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Out Of The Box - Episode 21




Out Of The Box - Episode 21

Written By Amah's Heart

He knocked severally but there was no response

He wondered if there's any one in the house.

"Hellooo. Is anyone in this house.." he shouted. No response

He knocked repeatedly yet no response.

He stood, confused, looking around the whole place

He came so far and can't go back now, he's not leaving until he achieve his aim

Just then the door began to make noise.

He returned his full attention and stood expectantly at whoever was opening the door

"Good evening Mum.." he quickly greeted the woman with a smile

"Yes, what do you want Desmond.."

" Mummy, is this how you welcome your son in-law.."

"I ask you again, what are you doing here? Mrs Agnes asked sternly, with warning in her stare

"I'm sorry ma, I'm here to see my wife and daughter.."

"Your wife and daughter? Which of them because I'm confused.."

"I only have one wife, Didi and Jasmine my daughter..?

"Oh! The ones you almost k!lled right? 

Desmond stared at her speechless

"... you're not answering the questions Desmond. Is it the same wife and daughter you kicked out of the house or is it the one you abused emotionally, physically and even ganged up with your Cynthia. The Same wife you disrespected and watch your Cynthia attãçk her and kícked the little baby forming in her womb out. As if that wasn't enough you allowed the Same Cynthia to abuse Jasmine, my beautiful granddaughter.."

"... does this description fit perfectly into the wife and daughter that you seek?

"I.. I'm really sorry Mum. I regret every of my actions towards Didi. I never asked her to leave the house, Mum I didn't kick her out, I didn't even know when she ran away from the house. I returned from work that day and realized that she was gone and so is her things and that of my daughter..."

"..She didn't even tell me that she was pregnant. I wasn't aware until that incident.."

"So why are you here..? Agnes asked

"Can we atleast go inside, maybe you offer me a seat and I can apologies properly, if you don't mind I will like a cup of water too."

" You don't have a place in my house Desmond. For everything you put my daughter and granddaughter through, you have lost my respect and right as a son in-law.."

"Mum, it haven't gotten to that. I'm sorry, please..I deeply regret every of my actions and attitude towards Didi. I love my family, I cherish my wife and will do anything to make it right again.."

Agnes heaved, she sighed loudly and said

"What do you want Desmond? I have things doing inside, I'm giving you just 2minutes to speak or I will walk back inside.."

"Mum, please.. don't do this to me. You used to shower me with praises, you said I was your best son in-law and you're at peace knowing that Didi is in my care. During the time Jasmine was born, you came and we all had a great time. You prayed for my marriage to Prosper and that I will continue to be a loving husband and great Dad to Jasmine. I'm still the same man you wanted for your daughter, the same son in-law you prayed for..."

"No, God forbids it Desmond. You're not the kind of man I prayed for Didi to end up with. You're a different human pøssessed by a strange spírit, you're not close to the kind of man I envisioned. And please call me Mrs Agnes.. I'm not your mum. I will never be associated with the type of son-in-law you turned out..."

Desmond appeared confused, he bent his head defeated

 "I Only suffered a setback, I was føôlish..I know. I failed Didi, I failed our daughter and failed you, I'm sorry. All I ask is that I maybe given another chance to be with my family again. I will do better, I will be everything you prayed for in a man for your daughter, I will seek God More than I ever did, I will love, respect and defend my wife and I will Cherish my daughter with my entire being. No harm will come to them I promise, I can sweär with my life on this. I mean every word I say to you ma..."

"...I allowed the dévil into my home and it almost destrøyed me. I'm out of the box now, I can see clearer, I'm a free ma, I'm no more within the enémies claws, I'm reasonable and repentant of all my sins. All I seek is to be forgiven.. please, I want my family back.."

"Is the dévil out of your home now? Agnes suddenly asked

"Yes ma, I can assure you. If it wasn't I won't be here..."

"By the way, who's this Cynthia? She's obviously not your sister. So who is she that had the gut to tørment my daughter in her own house.."

Desmond opened his mouth, unknowing what to say.

"Cynthia! She's...sh..."

"You're still keeping secrets? You're obviously not ready to have your family back.." Agnes concluded as she made attempt to go inside

"I'm ready ma, please..I just don't want to open another wound, telling you who Cynthia is isn't very necessary right now. Please, can I see Didi, I just want to speak to her.."

"Didi is not here Desmond. When you're ready to come clean then You can speak of forgiveness. You're not worthy of what you claim..".

"I...I am.. Mum.." 

Agnes walked in leaving Desmond outside.

Desmond threw punches into the air, frustrated.

