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Endless Tears 2 - Episode 3




Endless Tears 2 - Episode 3

Subtle: we met again

Genres: Billionaire, Deceit

Tags: Deceit,love, jealousy,hatred, marriage

Written by Adeola Nissi                                  

                                   (THE MEETING )

    Amara entered her office the next day with a splitting headache. She barely responded to the greetings of her staff as she went into her office. The impromptu blind date was this evening and 

thoughts of sitting opposite a man discussing topics other than business had kept her up for the most part of the night. She dropped 

her bag on the table and sat on her chair, trying to bring her thoughts back together. An ordinary date should not destabilize her this much, 

she told herself sternly, booting up her system. Even though she had never been on dates, she knew what it was like and it was very 

similar to the lunch meetings she had with clients. It was nothing to 

get worked up about but still, her brain hovered over that piece of 

riddle continuously, trying to figure out who she might be meeting. 

    Even though men were the least on her agenda, she hoped the man would at least be handsome because that would probably make the outing less of a chore than it already was. She grunted. Tega entered with a concerned frown on her face. 

“Are you ok boss?” she asked in concern.

“Perfectly” Amara murmured. Tega was about to probe further but a glare from Amara definitely gave her a clear warning. Amara waited for her system to fully boot and she faced Tega. “What was the response you got from Bracket?” she asked.

        “Well, they prefer to give the full details of what they want physically” she said.

“That was expected” Amara said. “Call me Aisha; she should go there as soon as possible”

“That may not be a good idea boss” Tega said.

“And why not Miss Tega?” Amara asked with an irritated look.

“Well, because the M.D clearly wants you to come yourself. In fact, the message says that he would be able to make out time to see you around 5 pm”

Amara frowned. “And just who does he think he is? Does he think I sit here waiting for an opportunity to see him? I don‟t give a damn if his company is the biggest in Africa, no one orders me around. If they cannot come here and he won‟t have me send someone, then he is going to have to follow my timetable.” She ranted, letting her anger from last night take over.

“But you are free 5 pm” Tega said.

Not anymore, Amara thought in annoyance,thinking of the ridiculous date with God knows who. “No, I am not”

“And 3 pm”Amara sighed. “Tega, tell Bracket that I am only free 3 pm today. If that time is not ok with their boss then too bad” she said and 

Tega hastily exited to carry out her boss‟ orders.

Less than an hour later, Tega entered, confirming the three o‟clock appointment with a soft smile. Amara exhaled, she not only 

had to deal with a date, but also an arrogant man.

“Looks like you would be seeing the incredibly handsome man after all boss” Tega said as she left. Perfect, Amara thought in anger. 

The day couldn‟t be going any better!


The sounds of kitchen wares rang out softly as several people went around the large kitchen. Tina monitored the actions of her staff, ensuring that no mistakes were made even though she was sure that nothing like that could happen. Opening a restaurant was an excellent choice, along with coming to Lagos. The crowd in Lagos was what made it a perfect place for her. People were always there to dine in her shop, and Tina felt fulfilled. „Tina Cooks‟ had quickly gained ground, thanks to her excellent meals which had people 

begging for more and Tina used the profits she gathered to expand her shop. Meeting Amara about a year ago had been like a dream 

come true because Tina had been searching for her for years. She still hadn‟t told Tola and she felt guilty about it but she knew that Amara 

would not want that now. Tina had the feeling that Amara hadn‟t fully recovered from the past but she had no way of helping since Amara completely shut her out. She only hoped that the blind date 

stunt would serve to bridge the gap between them and not further widen it.


Amara sat at the reception, waiting to see the „almighty‟ owner of Bracket – Mr. Babs. Mr. Babs was obviously in a meeting and had been keeping her waiting for the past twenty minutes. Amara stared irritated at her watch again. Couldn‟t he have left this task for his employees? She shook her head and took in a deep breath. Five more 

minutes, she told herself sternly. She couldn‟t afford to waste her time here. She still had to meet with someone, and then there was that blasted date with someone she did not even know. 

Could the day get any better! She thought grimly.

She saw three men leave Mr. Babs‟ office and she looked at the secretary who hastily placed a call to her boss. “You can go in, ma‟am”

“About time” Amara said drily, jumping to her feet with her bag in her hand, placing a forced smile on her face. She knocked on the door softly and heard a low „come in‟. She took in much needed air and opened the door. She was going to need all her willpower to prevent herself from schooling the Mr Babs on the importance of punctuality and timing. She concentrated on closing the door firmly, but as she straightened, her eyes landed on the man behind the desk and her eyes momentarily got stuck. Jeez, so Tega hadn‟t exaggerated 

at all… the man was so staggeringly handsome that Amara had to blink several times to be sure he was real. She might have mistakened him for a sculpture or a piece of art if he hadn‟t moved. 

Then, a soft smile appeared on his face as he studied her. He reminded her 

sharply of someone and that thought was one she did not want to pursue. But that slow smile and peering eyes was remarkably familiar, she just couldn‟t place where she had noticed it.

She remembered herself and moved away from the door, with her professional smile firmly in place. She stretched her hand for a handshake as she reached the table. “Hello sir, Ara Peters” she said.

The man stood with a smile still playing on his face. He took her hand and shook it firmly. “Maxwell Babs…”


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