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Lucas Revenge- Chapter 4




Lucas Revenge- Chapter 4

Having Revenge is all I want 

An Eye For An Eye

Authoress Bella


        MILLY POV

"What are you doing  here milly?"on hearing david voice behind me,i quickly got out of lucas arms

I knew he was going to be here but i never thought that he will be here now

"David i can ex......."

"She is celebrating"lucas said cutting me off 

"Celebrating what?and why is he with you"david said

"My friends are right there david"i said and he starred to see my friends starring at us

"So then who is he?"david said

"He is lucas,lucas martinelli meet my brother david"i said introducing the two men

I knew david was pretty angry and it showed right on his face but when i starred at lucas

I could see the killing look he sent my brother,like he was mad at him for something

As soon as they shook hands david pulled me to him

"I think its time we both left"he said

"But the party has just started and i havent finished my dance with your  sister"he said

"She is not interested in dancing "david said

"Really?what is she interested in then cause i think with your attitude your the one who have been telling her what to do"he said

"And what makes you say that"david said

"Nothing,am just saying because i admire the way you protect your sister"lucas said smirking

"Well if you have a sister i better tell you to protect her as i do with mine"david said

"Why,what possibly danger could be out there,could it be the wild animals or those horror things in the movie or probably a rapist"lucas said 

"The last part is more real,so you protect her well enough"david said turning me around wanting to make me leave

"Since your here ,i would like to tell you that am.courting your sister"he said and i stood shocked starring at him

"Courting my sister?"

"Yes,i am,got any problem with that?"

"Yes i do"david said


"I feel that your not to be trusted,i dont like you and so i want you to stay away from my sister"david said

I could feel the tension between the two men and not wanting to be the cause of the fight,i quickly held david hand

"Lets go please,i dont want any fight"i said and david nodded taking my arms and walking off with me

I should have known lucas wont just leave things like that,instead of keeping shut,he had to speak again

"I cant stay away from milly,i like her and i plan to court her "he said

David gave him an angry glare before walking off

With one last look at lucas i went after david who was going off angrily

    I ran after him and made it to the car before he drive off

He was silent through the drive home and when we finally did got home he began asking the question

"Where did you know that guy"

"Through diane"i lied

"I dont like him,he seems dangerous,did you see the way he was starring at you"david said

"He fancies me"i said

"I dont think so,he is after something and i think its a very bad thing"david said

"That is not true okay,he likes me and i wont deny that i like him too"i said

"Then youve chosen the wrong person,he is not good for you milly"

"Thats a lie,whats wrong with you,youve never asked me to stay away from any guy before,ever since that day you left home and came back the next morning,youve been acting like a possessive demon and i wont tolerate that,you might be my brother but you dont own me"i said angrily about to walk off but he pulled me back

"Okay am sorry,i shouldnt be acting like i own you but this is for your own good,i dont trust that guy"he said

"Why dont you leave me to judge him myself,am old enough to know whats right from wrong"i said

"Fine then but please once you see things that are not right with him,leave him"david said

"I promise "i said

"Fine then,tomorrow i will be leaving for  the States for a whole week,i know mom and dad have asked me to watch over you but this business is very important,so make sure your around a lot of people anytime your with him okay"he said

"Yes i will"i said 

 "Fine then"he said as he hugged me


I woke feeling so happy and excited,just knowing that there was someone out there who really likes me made me feel like the most beautiful girl

I got out of bed still in my pyjamas,with my hair pouring down and without my glass on

I starred at myself in the mirror and saw that i looked quite beautiful like this

Diane is right ,i have to get a make over,i thought to myself and just then the door opened and the maid walked in

"You have a visitor miss"she said

"Okay i will be down soon"i said to her

It could be diane,i thought as i left the room 

I got downstairs only to find lucas in the sitting room waiting for me

"What are you doing here ?"

"I came to see you and also to talk to your brother,is he here"

"No he travelled,why do you want to see me"i said

"To do this"he said as he pulled me to him kissing me

I was quite surprised at first but i let him do his thing

Wanting to stay forever in his arms,never wanting to let go

"You have no idea how much j like you"he said 

"I think i do,to have been able to stand up to my brother then i know how much you like me"i said

"And do you feel the same way too"

"I think i do"i said not wanting to admit everything

"I have an idea,when will your brother return"

"In a week or so"

"Then weve got all the time to know more about each other"he said

"What are you suggesting "

"For a week i will court you"he said

"Really ?"

"Yes and i wont rest until i manage to get this heart of yours"he said

I smiled up happily at him,he is the prince charming have been waiting for all my life and i cant wait to say yes to him already

        💭LUCAS POV💭

i kept on wearing the smile until i got into the car,waving at her as the car left her house

As soon as she was out of sight ,my expression changed to one of anger

The stupid thing had certainly fallen for my trick

I wouldnt deny that yesterday i wanted to punch his face off but i stopped myself

The only to get back at david ambrose is by getting back at his sister

The naïve thing thinks am inlove with her,she doesnt know what my real motive is

And after a week of courting her i will show her what my real motive is

And am sure that that will be the only way to get back at david ambrose

After all am repaying him back for what he did.........


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