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Out Of The Box - Episode 28




Out Of The Box - Episode 28

Written By Amah's Heart

She took a sip of the wine, twist her face in a mood that shows she wasn't impress.

"You obviously don't like..right? What do you think, should I get you something else..?

" No, I'm fine. I will make do with the water. I'm not really a fan of wine and this particular brand isn't so bād, just that it taste like sour.."

"...is having an acidic taste, like..hmmm vinegar.."

He managed to curve a smile as he watched her make another disgùsting twist with her mouth as she stared at the drink.

"This is all queen rose Brut California.. that's the name of the wine and is made specially for ladies. I ordered it because of you, thinking you will love it. I never knew you're not a fan of wine. There's no prøblem, what special drink do you prefer.." 

"Look, I'm really cool with the water. Don't go bothering yourself.."

"Is not a bother, I'm happy doing it for you because.. your happiness is important to me..."

"Thank you Luke. I appreciate everything you've been doing for me ever since, but I really need time to process it all and get back myself again.."

"I'm not rushing you my lady, please take your time. I just want to be there  when you need me.

"Maybe you should slow down trying to be too nice to me. I don't know if I will ever trust any man in my life.." she immediately regretted the way it all came out of her mouth

Luke became quiet at first

"I understand you're not always comfortable with us alone, that's why I invited your friend Amy, she will soon be joining us.." he finally said.

Before she could say another word she sighted Amy catwalking inside.

She remembers that dress she wore, it was one of her secret admirer that sent it in from Germany, in addition with loads of goodies.

Amy didn't care to know who her secret admirer is, she collected the gifts and moved on.

This was the second time she will be receiving gifts from her admirer but she cared less.

"Whoever that's sending this beautiful things should continue, I love fine and expensive things. All that matters is I never asked any man for anything so if he's a cheerful giver then I'm a cheerful collector. If he shows up to harass me for all this, I will arrest him. Thank God we've officer Luke as friends now.." Amy has said to Didi that day laughing.

Didi seeing Amy in one of the most beautiful gowns she has ever seen, it made her flash back.

The gown fit perfectly into her endowed shape, bringing out more of her beauty.

Whoever her admirer is, he speacially picked the perfect and beautiful things for her.

"Why are you staring at me like that? Is Luke that invited me, I didn't come uninvited. Quit staring before I miss my steps.." Amy said to Didi with sarcasm in her tune

Didi began to grin as Amy took a seat beside her.

Amy bent over to Didi's ear and whispered

"I know you are admiring my gown. my secret lover is doing well, I wish that's how all the secret admirers will be treating me henceforth. The only prøblem is that I want nothing personal to do with them..."

Didi giggled childishly

"The gown is so beautiful. I couldn't take my eyes off you as you stepped in. I'm sure some men here will drool at your sight. It gives you this Kardashian look that will make a man go Gaga.." Didi said quietly to her

"Is not just the gown, I'm a beautiful, well endowed woman too.. don't you agree.." she said tickling Didi

Didi laughed out childishly, feeling relieved that Amy arrived just in time to ease the tension between she and Luke.

Luke cleared his throat loudly bringing the ladies attention back to him

",Oh! Luke... we've totally forgotten that you're the third wheel here. Thanks for inviting me anyway. Is being a while I went on a date, although this is not a normal date but I'm happy to be out here with my besty.."

"... you look good Luke, I love your striped shirt. Is lovely and Turkish.."

"I was almost thinking I'm invisible, I'm glad you noticed me and my outfit. Didi never did, although I wish she was the one saying that.." Luke said, although he makes it sound like a joke but he couldn't hide the wishes in his eyes.

"Don't pay her any heed. Didi is still mourning her late husband.."

"Desmond isn't déãd Amy. He's alive and well.." Didi quickly corrected

"Well, he may not be déãd to yo but he's dead to me. After that stunts he pulled that almost got you kíllëd, I no longer regard him as anything.."

