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Lucas Revenge- Chapter 2




Lucas Revenge- Chapter 2

Having Revenge is all I want 

An Eye For An Eye

Authoress Bella


         MILLY POV 

I got home to find david waiting by the window starring at me

 "Where have you been"he said

"With Diane studying"i lied

"Dont lie to me,am just coming from diane house and you both werent there"he said

"Fine we were at the club,just because our parents have asked you to take  care of me doesnt mean you should be keeping tab on me"i said 

His angry expression changed to one of protectiveness

He walked towards me and held my hand

"Am sorry if am being too overprotective but recently something happened,its something i saw and am scared,i dont want the same thing happening to you "he said

"And whats that thing"i said 

"I cant tell you but its something that can happen to you,so sis please take care of yourself"he said

"I will david,thanks for being a sweet brother"i said hugging him

He is the best brother one could ever have,i thought as i held him close

The next day i woke feeling great ,today will be the last day of writing my exam

Its been so stressful and triring but luckily today will be the last day

   I got dressed in my usual baggy trousers and shirts and with my nerdg glass on,i took off

I really missed my scarf but its best left with that stranger and i hope i dont have to see him again

    I got to school quite late but i did made it for the exams

After some hours i finished and then went out

Am a very brillant girl and solving those equations wasnt a hard thing for me

I was in the school garden when suddenly i heard my name

I turned to see the stranger there,how the hell did he know my name and how did he know that i was studying here

I wanted to run away,i didnt feel like talking to him but i was late because he  was already walking towards me

"I brought back your scarf"he said 

"Thank you"i said taking it from him 

"Thank you wouldnt just do the trick?"he said

"What do you want me to do then "i said

"Go out on a date with me?"he said 

"Have you taken a good look at me,am not pretty,am plain,why would you want to take out a plain girl like me when there are lots of girls wanting to go out with you"i said

"Thats because i dont find them as attractive as you"he said

"I find that hard to believe,you dont know me and i dont know you,so lets keep it that way and once again thanks for returning the scarf"i said hoping he would leave and not show up again

Diane came out and as soon as she saw him she ran towards us

"Cant believe that you reallg came"she said holding his hand

I stayed back starring at the both of them

"I had to,to return her scarf"he said starring at me

"You should take him out to compensate him for bringing back your scarf,we both know that that scarf means a lot to you"she said

"Have thanked him already "i said

"And i said thanking me wont be enough,if you wont take me out on a date,why not just let me take you two out"he said

"I dont think i can,i still have to wait see my result"i said

"Oh stop being a party pauper milly ,the results wont be out at least for two hours,so lets go,am famished already"diane said pulling me off to his car

Having no other excuse,i went,while diane took the back seat,i sat in the front along with him

Just staying close to him got me feeling hot and my heart kept pounding hard

Could it be that he is really interested  in me,i thought as i stared at him and i was surprised to see that he was starring at me too

He drove us to a restaurant and it wasnt just any restaurant ,it was a famous one

We ordered for our food and soon we began to eat

While lucas and diane chattered off,i stayed silent 

I had nothing to say that would interest them,so why not just stay quiet i thought

Just then diane got a call from louise our class rep asking her to come back to school to submit some form she forgot,i wanted to leave too but she stopped me asking me to stay with him

    "Whats wrong dont you like the food or is it my presence you dont like"he said

"I dont just dislike people without a reason and i definitely dont dislike you ?"

"Well thats good to know,finally we are communicating,what do you feel for me then?"

"Nothing?"i said

"Are you sure?"

"yes i am"

"Well am sure that within time i  will surely get your affection cause have fallen for you milly"he said and i starred at him

"Fallen for me?"

"I dont know how it happened,our meeting last night had been magical and then when you left without your scarf,i found myself taking it everywhere with me cause i couldnt get enough of your scent,what would one call that if not love"he said holding my hand

I quickly pulled back my hand from him

"What your saying is all so sudden,i find it hard to believe that a guy like you would be interested in a girl like me"i said

"Well you better start believing it because i like you milly,very much"he said 

 I didnt know what to say,this is the first time a guy is telling me how much he likes me

 Have always been unoticed by guys and suddenly being noticed by a guy and a very rich and handsome one too made me feel good 

"Its time i went back to school,can you take me back"i said evading a reply to what he just said

"Sure i can"he said paying the bills and walking with me to his car

I was about opening the door when he pulled me to him

"You still havent given me an answer"he said

"Answer to what?"

"To what i said earlier"he said 

"Its still too......."i couldnt finish my word because he kissed me

My first kiss and i wouldnt deny that i like it

What am i doing kissing a stranger,whats wrong with me?

I gently pushed him away but he drew me close 

"You have no idea how much i want you "he said bringing me close and kissing me again

And this time the kiss was rough,i didnt find myself enjoying it and i pushed him.away

"Whats wrong with you?"i said


"I dont want you ever touching me again"i said running off

        LUCAS POV

I walked into  the hospital,i had messed it all up 

Why didnt i control myself with milly,have made the perfect plan for  milly

But my stupid hormones had to take over

I wouldnt deny that milly is a very beautiful girl and i find myself being attracted to her

But that is not the plan,i shouldnt be seeing milly differently but only as the bait in my plan to use to get back at her brother

I got to luisa ward Only to see laying on the bed

Hypnotised by a lady doctor with her ,seems like her psychiatrist

"I was at the garden alone,he then came to me pulling me by my hair,i tried to scream and anytime i did that he would always hit my face,i couldnt even fight back,he ripped off my clothes,kissing me even when i begged him to stop,he didnt,he raped me,he defiled me"she yelled crying

I felt so hurt just hearing her say those things

That bastard had made my sister go through hell and i wont rest until milly goes through the same thing


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