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Out Of The Box - Episode 20




Out Of The Box - Episode 20

Written By Amah's Heart

Desmond paced up and down angrily, he wasn't having the explanation that Cynthia was giving.

"My wife is out there, somewhere I don't even know because of you. She suffered a horrific miscârriage because of you. You told me that Jasmin fell and sustained all the injúries On her body and you expect me to buy such líes. I only decided to go along with it because of Didi, but I put it to you Cynthia that you líed.."

"You can actually choose to believe whatever you want. Desmond, I have told you exactly what happened when you took Didi to the hospital.."

"... Jasmine was going about crying and looking for Didi. I even try to pet her but she refused. She climbed the dining chair and fell from there, she fell together with the chair..."

"... listen, I will never hürt a child. If I wanted to.. I could have long time ago. The opportunity was always there but that's the last thing I will ever do because I'm also a mother. I wouldn't want somebody to hûrt my own child. I have soft spot for little kids and will never ever raise a hand on them or hurt them through any form. My battle was with Didi and not Jasmin and I didn't even know that Didi was prégnant.."

"...i don't know that she was already pregnant but I really don't care if I'm to be honest. she attácked me first, It happened right in your presence. Beside you told me that you never touched her apart from that night, how come she's already prégnant. Do you know if she's seeing another man when she couldn't get intimáte with you. Or is some kind of miracle..."

"...she can go to Pluto or Mars, I don't care. Isn't that what we wanted, we both wanted her to be gone so why are you fidgéting.."

"Is what you wanted Cynthia. I will never want my wife to be gone, Don't include me in this..."

"...You need to leave, I want you to leave my house. This whole thing has escálated beyond control. I néver wanted any of this. This whole thing was never included in the plan. you hürt both Didi and Jasmin, My wife and daughter are my family and I love them and will never want any hârm near them.."

"So what am I? What of Mimi.. what are we to you? We were family before you got married to Didi. You lied to me that we will get married, I believed you Desmond, I waited hoping you will fulfill your promise to me. Only for me to hear from a reliable source that you're married. I did my search and found out. I searched you out and wanted an explanation but you said you never loved Didi and it was always me you wanted but your family forced you into settling with her.."

"...did you remember everything you told me? You said you hardly touch Didi in bed because she doesn't satisfies you like I do. You said I should give you little time and you will sort out everything and make her leave the marriage on her own will so that we can finally be together..."

"..we lodged in a hotel for three days and we drank hungrily from each other. You promise to make me your wife and our daughter Mimi will be reunited again with you. Those were your promise Desmond...".

"..Should I keep reminding you since you've forgotten? How did I come down here, you asked me to come.."

Desmond pointed towards her añgrily and said

",I never asked you to come Cynthia. You insisted that you wanted to come. You said that you can no longer continue seeing me in secret. You were tired of the hide and seek game. I told you that I was married and is not right for you to come under my roof but you brought up the idea that you were going to act like a sister to me.."

"....Cynthia, i informed you that Didi knows all my sisters and you said but she can't know all my cousins. You said you will come as a cousin instead. I refuse but you started thréâteñing me. You kept disturbing untill I had no choice than to agree..."

"...Didi believes everything I tells her so she won't doubts me when I introduce you as my cousin, that was our conclusion before you came. And we had an agreement that you will only stay for a month but is more than five months already and you're not planning to leave..."

Cynthia began to laugh sarcastically

"Desmond you're so føølish and sounds like an idíøt, it makes me want to question your degrees. You wanted me here and here I am. My tent is pitched.."

"... you can't eat your cake and have it, isn't that obvious. We had a daughter of seven years who binds us together. You promised me marriage and make me believe you were actually coming back for me. I chased off suitors while waiting for you. Didi is living my Life, she's married to my man and I'm here to take back what belongs to me. You've been enjoying my bødy and I have been having the best moments with yours.  you told me you wanted Didi gone so that we can be together like it was meant to be.."

" I never said that. They're all your words. I want my wife and daughter back and I want you gone.." Desmond barked.

"Impossible, I'm not going anywhere Desmond. This is my home now and we supposed to be celebrating because the person that came in between us is gone, the third party is no more. So I'm claiming back my territory.."

",You're the third party in my marriage Cynthia and you need to disappear from my home, my marriage and my life.  you won't like what I will do to you if.."

"Do your wørst Desmond..." Cynthia interrupted him.

"... I can't wait to see what's on your sleeve. I'm not going anywhere. I will send for Mimi to join us so that we can be complete as one family. You signed this with your own hand, get ready for whatever comes out of it.."

"You're leaving my house Cynthia, I promise you that you won't stay here through out this week. I will kick you out of this house and bring in my real family. Didi is my wife, you're a visitor and is time to park and go back to where you came from.."

"Continue dëcéiving yourself, let's see how you will kick me out.." Cynthia thréátened ad they continue throwing words at each other.

(Do NOT take credit or plagiarize AMAH'S HEART STORIES)

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