"But that's not enough to refer to him as late. He's still my..my.." she paused

"Your what exactly? If you want to return back to Desmond then the door is open for you but stop making those who truly love you suffér for your foôlishness. This time, I hope they won't call me or your Mom to come and carry your déãd body.." Amy said unapologetically.

"I wasn't going to say husband, Desmond is still the father of my daughter, Jasmine and I don't wish him déãd. I also don't wish Cynthia to rot in jail although she has to serve her three years sentence behind bars. I'm happy that Luke considered my plea to work towards shortening the years for her and giving Desmond a restraining order to stay away from Jasmine and I.."

"...as much as I had a near death experience and if not for the prompt response from you two, who knows.. I will be probably gone, I will still not wish dèãth upon them. I hurt so much and haven't fully recovered even after a month but I know with time I will be alright. All I need is patient and time please.."

"You can take all the time you want Didi. I'm sorry that this whole thing is hard on you.." Luke said.

"I appreciate your understanding Luke. Thanks again.. for everything.." Didi said as they both stared at each other.

Luke nodded quietly and didn't look away from Didi.

Amy sighed loudly "you see this thing that you people are doing with your eyes, this romantic whatever, is going to give me seriøus heartache if I don't see food in front of me right now, food is my biggest companion, we're so much in love.." she ignored Didi's laughter as she picked up the menu.

She dropped the menu and began to examine the wine on the table

Luke quickly called an attendant who came to take their orders.

"Is this the real Queen rose wine..? Amy exclaimed as she continued to examine the bottle.

"Yes Amy, you're absolutely correct. I can see you're a wine lover.." Luke replied, grinning from ear to ear.

"Is one of my favorite. Didi is not really a wine person but I'm sure she will love this.."

"I don't like the taste, it has this sour lemon taste. I'm sorry but I will pass.." Didi replied

"Well, I'm not surprise. Desmond killed the lady-ness  in you. He doesn't take you on a fancy dinner, he doesn't treat you like you should be treated but he was galavanting around with that wícked Cynthia that almost cut your life short due to her bitterness and jeâlóusy.."

"Can we stop mentioning them in our conversation? I mean can we talk without bringing them into all our conversation.." Didi said to Amy who paid her no heed as she collected a glass cup in front of Didi and began to pour wine for herself.

She took a sip and smile.

"Wow, this wine is lovely. I wondered how much it is now, it used to be very expensive back then. Luke you really try to impress Didi but she doesn't have good taste. Desmond have kíllëd her taste bug.."

Amy turned to meet Didi's frowning face.

"... oh, did I mention Desmond again? I'm sorry darling, I just can't help it. After what he did, I can't stop cursing him and his Cynthia. He almost made me friendless. I don't get along with our other friends like I do with you. even though you're very stubborn but we get along pretty well. They almost succeeded in destroying my friend and you want me to be calm.."

"....I definitely knew something was fishy after you called me that early morning and I try reaching you severally but no response. I was afráid and quickly called Luke and he didn't wäste time in getting his men ready. Anytime I flashed back to that day, i began to thank God because it can only be him. I know I'm not much of a believer but after that day my faith in God increased. If we were a second late, you would've been gone Didi. You owe God many thanks for sparing your life. You're not perfect yet he was merciful enough to bring help to you just when you seem hopeless. That can only be God..."

"I agree.. totally.." Luke said

Didi breath deeply as she blink back tëars. 

"If the tears want to come out allow it to flow, stop blinking as if dirts entered your eyes. Please I'm hungry, no more sad tales. Let's have a good moment. No Desmond and his Cynthia's talk again.."

The food that they ordered arrived.

"I will drink to that.." Didi said as she took a sip from Amy's wine.

"I thought you said you don't like it because it has a sour taste? 

"Maybe that was a slip of tongue, I'm begining to admire it. It Still has a sour taste for sure but I think I'm going to start picking interest in wine. If that will make Luke happy.."

