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Devil's Secret - Final Chapter




Devil's Secret - Chapter 47

The Mexican Drug Lord

Authoress Jennifer


Daisy Pov

I kept walking down the street barefoot and it's getting dark

I had no idea where I was going but I had to walk get some fresh air and think things through

A call pulled up before and I saw it was Ciara

"Get In"she yelled and I entered

My feet where hurting and I had no other option

"i also didn't know all this where going on "Ciara's said and I nodded

"But if you ask me I think you should listen to Liam ,I think there are alot of things you guys need to talk about"She added

"yeah I know,I just feel like my whole life have been a lie"I replied

"yeah I understand that"she said making me smile

"where are they now"I asked

"okay so what I'm about to tell you is going to shock you but don't panic and wait till Liam explain everything"she said making my heart skip

"Liam is going to get your father and Mavin and there 50 percent chance he come back alive "she said in a hurry

"What" I half yelled

"How come are you so calm about it"I asked

"I'm not calm ,I'm freaking out but I'm trying not to show it"

"Not just my brother but the father of my unborn child"Ciara said

"They asked me to make sure you're safe"she added

"Wait a minute...what dose My father have to do with Mavin"I asked

"well Mavin is working for a notorious gang who are against Liam so when they saw you they asked him to get closer to you so they could get Liam"she explained

"And your Dad is trying to capture Anna so he can use her to get you,Mavin is also planning on that too"Ciara explained and I felt like my head is going to explode any minute

"This is so much to take in"I muttered

"yeah I know I wanted Liam to do the explanation but I guess I had to say it"She replied

"where is Anna right now "I asked

"she's at the safe house and that's where I'm taking you to "she replied and I nodded

Ciara was about to make a U_turn when a car out of nowhere hit ours making me yell in shock

Thankfully Ciara was able to control the car ,there where few bruise on my head and arm but we where okay

"They're following us"I said looking at the side mirror

"yeah I know "

"Go to the back sit directly behind me ,make sure you're very close to the door"Ciara said and I nodded

I quickly did as she instructed

"On the count of three you open the door and jump into the bushed okay"Ciara said

"One" "two" "three"

Ciara and I jumped into the bushed at the same to and the next thing we heard was the car crashing against something

" Let's go"she said and I followed her

"if it where to be another situation I would congratulate you and tell you that was super cool"I said trying to cheer her up

She laughed loudly .

We walked for about thirty minutes before we arrived at a tunnel Ciara did some stuff and we went into the tunnel

I guess it's the safe house

I was expecting it to be an ungrounded room with lots of rats and insect but instead my jaw dropped at the fully furnished room


"same thing i said when I first came here " Ciara replied with a smile

"Ready to meet your sister"she asked and I nodded

"Hi I'm ....Daisy"I shuttered nervously

"Daisy "Anna yelled as she hugged me tightly

I could feel the drop off her tears on my shirt

I was crying too,I can't believe she remembered me

"you got your memory back"I asked and she nodded

Her hugs were warm and feel like home,it reminded me of how much I miss her

" You guy are going to make me cry"Ciara added hugging both of us in tears

I felt so much alive and at peace as I stare at Anna I was afraid it was all a dream.

We stayed for hours and I felt my head getting hurt , Ciara have been talking to herself non-stop , Liam and Rio are suppose to be here an hour ago

Few minutes later the door opened and they came in

Ciara jumped exictedly on Liam and then to Rio

I walked towards Liam and gave him a good punch which shocked everyone

"that for making me worry"I said "and this is for keeping stuff away from me "I said adding another punch

"totally deserved it "he replied bringing me close and kissing me passionately

"So tell me what happened "I asked

"Errm I'm sorry but You're Dad died ,Mavin shot him and Mavin have been arrested too"Rio said and I nodded

"OMG that's good news "Anna yelled shocking us all

"Yeah I'm totally fine with that"I added making everyone smile

I would have want to see him die through a painful death tho

"Liam don't think I have approve your relationship with my sister ,you have to pass a test first "Anna said with a serious tone

"So what's the test about"I asked

"You have to buy me butter cookies everyday ,if you miss any day then you're disqualified"She said sternly

"Then consider it done "Liam replied making us laugh

we all sat down and had a wonderful reunion without worries.

The End

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  1. Wow, I loved this. God bless the author for me.