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boys in love-Episode 24


boys in love-Episode 24
(He Is A Girl) 

By Divine Purpose

Ivy opened her eyes in a dark room, Her hands and legs were tied down
"What's going on?" She asked herself as she recalled what happened

When Kai was surrounded by fans,she was suddenly abducted by a group of boys

"Where am I?" She asked herself again trying to release herself

The door opened and a man entered, he was putting on a cap and Mask 

"Who.........are you?" Ivy asked fearfully

"Why?" The man asked and ivy arched her brow,The voice sounds so familiar

"Trevor" she thought to herself and Boy! Was she  right
He removed his cap and mask

"You haven't change a bit" Trevor smirked
"What's going on?why are you doing this to me? After our breakup we promised not to cross path again so why are you appearing before?'' Ivy asked and he squat before her

" You look more bold than before" he said and ivy sighed
"What do you want from me?" She asked
"What do I want from you? What I want is just so little" he said, demonstrating with his hand

"Oh...less I forget....... You look happy with your new boyfriend..... Kai" he said and ivy looked at him 
"How did you know? Have you been following me?" She asked and Trevor shook his head

"No....Rather than say Following, I could say I've been watching you" he said and ivy sighed with frustration

"You crazy bastard" she cursed under her breathe
"Anyways... I have a reason for keeping you here....i am curious to know who will be the first person find you" he said and walked out

"What is he talking about?" She said and shrugged " I have to get myself out of here"

Trevor walked outside and dialed Chris number

"What's up" Chris said on the other side of the phone
"Hey bro,I kidnapped ivy"
"What?!!!why would you do something like that?!" Chris yelled
"I did because of you, I will text you the address, come and save her, I will leave the area" he said and hung up

Kai was searching for ivy,he checked so many places that he thought she might be but she was not there

"Where are you?" He thought and his phone rang

"Hello?" Trevor said on the other side of the phone
"Why did you call? Is it to say nonsense again?"
"No, I called to tell you something interesting..... I have ivy with me now, you have to show yourself....." He didn't complete his statement before kai interrupted
"Where are you?!" He yelled at him

" I will text you the address " Trevor said and hang up

"That crazy bastard" Kai cursed under his breathe and started running to where Trevor had texted him

Trevor went back inside the room but ivy was no more inside
"What the hell!!!" He yelled as Chris also ran inside
"What's going on?" Chris asked

"She was here.....I tied her here" Trevor said with shock

Ivy escaped through the window as she ran in the Bush

She was looking around while running when she mistakenly bumped into someone
She immediately knelt thinking it was a killer or something

"Please don't kill me" she said 
"What are you doing?" She heard a familiar voice

She looked up and saw kai 

"Kai" she called out loud and hugged him

"You must have been scared" He said and ivy burst into tears
"Why are you crying?" Kai asked and slowly disengage the hug

"I was scared....I thought Trevor was going to kill me like he killed my dad" she called and tears dripped down her eyes

She took kai's clothe and blew her nose with it

"Ew!that's gross" Kai said with disgust and looked at her

"I told you to always call my name whenever you are in danger and I will run to you" Kai said and ivy blew her nose with his clothe again

"That makes no sense, why would I call your name when you are not even somewhere so close" she said and Kai sighed

"Its okay now....as for Trevor, I will make sure I deal with him later" he said and took of his shirt
"Why are you taking off your shirt?" Ivy asked him

"Because you blew your nose with it!" He said raising his voice with a little
"My legs are shaking, I can't walk" Ivy said and Kai scoffed

"You must have been shocked so much that you can't walk, don't worry.... I will give you some energy" he said and moved closer to her

He wrapped his hand around her waist and placed his lips on her's


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