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Out Of The Box - Episode 39




Out Of The Box - Episode 39

Written By Amah's Heart

She was just rounding up with the night food when she heard the gate opening and he drove in.

Didi can hear Mimi jubilating with Jason

"Daddy is back, Daddy is back.." Mimi sang happily to Jason who was also giggling happily.

They dance around the parlour while looking at the door and waiting patiently for him to come in.

Just then there was a knock, Mimi knowing who it was already ran to the door and opened it

"Welcome Daddy.." she greeted him with a hug

Desmond, happily held her for a little while before letting go.

She collected the two grocery bags with him, leaving only his laptop bag.

Mimi rushed and gave the bags to Didi who was just coming out of the kitchen with a a napkin which she uses to wipe off her wet hand.

She greeted Desmond before going back to the kitchen.

Little Jason carefully walked up to Desmond shouting "Da da.. Da da.." happily, he lifted up his little arms hoping for maybe a lift or tickle.

But Desmond walked pass him, acting like he was invisible

Jason began to cry, Desmond ignored him

Mimi rushed and carried him

"Daddy, Jason wants you to carry him, he is stretching his hand towards you.. Please him carry him Daddy.." Mimi said pleadingly to Desmond.

"I'm very tired now Mimi, I don't have the strength to carry Jason, take him to his mother.."

Didi who stood beside the kitchen door, watching in silent, sighed heavily after seeing what happened.

"Daddy, you don't like carrying Jason or playing with him, why?

"...Jason looks so much like you. He has your nose and eyes and there's a birth mark on his ear lope, you have the same too..."

"I said I'm tired Mimi, carry him to his mother. You can see that I just returned from work right? 

Mimi nodded quietly

Seeing his daughter's sad countenance, he said to her gently

"...i bought some juicy cupcakes, cookies and some other things for you, you can share some with him, that's if you wish to or you can decide not to, is all yours. I wish Jasmine is here, you two will be having alot of goodies from me..."

"Daddy is Jasmine still coming back.." Mimi asked while trying to hold back Jason who was still stretching out his hand towards Desmond.

"I'm going to go bring Jasmine next week, you will get to live together as sisters. Jason can go live with his grandma while Jasmine will stay with us here, isn't that awesome?

Mimi moved closer so that Jason can reach him but Desmond stepped back while resounding another warning

"Take that boy to his mother, Mitchell.."

Mimi nodded and carried Jason to Didi who was still standing by the kitchen door and watching.

Desmond walked into the room

Didi carried her son, after holding him and making sure he was alright, she asked Mimi to look after him

She put off the cooking gas she was using to cook before going to meet Desmond.

"Desmond.." Didi called him as she stepped into the room

"Hey, anything for dinner..? Was his reply as he continue unbuttoning his shirt without looking at Didi

"You're a very unfortunate human being, do you know that..?

" Thank you very much. for the past months I have been getting insults as a welcome greeting from my suppose wife. I provide everything in this house, make sure you and the kids lack nothing, yet I come home to this kind of insúlt.. why am I not surprise.."

"Even if you claim that Jason isn't yours, why don't you just pretend in front of the little child or even Mimi. You made your håte for an innocent child so obvious and you think you're actually normal? No, you're not Desmond.."

".. because normal people don't act this way.."

"I don't care about whatever you're saying, I don't know how to pretend. I have told you before that you should take that boy back to his father you don't want to listen..."

"...What's your prøblem Didi, you're the one that's acting abnormal by wanting me to father a child that isn't mine. If you even confessed to me that he is for your officer boyfriend but you wan me to adopt him into the family, I may probably consider but wanting me to agree that he is mine, that will néver happen, when I'm not stûpíd.."

"You will live to regret this Desmond. Jason will grow without you, he will be fine without you and will never need you in his life. You rejected him right from prégnancy and even now that he is born, you haven't stop hating the boy for absolutely nothing. Desmond, I promise you that you will live to regret ever doing this to my little boy.."

"I won't regret anything because he's not my son. If he grow up tomorrow and it happens by some kind of miracle and it's discovered that he's actually mine then he will come looking for me. Children born out of wédløck will always find their root. No matter how the mother tries to lie or convince them, they will still try to locate their father. I'm not worried one bit because he's not my child and if he happens to me mine by mistake then our path will definitely cross in future.."

"You're sílly Desmond and talk like a kid sometimes. You expect a child you treat like dirts snd called a bastard to come looking for you in future and embrace you and call you Daddy. You're crazy, is very obvious.."

Desmond ignored her, went into the bathroom to shower.

Didi was tired and done taking this maltreatment from Desmond.

She can no longer stand it

She began to pack her things.

Desmond came out and saw her.

"What are you doing?

"Isn't it obvious. I'm walking out of this house and out of this marriage, this time for real. I'm not coming back ever again.."

"Since you aren't ready to come back fully, why did you return in the first place. I have sent Esther away because of you thinking you've come to stay. Now, I will have to start looking for another nanny for Mimi my daughter.."

