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Out Of The Box - Episode 14




Out Of The Box - Episode 14

Written By Amah's Heart

"I can't...I can't do it." She whispered to herself.

She walked back and forth, her heart kept racing and she was unable to stabilize her tensed body.

She was afráid of whatever she was going to discover.

Didi didn't want what she was thinking to be true.

She has observed enough and can no longer pretend as if nothing was going on.

Something was definitely wrong and is time she finds out.

Didi went back to the door, she quietly try to insert the key but something was blocking it.

She assumed there must be a key behind, maybe Cynthia locked the door with key and didn't remove it.

Her own spare key couldn't enter the hole properly.

She removed it, checked the key again to make sure it was the right one.

It was definitely the right key but she can't open it from outside because Cynthia's key, which she used to lock the door was not removed from the inside.

Didi thought of what to do and just then the door begin to open.

Somebody was opening the door from inside.

Didi stood close by and watch.

Cynthia came out and saw Didi standing close to the door.

"I heard noise on my door, were you trying to open my door? What are you doing here by this time Didi..?

Didi didn't realize that she was making noise, she thought that she was very careful and quiet while trying to open the door.

"Looking for my husband. Do you have any idea where he might be..?

Cynthia ignored the question and said "was that why you were making noise on my door, why are you always acting like a lunâtic?

"Is my husband in your room Cynthia..? Didi asked again ignoring her insülts

"Am i your husband keeper? Why should I know where your husband is or tell you where he might be..?

"...how can you even be looking for a grown man. You decided not to sleep but go around waking those who are sleeping. Do you check your wall clock and see the time.."

Didi sighed, walked away and Cynthia thought she has left and returned back to her room.

In no time Didi returned with Jasmin playing mat, spread it close to Cynthia's door, went back again and returned with pillow and a blanket.

It was remaining one thing which was her phone.

she went inside and picked up her phone.

Didi lay on the mat, wrapped herself with the blanket, and started playing around with her phone while waiting.

She tried to stay awake with the help of her phone until 5am when the door started opening again.

She pretend to be asleep as she heard the door opening.

She use the blanket to cover up while acting to be asleep.

She saw Cynthia came out first and was shock to see her lying on the mat right in front of her door.

"This woman has gone nút. What the héll is this? Cynthia asked but Didi did not reply

"Didi, Didi...are you seriously sleeping here.." 

No reply came

Cynthia moved closer and try to check her eyes, she waved several hands on her face to ascertain if she was actually sleeping but Didi did not react.

She tiptoed back inside and in no time Desmond came out of the room.

Immediately he came out, Didi jumped up.

She stood up from the mat

"What are you doing lying down here? Don't you have a room to sleep in. Why are you acting like a mentally deranged human.." Desmond said trying to distract Didi's mind.

"What are you doing in Cynthia's room? Don't you have a room to sleep Desmond, why are you barking like a mâd døg that need to be put on a leash.."

"Did you just called me a mâd døg? You opened your mouth to call me names Didi? I Desmond, a mad dog..?

"You haven't answered the question Desmond. What are you doing in Cynthia's room? You slept in her room..why? 

"How dare you call him a mâd døg, are you crazy... your own husband? Don't you have home training..." Cynthia added, seeing her opportunity to ignit the fire of war between Desmond and Didi.

"... you're so lucky that Desmond doesn't beat women. If it was other men that you call such hørrible names, hmm... they will disfigúre you with béâting. They will béât you to stúpor so that next time you will not have the gút to open that your gútter mouth and insúlt him. You've seen that Desmond won't do anything that's why you can say anything and get away with it. You think Desmond is a wéak man that can't touch you and dîsfígure that your face or kíck you out of the house. You don't deserve to be in his life, you supposed to be kícked out for calling your own husband such a térrible names. Didi, you have over did it this time. Do you understand the level of the insúlt you just gave my brother.." Cynthia was very determined in making sure she makes Desmond very füriøus and ångry

So that when the víøleñt starts the main situation on ground will be forgotten

Desmond fúmes as he approached Didi

"Shút that your lizard smelly mouth up Cynthia. Two of you haven't answered my question yet. Is brother and sister sleeping together now because I no longer understand what's going on in this house..?

