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Out Of The Box - Episode 29




Out Of The Box - Episode 29

Written By Amah's Heart

Didi held the phone in her hand after speaking with her Mom.

She was exhausted from everything

Her Mom prayed and encouraged her to be strong and also remind her to come over and spend sometime with them.

Which she promised to do.

She was able to talk with Jasmine, her constant little giggling on the phone makes her want to fly back home and hold her dear daughter.

She was bored and have been craving to take a long walk alone

She wanted to go out and feel the fresh air, maybe she will feel better after that.

All by herself, alone without anyone watching her back.

She needed a breath of fresh air to free her crowded mind a bit.

She have been feeling a bit sick of recent.

Didi got dressed, pick up her bag and was about going out but one of the security followed her.

"Please, I need to go alone.." she informed him.."

"My boss said we should follow you anytime you're going out, to protect you.."

" I don't need protection today, I'm good.

Tell your boss that I insist, I don't need guardians. You don't need to worry, I can take Care of myself. The people that want to hârm me are behind bars, I no longer needs security following me about.."

She walked out of the gate, got into a taxi and left.

She wasn't sure of the exact place she was going but she wanted to be faraway from the house, just for few hour.

She went through the busy road, to the picnic garden, through the mall and back to the road that links to Desmond's


She was just going from place to place, feeling the air on her skin, the breeze rustled noisily.

The weather seems cloudy.

She didn't care if it rains or not, she was enjoying the rough breeze on her skin.

Her phone was on silent, she didn't care to bring it out.

She was not ready for anyone or anything to interrupt this moment.

She walked through the road that leads to the market, picked few things for herself.

The rain drop was becoming more.

While others where rushing home or to get a shelter, she was happy for the cool breeze, the drop of rain and the busy road.

Just then somebody bumped into her.

It was a man in a haste

He was among those trying to get going before the rain starts.

His vegetables and few other food items poured on the ground.

He bent and started picking them up in a hurry while apologising at the same time to the lady he just mistakenly hit

He wondered why she wasn't rushing like everyone else.

"I'm really sorry ma, hope you're alright.." he said without looking up.

Didi stood staring at him unbelievably. She seems a bit shock looking at the man.

The rain was coming more and more.

"Desmond.." she called the man's name.

On hearing his name he straightened from the ground.

"...are you stalking me..? She asked as she held her waist fashionably.

"Didi.. Didi..is really you? How... what are you doing here..? I wasn't stalking you, have you forgotten that your officer friend gave me a restriction order to stay away from you, Which you also signed.."

"...I only came here to pick few things for the house. Didi...is this really you? I have missed you..!

"Desmond, you better not be spying on me because I won't hesitate to have you locked up again..."

"I understand. I deserve every treatment you decides to carry out.. but truthfully, I wasn't stalking you Didi. How's Jasmine..?

"She's fine. How's Cynthia..? 

"I don't know Didi. I haven't gone visiting ever since she was arrested.."

"Why haven't you? You're the reason why she ended up there. She's a bitter, revengeful woman because of you Desmond and I could have died that day and who's fault is that.. still you.."

"I know Didi and I regret the whole havoc I caused through my hurtful decision. I should have told her not to wait but move on with her life, I should have respected my family enough not to have accommodated her or allow her turn out this bad. I take all the blame and this past months has been one of the roughest for me. I Lost everything that I hold dear. money is not always everything, family should always come first. I should've protected my family but instead I exposed them to danger. There's a better way to handle Cynthia but instead I led her on, giving her a forceful hope. I deserve everything that have befallen me and I hope you find it in your heart to forgive me.. maybe someday.."

Didi stared at the man before her, he seems Sorry but she can't seem to let go of everything he put her, Jasmine and even Cynthia through.

"...i took the full welfare of Mimi, the daughter Cynthia had for me. Her Mom is behind bars, she needs somebody close. I brought her home and got a nanny to care for her. I still can't forgive myself for the whole damage I caused. I hope you, Jasmine and even Cynthia forgives me. Although Cynthia blew her jeâlóus act out of proportion by attacking you and even involving criminals to hûrt you. I can't take blame for such action, she allowed herself to go beyond reasonable. I don't know what I would have done if anything had happened to you.."

The rain started and they decided to stay at a closed shop.

"...I wouldn't have been able to live with myself. I'm glad you're safe and.. I truly miss you Didi. I hope to see Jasmine soon.."

"Are you done talking? You're so dramatic and I don't buy into any of this your nonsénse talk. You're trying to do a damage control right? But is already too late. You kept me in the dark and never mentioned having a daughter. your ex was practically living with us for almost a year and you were sleeping with her under my nose and making fun of me. You two ganged up and mistreated me until I could no longer stay after I lose my two months prégnancy and almost lost my life too. Cynthia is behind bars, I'm still distablized, I have nightmares sometimes and I'm worried sick over a whole lot of things. If I knew you're this type of man, if I knew you promised Cynthia marriage and néver fullfiled it, I wouldn't have dared come close. You are not worthy to be called a Dad and you don't deserve to have a good woman in your life..."