Desmond moved close the door and began shouting

"Didi, my lovely Didi.. can you hear me? Please come home my darling, I miss you so much, I can't live without you my love. Jas baby, my beautiful princess Jasmine, Daddy is outside. Daddy miss you and mummy. Come out let's go home. I bought alot of toys, chocolate, ice cream and princess dresses for you. We will travel to Disney world and you will meet real life princess, you will even meet princess Jasmine in Aladdin, we will travel as a family, we will have so much fun. You're daddy's little girl and I miss you and Mum so much, come home so that we all can live happily ever after. There's no end to our own fairytale my angel..."

Suddenly the door swing open and Agnes came out

"Get out of my compound and stop disgracing yourself, I told you that Didi isn't here, why are you creating a scene?

"...you couldn't even keep your marriage vow, how will you be able to keep all this promises that you're making? 

"I will keep it this time, I will make it up to them, is a promise. I don't want any trøuble ma, please I want my family back. Please, I'm begging you. I beg you in the name of the God you serve, release my family to me so that we can return back.."

"Didi is not here, she's enjoying her singlehood. You were thréâteñing her, saying she will end up like her single friends. well, good news to you Desmond. Didi is single again and she's enjoying her peace of mind. Didi is better off single than being in a marriage that takes away her peace of mind, marriage that disorganized her sanity and emotions, marriage that almost took her life and that of her daughter, marriage that left her with a deep scar. I reject such marriage for my daughter or any single lady out there. Being single is not an abominátion..is far better than marriage like the one Didi experience with you.."

"... leave my compound this instinct Desmond and don't come back here.."

Agnes went back inside slamming the door.

She went inside and sat down

"Mum is he gone, is he still out there.." Didi said going over the window to check.

"Maybe you should reconsider him but not right away, I need to be sure that he has totally repented. I don't want any of this to repeat itself.."

"Mum, I'm done with Desmond. I'm not going back to him ever again. He couldn't even tell you who exactly is Cynthia. He's hiding something and I will never be caught unaware again.."

"...is a month now and I'm gradually moving on. Amy said I should come over, she has secured a good job for me in one big firm. I will leave Jasmine here with you and go start my life again. Desmond will suffér for everything he put me through. Cynthia insülted me all the time and Desmond never stood up to defend me, even after Cynthia kicked my six weeks prégnancy out of my belly, Desmond was there and even defended Cynthia, he said I was the one that went to hít Cynthia first. Desmond had done too much harm than my heart could take..."

"...i will never forgive him for what he did to me and my daughter. Since Desmond want Cynthia, he acknowledge her more, then they should be together. What's he still doing here with all this drama that he's pulling. I'm yet to know who exactly is Cynthia to him and what's he's doing in her room those nights, why he will choose her over me. He is not ready to even tell you who is Cynthia Mum, Desmond is only acting. I'm not interested in anything that he's offering, I'm done with Desmond for real. I'm starting my life again and I don't want Desmond in it.."

Didi said angrily as her daughter came to hold her.

"Mummy, is Daddy gone? Are we going home today?

"You will be staying with your Nana, okay? Nana will take good care of you and whenever I'm coming back from work I will buy lots of things for you... alright?  Jasmine, do you understand.."

Jasmine nodded quietly.


Desmond walked into the house and saw Cynthia in the dining table eating

"What are you doing here, how did you get in?

"Have you forgotten that I have a spare key to this house. I'm back because the money you gave me for accommodation wasn't enough and I sent some of the money to Mimi's nanny who's taking care of our daughter..."

"We heard an agreement and I gave you enough money to go get an apartment for yourself. Why are you trying to torment me?  My family is all I want in this house and they will be coming back soon. I don't want Didi to meet you here.."

"... Didi will soon be coming back with my daughter and I don't want anything that will remind her of you, not even your shadow. I gave you enough money Cynthia, disappear from my life and let me be.."

"No leave, no transfer, I'm not going yet. Desmond, did you tell Didi about us? Anyway, I'm not ready to go except you want to replace the money I spent. I don't have enough money here. Beside, this house with you in it is all I want. I don't care about your Didi.."

Desmond swøre under his breath as he añgrily walked away. 

He will have to change all the locks in the house so that Cynthia will no longer have access.

And he's not giving any other money to her again after this last one.

"I made food for my handsome hubby and father to our daughter, I remain very little for you in the pot, you will have to manage because I don't have strength to make any other thing.."

Desmond turned and gave her a cold stare before walking away

Cynthia is begining to frustrate him.

He wants Cynthia gone so that he can go back and see if Agnes will allow Didi to come back.

He knows Didi will love to return back but her mother maybe the only trouble he will have.

Cynthia kept enjoying her food without paying Desmond any attention.

(Do NOT take credit or plagiarize AMAH'S HEART STORIES)

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