Didi ignored him and continue packing.

".. you finally want to go and meet him. I'm just trying to understand why you came back here in the first place since you're not ready to stay. You should have continue staying with him and making more babies for your officer boyfriend, you want to go back so that he will continue sleeping with you and I hope you won't bring back another prégnancy to this house claiming that I'm the one that has the baby because I won't take it lightly with you..."

"... you shamelessly stoop low, forgetting that you're a married woman to go mingle with that useless officer. I just sometimes wonder how many times in a day he does it with you. I know you love getting intimate, I see the way you beg for it, I know even if I touch you now you will change your mind from leaving. You're so predictable. I know you will always come back and even now, you're not even sure of this decision. You are only acting on the fact that I didn't hide my dislike for that Luke and his baby boy..."

Didi ignored him as she began packing her baby things.

She brought out a brown new expensive baby box and began to fold.

"I haven't seen this new set of boxes before, where did you see money to buy this expensive box for the little boy. This is the replica of what we once bought for Jasmine.."

"I collected money from your savings bbox.." that's all Didi said and went on arranging things.

"You did what.." Desmond quickly brought down his box of money and saw that it was almost empty.

"...Where's all my money Didi? He barked while pointing at the box.

"I used it to buy things for Jason, he needed packs of diapers, new wears because he has outgrown the old baby ones he had and some other things for him. Jason didn't ask to come to this world, since we both planted the seed we will have to take care of it wether by will or by force. There's nothing you can do about it.."

"You took almost all the money here Didi, you stole money from my box again, just like you did before? 

" your money is equally mine Desmond. The mistake I made initially with you and Cynthia was to get scared of the unknown and even paid what I didn't take. This time around it won't happen again, I agree to this and the remaining money is deposited into my account. Jason will be needing more baby food and more diaper.."

"...Take that son of yours back to his father, I don't want him living in this same house with me. It feels like living in the same house with Luke. I see your officer boyfriend each time I set eyes on that baby. He is not mine, stop trying to force it, is not going to work. Take him back to where he belongs or go give your mother in exchange for my Jasmine..."

"... your mother is playing with my patient. I have asked her to give me back my daughter but she is been stubborn. I will go get my daughter with force wether she wants or not. I have been patient enough. No more.." 

"You dâre not do that. My mother will not release Jasmine to you Desmond until you prove to her you're a changed man but is obvious you can néver change, meaning Jasmine will never be in your care. She's happy with my Mom and we will all be soon. everything about you will be trâshed.."

"You and your Mom are insåne and..

Something hard suddenly hít him on the face

It was Didi who used one of her shoes to stone him.

He screamed out in pain as the place began bleeding from it's serious scratch, right on his face

She quickly stood and walked up to him

Pointing a finger seriously at him.

"You can call me and our son hørrible names, I will let it slide but if you dare, if you open that your ūgly wide mouth and mention my mother's name or include her in this your shenanigans, Desmond I will wash and squeeze life out of you then throw your carcase to the street dogs. Don't you dare try me or cross that deadly boundary. It will be serious bloody beyond your imagination, I promise you.." 

Desmond watched as Didi switched from gentle to demón just in an instance.

"I never called your mother any bad name, maybe you're no longer hearing well. I know that woman raised a better daughter, not the one that will go cheating on her husband and getting pregnant for another man. Even if your mother hears of this, she will be so disappointed..."

Didi picked the heel shoe she used in hitting Desmond.

She went back arranging in silent while Desmond continue to taunt her with different insult.

That night she held her phone to her chest while in the bathroom after speaking to Amy

Amy was not in the country,

She traveled out for a paid vacation in Miami and won't be back till next month.

Moving back to her Mom is the last option but she plan to go stay for a while, plan her life and how to support her two kids.

She thought of calling Luke as she remembered the well furnished apartment he gave her to stay, the care and love he showered on her

She regret every word she harshly said to him.

Is over a year and she has never called to apologise.

Maybe is high time to do that.

Didi dialed his number

He didn't pick up 

She called again and on the second ring, somebody picked.

"Hi Luke, is really been a while. How're you doing and how's work..? Didi greeted, trying hard to sound lively

"Hello, please who's this..? 

It was a lady's voice.

"Uhh..ah.. thought is Luke.." Didi stammered

"Yes, Luke is in the bathroom. Who are you please.." the lady repeated.

Didi quickly ended the call.

Is obvious that her phone number is no longer saved in Luke's phone.

Who's the lady that had the gút to answer Luke's phone?

 Is Luke married or there's another woman in his life

Didi bit her lips as jeâlóusy filled her heart.

She will have to go find out by herself.

She's no longer interested in anything "Desmond"

She will rather be with the man that loves her rather than the one that takes advantage of her soft heart.

She walked out of the bathroom and was surprised to meet Desmond standing outside the bathroom door eavesdropping.

(Do NOT take credit or plagiarize AMAH'S HEART STORIES)

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