 "Didi...I.. I'm sincerely sorry..i made a mistake. I'm only an imperfect man. I'm sorry darling. I will do anything at all to right my wrongs.."

"Is already too late Desmond. I'm displaced already but safer. I'm single but not searching. Cynthia will be an ex convict because of you. You're not a good person. You are a liâr and self centered. I loved you with everything in me but you trashed it, gambled with it and make me feel worthless. You took advantage of my weakness. I can't believe that all this while I was seriously living under the same roof with your baby mama and you're sleeping together. You sneak into her room, have sëx with her and watch her insúlt me. You treated me like a maid, accused me wrongly, siezed my phone making me unable to reach anyone at the dreadful time. And here you're trying to sing like a bird into my ears. If I was déãd, will you be saying all this? If not for Amy and my good friend Luke, I don't know.. but God showed up for me unexpectedly. You're seriously going to suffer for all this trøuble you caused us all. Even on our Jasmine.."

Desmond gasped, unable to speak.

"Your friend, the officer.. do you love him? he doesn't want to see me around you, I don't know Didi, but I will never remarry or be with any other woman except you and that's a promise, you can choose not to believe. I love you deeply and it hürt so much to think you don't want to ever have anything to do with me. I will visit Cynthia, apologies to her and let her know that Mimi is safe with me. I only want you to do me one favor.."

"... please tell Jasmine that Daddy loves her so much and I miss her too.."

The rain stopped and Didi started walking away while Desmond followed

Just then Didi saw some officer coming her direction.

Officer Luke was among them.

They roughly pushed Desmond away, his foodstuffs bag tore and some of the things he bought was damaged by the officers.

He was beaten up, Didi asked Luke to tell his men to stop hitting him and they stopped.

Desmond sat on the mud, with dirts all over him as Luke and his men with Didi left.

"What was that for..? Didi angrily asked Luke when they were in the car.

"That man wasn't supposed to be seen with you. What were you thinking? I have been calling you all day, I was scared to my belly, thinking something bad happened to you. The officers who are supposed to guard you couldn't even do their job well.."

"..i used the gps connected to your phone to tract you down and know your exact location. I was surprised that you came to your former area, what exactly are you searching for that you couldn't even inform me. Amy too have been trying to reach you but you're not picking anybody's call. You came to see Desmond? Have you two been communicating secretly...?

"No, we ran into each other. I just needed a lone time for myself and don't need any officer following me about. Beside, the beating on Desmond and throwing off his things weren't necessary. He wasn't trying to hûrt me or anything.."

"With the way you defend him everytime, it makes me wonder if you really want to go back to him.."

"No.. néver. But I also don't want him or anyone to be hurt. We've all had our share of trøuble. I want to move on already and be happy. I don't want anyone protecting me from now onwards. Please, tell your officer to leave the apartment.."

Luke nodded as he kept driving.

As they got home, she came down but Luke didn't bother coming to walk her inside.

He drove off immediately.

Didi heaved as she walked into the house.

She called Amy informing her that she was safe.

Amy wasn't happy that she was seen interacting with Desmond and refused taking any of their calls.

Luke didn't come around, he only called her once in a day to check how she was doing.

Didi noticed that he sounds casual each time.

After few days, Didi decided to go to his house and see officer Luke

"I'm sorry for the other day. I understand you're looking out for me and want me to be safe, but also understand that I can also look out for myself as an adult and nothing will happen to me. God is watching over me.. you know right.."

Luke smiled as he took her to a seat.

"I know Didi, Maybe I need to reduce the way I worry about you. I'm sorry too if I over reacted. I was just angry that you were seen with the same man that almost got you kílled with his ex. Well, I'm glad you're safe..."

"... You couldn't make it to our dinner date that I invited you over two weekends ago. You complained of not feeling well. Now that you're here, let me give you some good treat.."

He stood, set up the table and returned back to Didi.

 taking her hands and squeezing it gently He kissed the back of her hands before looking up at her

"... The truth is that I love you Didi. I have been trying to deny this feeling but for every struggle the feeling gets stronger. Can you ever be mine.."

 Didi became silent unable to respond.

He went closer and kíssed her gently on the lips while holding onto her

She felt nauseated. She quickly asked for the bathroom and was directed to one.

She came out after sometime.

"Are you okay Didi.." Luke asked concerned.

"I don't know, I feel weak, tired and throw up often.."

"Maybe is malaria or stress. I will drive you down to see a doctor and also get some drugs after work tomorrow.."

Didi nodded

He led her to the dining and I try to feed her one of the speacial delicacies on the table but the smell of food nauseated her again.

 she felt like throwing up and stood immediately.

She ran back to the bathroom and began to wonder why her humunes were acting up for the past weeks.

She remained there as she thought of going home to lie down instead.

Luke knocked on the door and she decided to step out and join him again on the dining.

She was hoping another embârrâssing moment will not erupt.

She really needs to go see a doctor to know exactly what is wrong with her.

(Do NOT take credit or plagiarize AMAH'S HEART STORIES)

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