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Out Of The Box - Episode 40




Out Of The Box - Episode 40

Written By Amah's Heart

She waited in a perfect spot, looking around in search of him.

This was the fourth day and he was yet to come around.

She knows the time and days he comes to the mall to shop for groceries.

This was the particular shopping mall he buys his things and it was mostly Tuesday but sometimes Saturday.

Is almost a whole week that she has been checking and hoping to see him but to no avail.

Maybe he wasn't coming here anymore or he send somebody.

She made up her mind that after today, she will never come around again

She may think of other better option but definitely not the mall.

As the night approached, she checked the time and saw 6:17pm

She was about leaving when she noticed a silver hylander Jeep driving in

What caught her attention was the military logo badge hanging in the car

The face of the man looks familiar and his body built too, immediately he stepped down from the fine car, he pressed on the car key, locking it

 he started walking towards the shopping mall.

He was finner than ever, relaxed and looking far more fresh.

He had a neat hair cut as usual which has become his trademark.

He seems to be coming back from work although on mufti

He matched calculativly into the mall.

Didi watched him, she heaved sadly.

She has missed him so much

His laughter, his gentle approach when it comes to her

The speacial way he treats her and looks at her.

Especially the way he looks at her with love written all over him, it sometimes melt her heart.

She only wanted to be with one man, have kids with one man and love one man at a time.

She couldn't open her heart to love Luke like he deserves because of Desmond

Desmond has proven to be a whole baggage that she can't stop regretting

How could he even reject his own son

She had every opportunity to sleep with Luke yet she never did

Desmond thinks the way she fall or react anytime he touches her is same way she falls for Luke or other men.

He thinks because he's a cheat, every other person must also be unfaithful and a cheat like him.

She remembered how he was eavesdropping on her that night, he asked to know why she was hiding to call her boyfriend.

It was another opportunity to taunt her.

 All through that night he kept accúsing her of cheating.

But she didn't have time to start exchanging words with him

He later tried to touch her that night after saying "I know you can't resist me, this is exactly what you needed to calm down. Come let me give you your favorite food in bed, I guess mine still remain the best, your boyfriend can't compete with that because I'm irresistible..."

Didi looked at his náked body, instead of been moved to go to him as usual, she only felt disgusted and decided to sleep in the children's room.

Desmond was surprised that Didi didn't fall despite he was lying in bed without any cloths on.

And she have been sleeping in the children's room waiting for the time when Amy will return so that she can move in with her

Amy had said she will be back in a week time

Didi can't wait to move faraway from Desmond.

After some days, she called her Mom and carried Jason to her

She briefed her on what Desmond did and why she was moving out again.

without going in detail.

Jasmine was happy to have her brother around.

Didi spent two days with them, she was there when Amy called her that she has returned

Didi left the kids with her Mom and went to see Amy.

She remembered how angry Amy was, she wasn't expecting anything different from her reaction after finding out that Desmond haven't really changed

She was also too busy preparing for her wedding and didn't have time to broad over the pain with her.

Diva was married and already has a child with her disábled husband.

They're living happily as a family.

Everyone's life is moving forward, her friends found their true happiness and living their best life except her.

When she felt the storm is over, another event will take a different hurtful turn.

She was tired, everything about her life is exhausting.

She wanted to talk with Luke, to apologise for her behavior in the past and ask for his forgiveness but she was afraid of going to his house.

Visiting him at his place was the last thing she wanted to do.

The lady that answered his call may be his girlfriend or even Wife.

He was probably married, who knows.

Didi had to come over to wait for him here for the last four days.

Untill today that she finally found him.

She waited until he was inside before going in.

She picked up few things that she did not even need before going over to where Luke was picking groceries.

"Hey!..oh my God, who am I seeing.." she exclaimed loudly, pretending like she was just seeing Luke for the first time in a long while.

Luke turned and saw her

He seems surprised to see Didi

He chuckled lightly

"Didi, what a pleasant surprise..." 

"Seriously! Wow! I never thought I will see you here.."

"You have forgotten that this is where I buy things..."

Didi laughed out sarcastically

"Oh yeah, I remember now. I actually thought you relocated to another state or traveled out. Is really been a while.."

