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Out Of The Box - Episode 30




Out Of The Box - Episode 30

Written By Amah's Heart

She knocked and in no time the door flings open

She hurriedly walked in.

Amy stood looking around the house

"What's the emergency? I almost thought the house was on fire with the way you sounded over the phone.."

"...I had to close early from work so that I can drive down here and see you. What happened, this your awkward look is scâry.."

Didi heaved heavily, she straightened from the chair, yawned tiredly.

"... you are obviously tired I guess. Sitting like a cónfused pregnant woman, Why are you looking so tired this days? Are you always going on a marathon race or doing some strenuous job that I'm not aware of..?

"You got the first line, I'm pregnant..." Didi replied with a serious facial expression.

Amy laughed out the joke.

"You're so funny Didi. Okay, on a serious note, What's the issue? Why did you asked me to hurry down here?

"Because I'm pregnant Amy and is not a prank, I'm déãd serious" Didi repeated.

"This is a joke right? 

"...You can't be prégnant now Didi. Is barely two months you escaped from Desmond, so how come you're already prégnant for Luke? I'm not saying he's a bad guy, I like him and he obviously loves you dearly but things need to be done properly. You're both an adult and suppose to know what's right..."

"...I expected you to study him more, maybe for like five or six months. He was supposed to give you time to heal and get back your confidence and life fully...maybe for nine months or a year before prégnancy. if you've agreed to settle with him then he needs to make his intentions known to your parents. Do things right Didi, I don't want another of Desmond's story because is not funny.."

"... Desmond distablized your life and is still a miracle you came out from there alive. I want you to be happy Didi, to be truly loved and appreciated. To be respected and cherished like a queen. You deserve a good man and I know Luke is capable but I don't want you to jump into a union that you will regret later. I wanted you to come stay at my place but Luke insisted that this place is safer and you agreed. I guess living close to each other makes it easier to be more together and now, it has resulted to prégnancy. Well, what do you want to do about it now. I'm begining to wonder the look on Desmond's face when he learnt that you're pregnant for our darling Luke.."

"...he lost a diamond while chasing stone. I'm surprised that even after the mïscårriage that you went through, you're still able to get pregnant so soon. Desmond era is over.. wícked man. He choose his baby mama over his wife and started crying foul when he sees you can actually live without him. The singleness he thréátened you with became his biggest nightmare. He's a føôlish man because is only a foøl that behaves the way he did, I'm glad is all over. We're faced with another issue here, what are we going to do? In my own opinion, you should have waited for few more months before this. Since the deed is done, what are you going to do now, what's the plan? Have you informed Luke yet, what's his reaction..?

Didi sighed loudly, heaved again before chuckling sadly.

"You just concluded so fast Amy. Who said I'm pregnant for Luke? Because I never mentioned such. Luke isn't responsible for it, we hardly even share a kíss except for few days ago when I visited him and he try kíssing but I felt like throwing up during then and he didn't bother again as he concluded I was obviously sick. We haven't had any intimate moment, nothing of such aside a hug and awkward stares and smile. I'm not even in the right frame of mind to go and start sleeping with him.."

Amy seems more confused as she moved uncomfortably in her seat

"If not Luke, then who then? If you never had s3x with Luke, no intimacy whatsoever then who's responsible for your prégnancy..?

Didi became silent.

"... why aren't you responding? Who then is responsible?

"Desmond, the prégnancy is for Desmond.."

"Des.. what? Amy screamed. "...Okay, now I know that you're trying to prank me and I almost fell for it.."

"Is not a joke Amy, I wouldn't call you here to prank you with such a sensitive issue. Desmond was the last man I had intimacy with before that last incident. I went to the doctor yesterday, I told Luke not to bother taking me and decided to go by myself because I suspected it was all prégnancy symptoms. It was confirmed that I'm nine weeks gone..."

"Jesus Christ of Nazareth! Amy exclaimed aloud

"... you're seriously prégnant for Desmond? This is unbelievable. So after going back then, after assuring me that you weren't after his third leg, you said that you're only going to hear his confession on who Cynthia was and that you will never ever sleep with him, so, you went having s3x with that wide mouth, cónfused Desmond? You forgot so fast about everything Didi..."

"...I really don't know what to say or how to advice you in this situation. I was even thinking is for Luke and wasn't even okay with such news because I felt is too early to get pregnant for him after two months of escaping Desmond. Unknown to me that the same weapon that used to be fashioned against you, which you finally escaped from still caught up with you.."

"Amy, can you please mind your use of words please. Desmond is still the father of Jasmine and the biological father this baby in my womb. Little respect for the sake of my little ones. I know and understand the gravity of this whole thing, but there's nothing I can do rather than to take care of myself and this pregnancy until I'm due..."

"... you know that I never planned to have my baby with different father. But after my marital troubles I was ready to move on and never look back. I wasn't even interested in any man. I just wanted to get busy and be happy but after Desmond showed up and I decided to follow him, hoping to know the woman he brought into our home, I was too eager to know who she was and I discovered a whole lot of things after then. My life is never The same even till this moment..."

