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boys in love-Episode 25


boys in love-Episode 25
(He Is A Girl) 

By Divine Purpose

Kai slowly removed his lips from ivy's whose eyes were closed

"Are you okay now?" He asked and ivy opened her eyes

"What? I mean...... Yes" she said, a little bit embarrassed

"Let's get out of here" he said and held her hands

"Hey kai" they suddenly heard Trevor's voice 

They turned around and saw both Trevor and Chris staring at them

"You can't leave yet" Trevor said and smirked

"What do you mean?" Kai asked and looked at Chris "what are you doing here" he asked and Chris arched his brow

"What?" Chris asked, pretty dumbfounded

"Ah......i think I get it now"    Kai said and Trevor moved closer to him

"Friend, let's talk" he said and looked at Ivy

"Chris, why don't you leave with Ivy? She's probably in shock" He said and Chris grabbed ivy's wrist but she hesitated as she looked at kai

"Kai......let's leave together" she said 

Trevor looked at kai and smirked again

"You won't want her to listen to our conversation, will you?" He grinned

Kai looked at Ivy and slowly nod his head

"I'm okay" he said and Chris took her away

Kai glared at Trevor and clenched his fist

"What's with that look? You look like you are gonna tear me into pieces" Trevor scoffed

"Do you resent me?" Kai asked and Trevor looked at him


"If you resent me, you should take out your anger on me...... However... Don't mess with Ivy" he said and Trevor suddenly started to laugh

"Is that what you have to say? Its no fun...it's not interesting" he said and folded his arms

"My brother seems to like ivy a lot,why don't you just give up" he said

"It's like you to always say nonsense from that dirty mouth of yours" Kai glared at him 


"I will leave first" he said and walked away

Trevor suddenly found himself getting angry

"He is making me to furious" he said to himself

Chris and ivy both walked out of the bush to the main road

"What were you doing with Trevor at that moment?" Ivy asked 

"Pardon? I mean..... I got a call that you were kidnapped" Chris said and ivy scoffed

"Trevor... That sly fox" she murmured and looked at Chris

"OK....I get it now, I have to go" she said and turned to leave

"Come to me....... I promise to give you one last chance" he said but ivy didn't turn around

"I'm sorry"She said and walked away 

She walked down the street absent minded when she bumped into a car,fortunately, she didn't get hurt

" are you okay? " the driver asked and came down

"Yes" she said and dusted her cloth

"Wait...aren't you ivy Scott? You came for an audition at Crest entertainment but you ran away before getting your result" the man asked and ivy nod

That day,she was called that her father had died so she couldn't wait for the result

"You were picked, you and four more girls were picked to start a girls group " the man said and ivy smiled


"Yes, but....you can't join the group anymore,would  you  mind being a soloist?" 

"A soloist?" Ivy asked


"You mean, I have to sing alone?" She asked again and the man nod


"I would love to" she said excitedly

"If that is it...get in the car, we should discuss more when we get to the company" the man said as they both entered the car 

Kai walked back home and collapsed on the bed

He took the shirt ivy blew her nose with and smiled

"How cute" he thought to himself

His phone rang and the caller was Ivy

"Hello?" He said as he picked up

"Kai.....guess what? I bumped into the Manager of crest entertainment and I was offered to become a soloist" she said on the other side of the phone


"Yes....but I still have to perform another audition so that they can know if I'm still capable" She said

"If that's it.....we should celebrate... Let's meet,I will take you out for dinner" kai said

"I'm sorry kai.... But I'm quite busy at the moment.... In two days, I will be doing the audition, can you wait for two days" ivy said

"Two days? But I miss you already" Kai said and sighed

"I'm sorry" ivy said and hang up

Two days later......

Kai walked to Crest entertainment

"I heard the company is gonna be producing another artiste" he overhead some workers gossiping

"Yeah....its that skyes member who disguised as a guy"

"Really? Wow....she's so shameless... People like her makes others uncomfortable"

Kai turned and looked at them

"Its kai" they gasped

"People like you make me uncomfortable too" he said and walked away

He walked to the hall where the concert was going to take place

There were a lot of people than expected

Some celebrities were even there

He felt someone wrapped arm across his shoulder

"What are you doing here?" He heard Trevor's voice

"You again?!" He sighed

"Are you here to watch your girlfriend sing? You are more bold than expected" Trevor grinned

"What are you trying to say?"

"You are the foundation of her father's death... You have no right to see her happy" Trevor whispered in his ear

"Now get out" he added before walking back to his seat

Kai scoffed and walked out

He walked to an empty room and squatted on the floor

"Why did I leave?I'm such a loser" he thought to himself

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He suddenly felt himself tearing up

"Why am I crying? I did nothing wrong" he said and tried to hold back his tears but they kept coming

Ivy was passing by when he heard someone crying in an empty room

She opened the door and walked inside

She was surprised to see kai sitting alone with tears dripping from his eyes

"Kai!" She called and ran to him "what are you doing here alone? And why are you crying?" She asked and kai looked at her

"Ivy......I'm sorry" he said and ivy wiped his tears

"Why are you feeling sorry? You did nothing wrong" she said and kai burst into tears again

"Oh my goodness... You are such a crybaby" ivy teased and hugged him

"I'm sorry ivy.....I'm really sorry" he said repeatedly



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