 " Yeah, I actually did. I was in Europe for six months, it was more of an official business training I signed up for and it was approved in no time. We were three that were sent out to different places. I returned back two months ago..."

 "...How have you been?

"That's so nice, I'm glad to hear that. By the way you look more handsome and I can see you also got a new car too.."

"Thanks. Wait, How did you know? Who told you that I now have a new car..? Luke said surprise.

Didi realized that she has made a blonder. She should have think things through first before saying.

She can't possibly tell him that she has been watching out for him

"Yeah..I knew because.. I'm, I mean I saw a new car at the parking lot with a military logo on it. Seeing you now made me assume that it might be you.." Didi said, she was hoping that she sounds convincing enough.

"You're absolutely right. Your assumption is correct. That's my own car, the previous one was my official car but I finally have my own expense paid car, exactly the way I like my rides.."

Didi clapped excitedly, congratulating him

"Thank you Didi. By the way, How're you, your kids and your husband..?

"Well, I'm alright..."

Luke nodded as he immediately went on picking things while Didi followed behind.

"How're your friends, Amy, Diva..? The last time I spoke with Amy she was in Miami vacationing with her man. She told me that she was engage... Amy, the iron lady, engaged to be married? that's indeed a miracle. I'm really happy for her. I usually checks up on her to know how she's fairing. But for the past two months, I haven't really spoken to her. She's still in Miami I guess.."

Didi felt jealous with the way he talked about Amy

She was surprised why Luke was acting all nice and normal not considering Their past events

"No, she's back to the country. It took her a whole year after she fully recovered to accept Tally's proposal, that's way too long but I'm glad she finally did and they're planning on getting married soon.."

"That's interesting, I'm so happy for them. Amy will make a fantastic Wife and Mom, life thought her a great deal and she learn in a hard way..."

Luke néver mentioned hurtful things Didi said to him in the past.

He was nice as usual, talking like best pals and was obviously happy to see Didi.

"It was really nice seeing you again and I'm glad you're doing alright. I have to go now, do take good care of yourself and my kind greetings to your family.." Luke finally said as they got outside after buying and paying for their items

Didi wasn't happy that he was already leaving.

His phone began to ring as he was walking towards his car.

Didi was gradually following him from behind.

She heard him apologising to whoever the person was.

He even promised to be with her within thirty minutes

Didi knew it that it must be either his wife of girlfriend.

She was afraid to ask.

He was just about getting into his car when he noticed Didi standing

", You were on phone earlier, I wanted to ask if is ok to drop me off at Amy's place please. Is getting late and don't want to start waiting for a cab.."

"Alright, sure! get in..." Luke said and Didi entered the car.

She expected Luke to ask her things about her personal life but he never did.

He was emotionless and does not seem to care about her like he used to.

"Luke, I'm really sorry for what I said to you back then, those hurtful words, I regretted it everyday. I'm sorry and.."

"Is fine Didi... totally. Is in the past now.." Luke interrupted

"Are you sure? I understand I hurt your feelings with my words, I wasn't thinking righ.." she paused and continued

"... alright then. Thank you for forgiving me.."

There was another silent

", How's your baby, Amy said you gave birth to a baby boy. He's about a year now I guess.."

Didi nodded sadly.

He looked up at her

"What happened, you don't seem happy. Is your baby boy alright, what happened.. why are you even back at Amy's house, did you have issue with your husband?

Luke said as he packed outside Amy's house

He checked the time

"..or maybe you can call me and tell me whatever that's bothering you.."

It was very obvious that Luke who will do anything to find out why she wasn't happy is not even ready to listen.

She can't believe that she has losed a good man.

She has abandoned Desmond and now Luke has forgotten about her

Her life will be so misérâble and Desmond will make her a laughing stuck

Didi without thinking kissed Luke on the lip while he was still talking to her.

It was a quickie kiss.

She wish he will respond to the kiss but instead he gently pushed her off from him

"Didi! What did you just do, I'm a mar..."

Did knew what he was about to say and rushed out of the car while apologising in a hurry.

She didn't want to hear it

Luke stared at her in disbelief, still confused on why Didi will do that.

His phone ringing brought him back to reality.

He zoomed off in no time.

(Do NOT take credit or plagiarize AMAH'S HEART STORIES)

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