"Whatever that makes you happy, makes me happy too.." Luke replied looking up at Didi in admiration

"I hope this romantic, sweet talk doesn't rot my teeth.." Amy said with a smirk on as she looked from Luke to Didi.

They all began to laugh while focusing on their food

They had a good evening before finally leaving.

Amy drove off to her place, while Luke went to drop off Didi first in the apartment that was assigned to her where two officers are guarding her.

Luke led her inside the house

"I had a good evening, thanks again.." Didi said to him.

"It's my pleasure, I wish to serve you more my lady..."

They silently walked into the house.

"...I will take my leave now. Enjoy your night.."

"You too, goodnight.."Didi replied as she pulled off her shoe

Her next plan is to take a shower and head to bed.

She was feeling tired.

Luke walked to the door and pause

"I have been wanting to ask you but I don't know if is too early or not.."

Didi rose from the chair where she was putting off her shoe

She saw Luke's countenance and became confused

"What is it Luke? Did I do something wrøng..?

"...if it was what I said during our time out, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to sound that way.."

"You didn't do anything Didi. I just wanted to know if...I mean, I see the way you look at me sometimes. I assume.. infact, I really don't know what to think of it.."

"...I just want you to know that you're safe with me. I will never hürt you or allow any harm to come to you. I'm not asking you to trust me because I know after your last encounter, trusting anyone is the last thing you want to do...I want you to relax your mind and feel safe because your safety is my concern.."

"I know, I really appreciate that Luke.."

Luke nodded quietly but didn't make an attempt to leave.

"By the way, you're beautiful and I love your outfit tonight.."

Didi nodded quietly with a smile.

"Is been a month and three weeks, is it too early to tell you that I really do like you. I mean love but I don't want to sound desperate. Right from the first day I set my eyes on you at that ally, the apian way, you occupied the large part of my heart but i respected the fact that you were a married woman.." he paused,

Take few steps closer and stop.

Didi walked down to where he was and said calmly

"I also likes you a lot Luke. I'm sorry that I have been hard on you and everyone. Give me time to fully get back on my feet please. I want to take things easy and not rush in. Life have really thought me a big lesson that I can't forget in a hurry..."

She gently hugged him for the first time.

Luke swallowed hard as she let go of him

"Can we have another dinner date at my place by next weekend.."

"... I will cook, although I'm not a great cook but my domestic staff will help me out. Hope you won't mind.."

"... is that fine by you Didi. Can I pick you up by next weekend..? Luke asked looking straight into her eyes.

Didi thought for a while

"Yea, sure... why not. I will love that.."

"Thank you.."

"...Goodnight.." he finally said as he turned and walked out of the door.

Didi exhale loudly as she thought of Desmond

Is been several weeks that he was issued an order to stay away from her after he spent two weeks in cell.

He had pleaded to atleast speak to her but the orders were strict

He may end up in prison if he go against it.

He kept his distance and she haven't seen him ever since.

Luke has kept her in this apartment and assigned officers to watch over and keep her safe.

Everything she wants is provided for

Although she wish to get a job soon, she was tired of doing nothing.

Luke have been so nice and very protective, she sometimes feel he's been over protective of her

She can't go anywhere without an escort.

She knows with time she will get her life back but she has to do what's best for her and everyone.

She knows that Luke likes her but sometimes find it hard to express himself fully.

She likes him too but she's not ready for anything more than a friend

She sometimes think about Desmond and wish things never go this far between them.

Desmond hürt her beyond words, he did it both knowingly and unknowingly.

Luke is trying to bring back the spark again in her life but she feels she's being too hard on him.

She sometimes feel that all men are the same.

Her prayer life is getting better, she recognizes God more than she ever did,

Just like Amy stated.

Maybe someday she will heal from all the trauma and probably open her heart to something new.

She remembered the dinner date at Luke's apartment by next weekend and gasped 

she locked the door firmly before walking back to her room.

(Do NOT take credit or plagiarize AMAH'S HEART STORIES)

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