"... Desmond you're sleeping with your sister now? Isn't that supposed to be an abøminâtion..? Didi added. She wasn't thréâtened by Desmond's ångry actions towards her after Cynthia tries to ignít him up with her words.

"What do you mean by that? How can I sleep with my sister, does that make any sense to you..? Desmond said pausing the instance Didi threw such a strong accúsâtions at him

"So what exactly are you doing in her room? I know you could have denied it again if I didn't see you coming out this morning. Maybe you would have told me that you slept inside a pot, inside fridge or on top of the roof like you did the last time. what exactly are you doing in her room all through the night? 

"He doesn't have to answer you anything not after you called him a bârking mâd døg.." Cynthia shouted at Didi.

"...if you care to know what we were doing, I will tell you so that you can go and rest.  We were having a prayer meeting and he needed his peace and quiet. Since you can't give him this things, he decided to come get it from my bossom. We also had some hour prayer and bible study before he finally slept off.."

"Fantastic, see two prayer warriors. I never knew that we already have brother and sister private church in my house. Why wasn't I invited to this close door meeting? Or is there more to this fellowship that you two aren't telling me? Didi said bløcking Desmond from walking past her

"There's nothing to tell. Cynthia has said it all. Since I can't get my peace from you maybe a fellowship with my sister will give me a good night rest and it worked like magic. I'm well rested and ready to start my day. We will talk about who you called a mâd døg later. I won't let it slide.."

"Yes, don't let it slide or she will repeat it again. You have to deal with her, Didi need to be thought a lesson. If it's some men they would have kicked her out. Didi need to learn some respect. She is not qualified to be a wife, maybe by the time she end up as a single mother she will understand how much important her title as a Mrs is. She doesn't value what she has Desmond. She will end up single and miserable like her friends and by then it will be too late.."  Cynthia said infuriâted

Desmond nodded in agreement as he pushed Didi who was blocking him aside and walked pass.

"Two of you should listen to me and make sure you listen well. Whatever you're doing in secret will definitely come out to the light soon. I smell a rat between you two and I'm going to set my trap in an unexpected places, just pray hard you two don't get into any of my traps. Let it just not be what I'm thinking.."

Desmond turned back and came pointing at her añgrily

"You can set up whatever trap and think anything you want but that won't save you from telling me who is the man of this house by the time I get back today. You will explain to me why you open that your fílthy mouth and called me names. Cynthia is very right, if I don't teach you a bítter lesson, you will grow more wings and repeat it again.."

"...I don't care about whatever you're assuming between Cynthia and I. You've started seeing your friends again and they obviously filled your head with nonsense thought. Especially that your Amy, is just a matter of time you will end up like her.."

"And what's wrong with that? Being single is it a crimé? Isn't it even better than being in an unhappy marriage or with a man that leaves his matrimonial bedroom, leaves his wife to go sleeps in his sister's room while they lock the door behind. I  promise you that I will unlock this puzzle soon enough Desmond. You've forgotten what I'm capable of. I kept quiet for too long and you and your so called sister mistake it for stúpidity. I will unravel this whole thing soon.. that's a promise.."

"Suit yourself but also remember You have alot of explaining to do, it won't be funny when I return" Desmond said to Didi 

"Your breath smells like lizard, just like that of Cynthia's. Please shift before I throw up on your face.." Didi said to Desmond as she picked up her mat and walked away leaving them to stare at her.

Didi was more determined in finding out what was going on.

She was going to go see Amy and after that she will call Desmond's two sisters to ask them how Cynthia was related to them.

(Do NOT take credit or plagiarize AMAH'S HEART STORIES)

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