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Out Of The Box - Episode 15




Out Of The Box - Episode 15

Written By Amah's Heart

"Why did you tell me that she was gone in the first place..?

"How am I supposed to know that she went to get a sleeping mat. I thought she was really gone.."

"...it doesn't matter because she's only suspecting but has no evidence or fact about anything. Beside Didi is very rude, you give her too much room to run her mouth at us. I watch you do nothing about it, you need to seriously back up your words with action. I'm sick of this throwing of insúlt up and down, threat with no action. She has no féâr or respect for anyone. I tried to bend her at some point after the money went missing and I thought I succeeded until she losen up and start giving attitude.."

"Cynthia, Didi is still my wife..?

"Really, is that why you let her get away with everything. I have endured and kept quiet for too long. She stole your money and gave to her friend, I asked you to let it go and you did for my sake but after then I expected you to warn her seriously over how she talks to me but you didn't. Did you hear her saying she's going to set traps in an unexpected places for us..?

"Relax, I know Didi,  she won't do anything. Is just an empty threat. You caused this whole thing. I wanted us to be careful but you won't listen. I have my reason for wanting to tune down the whole thing and now she's not only suspecting but will want to see if she can catch us in a compromising position.. together. From now onward, we have to be extra careful, we won't let that happen. No more coming to your room at night. We can do whatever we want outside the house and once we're in, we act reasonably. I may even get to sleep in the room with her tonight so that she will drop all suspiciousness about us.."

"You dare not do that Desmond. Don't try it otherwise I will smash the table and let everything come to the open. You're mine and mine alone. I have shared you enough and I no longer want to share you with anyone anymore, not even Didi. I'm taking back what belongs to me and if you really want  me like you claim then start acting like it.."

"Do you realize that I'm still married to Didi. She's my wife.."

"And what am I? Desmond.. what am I to you. Between Didi and I who do you really love, who has been there for you, who stood by you when you were hopeless and needed a friend, who satisfies you more? I'm asking this question because you are begining to confuse me with your words. Didi is your wife and so what?  

"Please let's talk about another thing Cynthia. I didn't mean to offend you with my words. I'm sorry honey, forgive me please..?

"I can only forgive if you report to my room tonight and make it up to me.."

"I thought I just told you that we need to stop that part. I can no longer come to your room Cynthia. We have to keep running our little business outside the house.."

"Why? I disagree. I need company at night and I'm begining to enjoy it more whenever you sneak in. I don't care about Didi, she can know about us, that's not my prøblem, maybe she may finally get to pack out and leave us alone. That's the main purpose of this whole thing. You're not helping the situation Desmond, I don't know why you still care about her when you supposed to be hating her. This whole thing is to kick her out and is high time we start doing that. The earlier she leaves the better for us.."

Desmond held Didi close, he took her hands and kissed them

"Let's play this game my way so that we don't damage anything in the process. You've to listen to me and do as I say. When you keep arguing or talking back all the time you're no difference with Didi. Didi is nice and I know she loves me, she will be broken apart and run off if she finds out about us. I'm not ready for that yet. She's still the mother of my daughter, Jasmin. Let's just be quiet with our acts. No more sneaking into your bedroom at night. Is that okay.."

Cynthia wanted to say something but Desmond placed a finger on her lips.  "...shh shhh. No more arguing.." He said before drawing her close to himself


Didi bit into her lips while pacing up and down

"Now you're waking up from slumber. You refused to listen to me when I was telling you about those two. You said I was the thief and insulted me for trying to help you. I'm so angry right now with you for watching Desmond and Cynthia play with your intelligence.."

".. you're smarter than this Didi. Cynthia played hard with your mind and now they are almost driving you insane.." 

"I have been føôlish for so long. I won't give them that privilege again. But I still need to confirm from his sister who Cynthia really is.."

"What are you waiting for, let's do It. You've their contact right..?

Didi nodded as dialed number on her phone

But it wasn't going through.

Amy immediately volunteered her phone.

Didi collected it and dialed the number again on Amy's phone.

"Is ringing.." she whispered to Amy.

Amy nodded expectantly.

Somebody picked up at the other end.

"Hello Eunice, is Didi.. your brother's wife.."

"Hi Didi, I recognize your voice. How're you doing and who's number is this.." Eunice, Desmond's younger sister asked

"I'm not too fine." Didi said ignoring the other questions. Amy stood close, nodding her head to Didi.

"Hope everything is fine. What's the prøblem..? how's my little niece, Jasmine doing. What of Desmond, hope he's okay?

"Jasmine and Desmond are alright..."

"That's a relief. What of you.. what happened Didi? 

"Your cousin sister has been staying with us for about four months now. She's not making plans to leave and Desmond is..."

"Wait Didi, you said my cousin sister. Is it Rebecca, Jane, Mira or Rina? Mira is not in state for many years now, Becca and Jane are married and Rina is in the medical school. So which of my cousin's is that?

"Cynthia, that's her name. She claims to be Desmond's cousin and he agreed totally to it. They do stuffs around the house that's opposite of what normal relatives do and I'm no longer comfortable with the whole thing, that's why I decided to finally make enquiry about her.."

"What did you say her name is and how long again has she been living in your house.." Eunice asked

"Cynthia, Cynthia is her name and she's been around for about four months now.."

Eunice was quiet for sometime

"I'm sorry but I don't know of any Cynthia. There's no cousin of mine with such name. Maybe, if you described her properly I may understand clearly who you're referring to..".

"...I could have assumed that is Rina because Rina and Desmond used to be close when they were small but I'm sure is not Rina, she would have called to tell me and Desmond would've informed me too. Rina can't visit and stay that long. She hardly come around to see me but when she do, she's going back the same day and if I force her to stay for a night, nothing will stop Rina from going the following day. I'm sure is not any of our cousin sisters. Please describe her looks..."

"Cynthia is average, middle size with hips and full boobs. She's brown skin and has double piercing on her ear and nose. She has a daughter whom she left with her baby Daddy and.."

"Wait.. stop first.." Eunice hushed Didi who became quiet.

"...Did you say she has a daughter, how old is she..? 

",Yes Eunice, she has a daughter but I don't know the girl's age. Maybe same age with Jasmin or maybe a year older... with the way Cynthia describes her.."

"That maybe Desmond ex girlfriend. Could it be Cat...". Eunice said more to herself

"I didn't hear you? What did you say..? Didi who didn't hear Eunice clearly asked.

",I can't tell who exactly is this visitor of yours. I will call you back later, let me check through. Is that okay..?

"Is fine Eunice. I will be looking forward to your call. Thanks.."

As the call ended, Didi took a deep breath.

Eunice said something during the call that she couldn't hear clearly.

Since she said Cynthia is not a familiar name, then who exactly is she? Didi wondered to herself.

She can only wait for Eunice to call her back with answers.

(Do NOT take credit or plagiarize AMAH'S HEART STORIES) 

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