Treasure smiled and get up from the bed, then put on a bomb shot under her night gown. Delight is already at the sitting room before her parents came out

Mr Jude opened the door and they badged in with full force

Good morning sirs

(Delight greeted pretending to be scared, but no response from them, they were three men in uniform looking very mean and serious) 

The first man bringing out his ID, I am inspector Segun from the states CID(Crime Investigation Department) Ikrodi divisional headquarters.... I presume you are Mr Jude Eze, you are under arrest, do not utter a word because whatever you said will be used against you in the court of law. Officers arrest him!

(they came close to put the handcuffs on him but Delight stood in front of his father) 

Not yet officers, long gone are the days you guys will just badge into someone house and arrest somebody without first stating his crimes, who knows it might be the wrong person.

(Treasure then spoke) yes officers at least you should have waited for the day to break before coming to wake some one up very early this morning, mtcheww! What is his crime self!? 

Please Treasure that's not a way to talk, you are only worsening the situation, Jude cautioned Treasure

Heee! Mr man you are not authorized to talk, what are you still waiting for, arrest him let's get the hell out of here

No way gentle men, not until you tell me my father's crime, my father is a good man so I believed that you are in the wrong house.

Hey miss! Get off the way... 

No way sir, you ain't taking my father no where until you give me the answers I needed to hear(she went to the door and locked it)


Mum you ain't saying anything to support me, dad you ain't saying anything to defend yourself! 

What do you want me to say Delight, your so called father ain't doing anything to defend himself huuu!! 

(Inspector Segun angrily said)

Now little girl, you can see that your parents have nothing to defend about themselves, so will you step out of our way so that we will carry out our duty.


With all due respect sir, I am not a little girl, I am 15years of age and capable of getting married and giving birth, my parents are not saying anything to defend themselves does not mean that I don't have a right to know what's going on, I can't be kept in the dark for crying out loud, I know my right so I demand to know my father's crime and I promise to step outside once he agrees to it..

(the inspector now really loved Delights boldness and outburst, he came closer to her and place his hand on her shoulder but Delight removed his hands from her shoulder)

Very impressive my little girl, well my girl I will tell you your father's crime

Your father embezzled a very huge sum of money from his company and now it has come to the notification of the company that he is the one responsible for the embezzlement..........Now are you satisfied my little girl? 

(Delight laughed out very loud, with tears in her eyes)

She went close to her father, dad did you hear what they just accused you of now, just tell me that is a lie, I know you very well, you can't kill a fly, you can't kill an ant, dad you are a gentle man and you promised me that you won't steal from your company, dad say something, please mum, did you believe that your husband can do such a thing they just accused him of? 

(Treasure holding her daughter) As you can see darling, your dad is not saying anything and that practically means that he deed what he was accused of, but don't worry we will bail him out very soon

Nooo oooo oooo! She cried out in pains.... Dad why, you promised me, you made me believe that you loved me, I trusted you but why, she went to her mother and held her.... You are the course of all this, you forced him into this, you wanted to get rich now he has given you all that you wanted but you just loosed a man that you called your husband out of greediness.... Please officers, arrest her too she is also involved, she's the engine behind the steering.


Shut up you spoilt brat!!! Treasure scolded Delight

No mum I won't shut up, I hate you, I hate the both of you!!!

Treasure landed a heavy slap on Delight) Shut up you brat, just keep quiet!! 

Treasure Jude shouted, don't ever lay your hands on my daughter ever again!!! 

Oh you can even talk eee, thief, please officers take him out of here! Treasure yelled back at Jude 

Take her also Delight shouted pointing at her mum

Officers please arrest this man, Inspector segun told the officers

Mr. Whatever you said will be used against you in the court of law!!

Delight my angel of light please forgive daddy, just remember that dad loves you very much my darling.

No you don't dad, you failed me, you don't love me!! 

the inspector held Delight and encouraged her, everything will be alright brave girl

Will you bring my dad out? 

If it is in my power I will my darling...... Just know that everything will be OK

(she wiped her eyes but tears kept coming as she remembers all her mums hatred towards her father and herself)

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