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Devil's Secret - Chapter 46




Devil's Secret - Chapter 46

The Mexican Drug Lord

Authoress Jennifer


Daisy Pov

"Hey Liam"I called smiling as he walked into my room

"are you okay"I asked and he nodded

"yeah I'm fine "he replied kissing me

"are you busy"he asked with a cocky smile

"well now I'm free"I replied making him chuckle

We both continued kissing and in no time we were both unclad.


I woke up feeling like there's a huge brick on my head

I guess it's because I didn't have much sleep

I looked at my side and Liam isn't there , maybe he had something to do

Remembering last night make my cheeks hot

I strode to the bathroom and did my business and came out

i walked downstairs when I started hearing voices

"you have to tell her "I heard Ciara say

"I can't"Liam replied

"this is messed up"Rio added

they all became silent on seeing me

"tell me what"I said staring at no one in particular

They all stared at each other awkwardly

"I think I will go first" Ciara said with tears gathering in her eyes

I was already preparing because for all I know whatever they are going to tell me is going to break me.

"So you remember the girl who looks exactly like Anna that we chased the other day and also went to her apartment"Ciara said taking a huge breath

"She's Anna "Ciara added

"I mean like your Anna"Ciara said

"But....But ...Anna died ...in the hospital"I shuttered

"yeah she didn't die or let me say it was all planned " Rio said

"I don't get it ,planned by who"I asked and they were mute

"Liam why aren't you saying anything,I'm confused"I said turning to Liam

"You sister had cancer but she wasn't healing or making effort because your dad would come to the hospital most nights and try to hurt her "Liam said and my heart split into two

"I found out and make arrangements for a fake death , she was taken to a better hospital and given a new life "

"on that night in order to make her death look real she lost her memory that's why she couldn't remember when you and Ciara saw her" Rio added

"why am I just hearing this now"I asked

"I knew it all complicated and confusing because I didn't know much about you and your family that time but I had to do it for your sister "Liam said

"You did the right thing but why keep it away from me Liam"I half yelled

"You saw what I went through when I thought she passed away,I was broken ,I almost took my own life Liam why didn't you tell me huh "

"Rio why"I yelled

"At least I had the right to know"

"why did you guys hide it from me till this moment "

"You'll should answer me "I yelled

"when where you going to tell me ,why are you telling me now"I yelled as tears dripped from my eyes

I stormed out of the apartment in tears and quickly hailed a cab

I let my tears flow because there is no point holding it back

I can't believe my sister is alive ,worse of it all my father was molesting her

the one thing I've always thought I could protect her from

Liam could have told me his plans ,it could have been better

why did he watch me go through all those pain ,those depression without saying a word about it

I had the right to know

why do I feel like this is not all there is to the story

How did he find out my sister was being molested and for all I know he hated me at that time

If he watched to really help he could have gotten my dad arrested

why making the fake death and memory loss ?

At that moment my head began spinning,there are alot of things they didn't tell me

"Ma'am "the cab man called

"I'm so sorry I don't have any money"I said in tears and he nodded

"I understand, you can go"he replied making me thank him

I came down from the cab and began walking like a lost person

I felt like my whole life has been a lie because I know there are more shocking things I will find out.

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