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Endless Tears 2 - Episode 2




Endless Tears 2 - Episode 2

Subtle: we met again

Genres: Billionaire, Deceit

Tags: Deceit,love, jealousy,hatred, marriage

Written by Adeola Nissi                                  

                                   (DINNER )

Max checked himself out in the mirror again as he ran his hands through his jerry curls. His hair was permed, making him look like one of those American movie stars with his light complexioned 

skin. He loved the hair now; it made him feel even more handsome even though he knew he had always been so handsome. He grinned 

at himself at the mirror, delighting in his sparkling white, perfectly set teeth. He left the room and walked to the sitting room, he saw his 

driver waiting for him. “How do I look?” he asked the driver, standing and awaiting the remark of his driver.

   The driver put a dry smile on his lips. “Very handsome sir, any woman would kill to have you” he ranted what he always ranted every time his employer asked him that ludicrous question. But it was not a lie at all. Max was quite frankly one of the most handsome men that Bolaji had ever seen, but still, he wondered why his boss 

was so keen about his appearance and good looks. Some ladies were not even as keen as Max in terms of appearance, Bolaji thought in 

utter disgust.

   The response of Bolaji seemed to please Max, who picked up his phones. “Yes, any woman would definitely kill to have me, but I would kill to have one woman” he said. The mental picture of the 

woman he had his eyes set on, came to him instantly and for a minute, he pictured them together. A perfect pair! He thought. He 

knew undoubtedly that she would accept him immediately she set her eyes on him. He hadn‟t seen a soul able to resist his charms. „It is 

just a matter of days, and then you would be mine honey, just mine.‟

         Amara drove into her compound completely exhausted. Even though hunger was biting into her stomach, all she wanted was to fall 

into a well-deserved sleep. She hadn‟t been able to return to the office after seeing her client. The woman had been a huge pain in the neck, 

arguing out every single word that Amara spoke. Amara had pasted her official smile on her face until she was certain that her face would 

split from the force of it. As if that was not enough, she had to face an award winning traffic jam on her way back to the office, moving two 

inches forward every thirty minutes until she decided to head home instead.

Sighing deeply, Amara took her foot off the pedal and alighted from the car stiffly. She pressed the lock button and walked to her mini-flat apartment. She occupied the compound along with three other co-tenants, whose names she was not sure she could remember correctly. She hadn‟t had the time to mingle with her neighbors and 

she did not really care anyways. She had met one or two people by chance but she always forgot their names after meeting them. 

Entering her apartment, her shoulders sagged a bit, but her sitting room was not made for a day like this. The bright green colour she used to paint the sitting room glared back at her, offering no warmth. 

Her sitting room was cold and emotionless; the exact way it should be, she reminded herself. She needed everything in her life to keep her in focus. There were no picture frames hanging on the wall, all that could be seen were the comfortable couches, portable flat-screen television hanging on the wall and a little stand for a DVD player and 


Without pausing in the sitting-room, she headed straight for her bedroom, where she knew she could feel better. She dumped her bag on the bed, using the last iota of strength in her to remove her shoes. She collapsed fully clothed on the bed, lowering her lids against her heavy eyes. She took delight in the relaxed feel of her body as exhaustion slowly edged away. Amara wasn‟t even sure she could lift a finger as she motionlessly beckoned sleep.

Just as she slipped off the edge of complete consciousness, her phone rang, effectively waking her. She grudgingly checked the 

caller – Tina. Yes, Tina had again bumped into her life about a year ago and as much as Amara tried to keep the past firmly locked in the 

closed chapter of her life, Tina just would not go away. Apparently, 

Tina also had preferred life in Lagos and seen it as a better place to open her restaurant. She was still in the food business and Tina 

definitely reminded Amara of how much she missed her delicacies by occasionally awakening her taste-buds with her meals. Since „Ara P‟ was engaged in outsourcing the catering jobs to others, Amara had since then made sure that Tina was contacted for the meals of every 

function. Even though Tina was part of her past, Amara could not stop herself from helping her with whatever she could. Amara kept a 

firm distance between them though; a distance that Tina never stopped trying to bridge.

“Hello Tina” she said tiredly into the mouthpiece.

“Hey girlfriend” Tina said excitedly. “What‟s up with you?”Amara almost sighed. “I am fine. How are you?”

“What sort of question is that?” Tina asked and Amara could almost see her rolling her eyes at the other end. “Stop this ridiculous 

formalities, I am not your employee”

Amara stifled a yawn and sighed. “To what do I owe the displeasure of your call?”

Tina laughed. “Now, that sounds like a friendly question. 

Anyways, I have got very good news for you”

Sleep clutched at Amara‟s eyes and it was taking an intense effort not to hang up. “And what might that be?” she yawned this 


“Well, since I discovered that you are having issues getting yourself a man, I signed you up for a blind date”

     Amara jerked up instantly, all signs of sleep vanishing in an 

instant. “You did what?” she barked.

“A blind date” Tina said simply, with a mischievous edge to 

her voice. “You know, going out with someone you don‟t know and-

“Shut up” Amara barked, standing to her feet in annoyance. 

“What is the meaning of this? And who on earth gave you 

permission to invade my private life? Listen, whatever it is you did, it 

is none of my business, so tell the fool involved that he should go to 


Tina laughed. “Oh sweetheart, this is not an invasion, quite the 

contrary since you did not even allow me into your life in the first 

place. Anyways, I can‟t tell your date to go to hell because frankly, I 

do not know him. And it is tomorrow” she dropped, seeming quite 


Amara fumed angrily as she stumped her foot noisily on the 

floor. “Well, all that is none of my freaking business. Whoever it is 

would just have to wait in vain if he thinks he is waiting for me”

“You are going to stand him up? Oh no darling! In fact, I think 

you would cheerfully go on this date” Tina said.

“And what on earth would make me do that?” Amara barked.

“Well…” Tina drawled. “If you go on this really interesting 

date, I would cut down my charges for the upcoming wedding by 

half. How does that sound?”

Amara paused. “You can‟t be serious.” Tina would not do that 

just to get her on a date, would she?

Tina laughed. “See, I told you. I‟ll bet you are already thinking 

of the perfect outfit for the romantic outing” she said laughing. “Bye

babe, I would forward the details. This seems so interesting already. 

Too bad I won‟t get to see it”

Tina hung up before Amara could think of a reply and Amara 

found herself glaring at the phone. She threw the phone on the bed  and held her head in anger. She had known that Tina‟s entrance into 

her life was nothing but bad luck. To her, Tina was a representation of her past and since nothing good happened in her past, she hoped 

there won‟t be repeat episodes in her life again. She sat heavily on the bed, fuming in anger. The bargain was tempting though; she could save her company some cash, and all for what? Just a dinner with an idiot? No matter how much the idea repulsed her, nothing bad comes from getting more cash. “It is just a stupid dinner”, she told herself. 

How bad can it be?

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