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The Slave And I - Episode 38



(Can A Prince Fall In Love With A Slave?)

The Slave And I - Episode 38

GENRE : Drama, Romance, Suspense

©️Authoress Ti Fi 


The Palace was on fire, and all I could think of was getting Akira out of the Palace to a safe place, before any other thing. 

Niran ran to  Vanna to help her out, and Aaron made his way to his mother and Hana. 

We had this Secret Path at the back of the Palace, which was made for times like this. I led Akira down this path and she brusted out of the palace.

I stopped at the door and looked at her.

"What are you doing? Let's go." She said and I shook my head.

"I can't just go Akira. You go and stay in a safe place. I need to be sure Hana and Niran are okay. Mother is still in there, I can't just leave." I said and we heard another gun shot making us jump in fright.

"Then I can't stay here, I am coming with you." Akira said and I shook my head almost immediately.

"No! You would be a distraction to me, I can't be thinking about your safety and be thinking about Niran's and the rest. You need to hide somewhere,make sure you are safe. I would be right behind you." I said and she looked at me fearfully.

"Arjun be careful, remember the dream we had." She said in tears and I nodded.

"I would be just fine. But you need to go now! Stay close by so I can find you later." I said and she nodded. She approached me and kissed my.lips passionately before I disengaged.

"Now go." I said and she began to run. I looked back and I could hear the screams of the people. I summoned courage and ran back to the building to get Hana. 

I  can't just leave her with Aaron. Aaron would be striving to safe his own mother. 

I got to Hana's chamber with the fastest speed I couldn't believe I had. I kicked her door open and I saw her on the bed shivering.

"Hana." I called and she looked up to me crying. 

"Arjun." She called jumping out of bed and running to me.

"We need to go now." I said grabbing her wrist.

"What of Aaron? Is he okay?" She asked fearfully and I shook my head.

"I don't know Hana, all I know is that he would be surviving right now with his Mom, so we need to move." I said and she nodded. 

We rushed to the door, and just then we heard a loud thud outside the door making us stop abruptly.

The next gun shot we heard was a very close one. 

"They are outside Arjun." Hana cried in fear as we both moved back. I was sweating profusely not knowing what next to do.

Then I remembered she had a window. I ran to the window and looked down to see if was quite far form the ground.

I ran to her bed and pulled out her beddings and began to tie them together. Hana was behind me staring at the broken door in fear.

"Arjun they are coming." She said as she could see the hallway through the broken door.

"I just need some minutes." I said. I tied the first end of the bedding firmly to the bed stand and then threw the rest of it down the window. 

I noticed it was short, so I rushed to her closet and packed out almost all her beddings and began to tie them to each other, making a longer rope.

"The Children are here!" I heard a man say and Hana ran to me.

"We can't escape Arjun. They are here already." She said and I shook my head as I kept tieing.

"No! You know I don't give up!" I said and then I heard the corking of a gun.

"Grab it Hana." I said throwing the bedding to her and she caught it. 

"Don't let go of the bedding." I said to her and she nodded shutting her eyes. I pushed her down the window and she moved down pretty fast.

The beddings began to loose and when it was finished and I ran to the window and I looked down. Hana was close to the ground, so she just jumped down.

I moved away from the window immediately when my instinct told me he already pulled the trigger. I dodged the bullet and  the three of them corked their guns again.

They guns looked scary, I had never seen something like them before.

I rolled under Hana's bed as they began to shoot. The bullet Pierce the bed but didn't get to me. They get showering the bed with bullets and then I grabbed the sword father always kept under our bed for security purposes.

I flung the sword to the leg that was closer to me and the leg was detached from the body instantly. He yelled and fell to the ground.

I grabbed his gun immediately, though I haven't used one, I saw the way they did it. 

I corked the gun under the bed and then pointed it out of the bed to where I could see their legs.

I was about shooting when I heard their groans and they fell to the ground. I rolled out from under the bed and i saw Niran with his arrow and bow.

"We need to move now." He said grabbing one of the Guns and I took the sword with the gun I heard with me already.

"Where is Hana?" He asked as we both ran down the hallway.

"I let her down through the window, she knows where to go." I said as we both kept running.

"Where is Mother?" I asked.

"With her husband of course. I don't even know where they are currently, but I know they are safe." He said and I nodded.

"Prince Arjun." I heard Nikita call and we both looked back.

"Nikita, where is Aaron?" I asked.

"He said I should go down this path, that he needs to safe Hana. Have you seen him?" She asked and I shook my head fearfully.

"I haven't. I thought he would be with you." I said and Niran looked at me.

"We need to go back. Nikita get the hell out of here, we would bring Aaron to you." Niran said running back and I also followed giving Nikita a reassuring nod.

We got back to Hana's room and then we saw three men shooting right Inside her room.

"Aaron must be in there." I said and Niran drew out four arrows from bag and placed it against the bow shooting it at the three men. 

They all fell to the ground and I ran as fast as I could to her room.I got in and I saw Aaron breathing very hard on the floor. 

He had blood all over him,he had been shot.

"OMG. Aaron stay with me." I said applying pressure on his wound. Then I noticed he was shot trice, right on his belly.

"Oh My ..." I cursed Carrying him in my hands as he kept gasping for air.

"We need to get him to his mother. She can help him." I said carrying him in a bridal manner and running down the hallway with Niran behind me watching my back.

We got to the path that led to the other side of the kingdom and the door was slightly open.

"I need your help here Niran." I said panting and he ran forward to open the door wider. He moved out and I also moved closer,I was almost getting out too when I heard a gun shot and something Pierced right through my back.

I fell to the ground in pain and my eyes shut dead.



The dream 

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