Amy was speechless as she stared at her.

"So you want to indirectly tell me that you may likely return back to Desmond? You think I will stop you? Good luck with whatever you decide..."

"... You're still in love with Desmond, that explains why you took a cab and it drove you to his environ that day, you refused taking your calls and was even seen with Desmond. you said you're going out to get some air. It's funny that the air around your estate wasn't good enough, is the one in Desmond's area that has more quality and well filtered. Didi, my friend..life and dèãth is present before you but you keep choosing dèãth. May God be with you because that's all I can say.."

There was silent as the two friend sat watching the television with so many things on their minds.

"...How do you intend to break the news to Luke? This won't go down well you know. that guy loves you and I know he has a big and favourable plan for you. I don't understand why you keep going back to your vómit. Desmond.. what exactly did you see in him, he's not worthy of you Didi..."

"...I know Cynthia is very stûpíd to have fallen for a man like Desmond's fake promises, which later ended in premium tears and regrets for her but you know Desmond is the cause of this whole thing. He made that woman bítter and later paraded her as the queen of his castle and you're as the servant. He led that Lady on, knowing fully well that he won't marry her. He insülted you and thréátened to throw you out so that you will end up as your single friends and when nature answered his request he started acting like a cónfused fellow..."

"...i have many bād names I want to call that your Desmond, I have so many unprinted names I want to use in regarding him but in respect to you and your kids, I will just swallow it back.."

"I understand how you feel, and I can't stop thanking you for standing by me through it all. I'm sorry Amy and just so you know, being pregnant will not make me return back to Desmond. I still detest him for everything. If is ok with you, I will love to move in for the main time until I decide what to do with myself.."

",My house is yours anytime. You're always welcome Didi. I was hoping to be the first to tell you that Diva is getting married. She met this guy that is ill, and she was contacted as a special care giver to him, she was supposed to care for that man but Diva fell for him, she said they've fallen over the mountain and hill in love with each other..eww! Amy said and began to laugh

Didi joined her.

"I know, she also told me. we've been chatting. She texted me that her patient, who suffered an injury when he was growing up and became paralyzed from the waist asked her to be his wife and she agreed, she said he is the best thing that ever happened to her and they're getting married soon but no day is fixed yet. I'm happy for her.." Didi said.

"Well, with the way she used to hype men, I'm not supposed to be surprised. you remember how she concluded that Desmond is a saint? How she can go any mile just to appreciate men, I'm really not surprise that Diva will fall for a sick man on a wheelchair. That's so unprofessional.." Amy said, she shakes her head sadly.

" Amy, It doesn't matter once is true love. Beside, she's been his personal care giver for several months now and the man is a single father. His woman left him because of his condition. Diva saw beyond his disability and that's admirable.."

"Hahaha, he's even a single Dad and also disåbled? Double trøuble. She never told me all this because she knows I will bash her. I won't hide my mouth when telling that she's crâzy. Like what was she thinking? Men is everywhere, why will she fall for a man like that. That's so low, what type of nonsénse love is that. During the intimate moment, how will he perform..I mean we've to consider a whole lot of things here.."

Didi began to laugh so hard.

"You worry too much Amy, leave Diva to figure it all out. She will be fine, the man is her choice and she find peace with him. There's nothing like having a kind partner that gives you peace of mind. I pray you fall in love someday for a man that will treat you right."

"Did you say fall in love? That's not possible my dear friend. Don't pray that kind of prayer for me because it won't work. I can't fall, rather I will stand and speed off if I notice a man is getting too attach. The way this romantic thing work inside some ladies head, is totally different for me. Even my secret admirer has stopped sending gifts because I stop accepting. I'm unapologetic beautiful hard-working lady that needs no man to shine. I'm celibate for over seven years and not having séx for this long periods of time makes me feel like a virgin. I don't get hørny or miss being with a man. I have forgotten what it feels like and don't even want to know anymore. I don't need any man Didi and as for falling I'm love, it can only take a big miracle because my heart is frozen like a rock. I will rather be cheering for you all but I'm never getting close to any man ever again. There's nothing you will preach that can change that. My last hurtful break up was nine years ago and I said I'm done after then...

"...I decided to build myself to a great heights so that no man will mess around with me. I'm beautiful and have a great shape, I have businesses, I exercise and eat well...life is pleasant to me. I will never sleep with a man for money or pleasure. I'm well discipline and I can't tolerate half of the shīt you took from Desmond or support the kind of liåbility Diva got herself into.  But again, is my choice to be like this. Whatever path my friends take, I will have no choice than to cheer them on if that makes them happy..."

Didi nodded in silent.

"... let's leave this many talks. How do you want to break the news of your prégnancy to Luke?

"I don't know, I will figure it all out but I will move to your place first before letting him know that I'm carrying Desmond's baby.."

Amy stayed longer talking with her friend before she later left.

Didi felt a bit better and relieved having Amy around.

She sat alone in the living room after Amy left, rubbed her still flat belly as she watched the TV but her mind was greatly disturbed.


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