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The Slave And I - Episode 37



(Can A Prince Fall In Love With A Slave?)

The Slave And I - Episode 37

GENRE : Drama, Romance, Suspense

©️Authoress Ti Fi 


I opened my eyes slowly, and I stared at the ceiling for minutes, trying to get what was actually going on.

After remembering what happened yesterday at the cave, I sprang to my feet and just then, this excruciating pain came from my head making me grab my my head and wince in pain.

"You were hit yesterday. You can't just jump out of bed that way." I heard Niran say behind me, and when I looked back I saw him sitting on the couch in my room .

"Where is Akira?" I asked in haste staring at him fearfully.

"Father locked her in the dark room." He said sighing and my eyes widened.

"What? Why would he do that? I should be the one taking the punishment not her. I am the one that went to her!" I yelled but the pain in my head cautioned me.

"Father doesn't want to understand any of those Arjun. He said he would be executing her today." He said and my eyes widened.

"What! I need to get out of here! I need to do something!" I ranted running to the door.

"Actually he also ordered the guards not to let you out. And these are Father's guards, not yours. You can't command them, and they can't go against Father." He said and I walked up to him.

"Then why are you so comfortable about this? You should be out there helping Akira Niran. That girl is innocent." I said and he nodded standing up.

"I know this well Arjun,and I have my own plans. When you were knocked out yesterday, they almost beheaded Akira. Since I couldn't get to you earlier,I called some men to act what you saw in your dream,which means war from other countries." 

"They did it perfectly, and shot the one that was supposed to behead her. This distracted Father, and asked us to get back to the Palace as soon as possible." He stated.

"That was very wise of you. But will that stop father from killing her today?" I asked.

"Father would ignore Akira till he figures out how to deal with this War, and my own job is to make sure he doesn't, buying us time to think of something." He said and that sounded nice to me.

"Thank you so much. But don't you think Akira would be scared where she is?" I asked and he smiled.

"That is settled too. Since Father is busy with the kingdom, though I can't go against his laid down rules,I can add mine."

"After she got In there, Aaron volunteered to go in with her, and then I provided them with a lamp too. I ordered Nikita to serve the food morning, afternoon, night. To give them strength for whatever is next to come." He said and I felt tears in my eyes.

"Thank you so much Niran. I can't believe you can do all this for me, for an ordinary slave." I said and he smiled.

"Slaves are humans too. They are not ordinary." He said and I furrowed my brows.

"Hold on! Did you just say that? Am I missing something? Are you saying this because of Akira? Or totally something different?" I bomberded him with questions and he smiled.

"Why not face the enemy you have before you start preparing your self for unnecessary informations." He said looking a little vexed.

"That's true. I am yet to know how father got Akira and I." I said and he scoffed.

"That was Kaleb at work. He planted a camera in your chamber, and then planned the fake trip with Father and Mother, so as to give all of us the chance of doing whatever we want." He said and i felt so hurt and betrayed.

"Why would he do that to me? He led them to the cave right?" I asked and he nodded.

"Yes he did. And I think I know who he might be working for. For him to do this to expose only you, I think this is coming from Maya or her sister. Katika hasn't called me for days now and that's so not normal. They were definitely up to something, and it's so annoying I didn't figure it out on time." He explained angrily.

"I hate him for this." I mumbled clenching my fist.

"Everyone hates him too. And leave him to me,I would kill him myself." He said and I shook my head.

"I should be given the privilege to see his end. He deserves to die by my hands" I said and he nodded.

"Anything you do to make you feel better count me in." He said standing up and approaching the door.

"Plus,you need to talk to Hana. She is so frustrated and Is thinking of killing her own father." He added and I sighed.

"He deserves to die but not by our heads. He would get what he deserves,that guilt will hunt her all her life and I know she doesn't want that." I stated and he nodded.

"I know right. I need to go now, I will be back soon." He said.

"And where are you going? Keeping me stucked in here?" I asked.

"To see Vanna." He said walking out quickly before I could ask him more questions. Immediately he was out, a large grin came on my face.

Now I know why he is so supportive. This is hilarious. 


"Aaron you don't have to do this?I will be fine here on my own. You shouldn't be dragged into this shit with me." I said and he shook his head as we both ate the bread Nikita brought for us.

"No Akira. You are my best friend, I can't just leave you to this. I am fine here with you. And we are getting out of here to stay alive." He said and tears heated my eyes.

I couldn't believe my ears, I never knew there was still someone out there with that kind of love.

"I love you Aaron." I said hugging him tightly and he hugged me back petting my head.

"You would be happy, I promise you. You would be happy with Arjun." He said and I sighed.

"I don't think so anymore. Things are getting more complicated every passing day. We have no rest." I lamented and he kept mute.

"I don't know what to do with Hana." He suddenly said and I looked at him right in the eyes.

"Why? What's wrong?" I asked.

"I can't be with her. No one would support us, not even my mother." He stated and I nodded.

"I Understand you. I don't know what to say because I am also confused as well. But you just have to follow your heart." I replied and he nodded.

"Yeah. I think so." He said and I smiled.

Suddenly, we began to hear some noises from outside the door. It sounded like gunshots.

"What's going on?" Aaron asked standing up.

"I think the plan Niran had to distract the King. He must have hired them." I said and all of a sudden I began to hear footsteps approach the dungeon.

"Okay. Stay cool." Aaron said and I nodded walking closer to him.

We heard the key enter the door lock in haste, and the door was wide open. It was Arjun!

"Arjun." I called seeing the fear on his face. He had a bandage on his head, which was stained with little blood.

"We need to get out of here now! This time, the war isn't planned,it's real." He said grabbing my hand. 


Wahala no dae finish for this place.

This king should die jare

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