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Devil's Secret - Chapter 41




Devil's Secret - Chapter 41

The Mexican Drug Lord

Authoress Jennifer


Daisy Pov

The ride back to the apartment was a really quiet and awkward one

I stared outside the window and couldn't talk or even think of anything

Everything was just so confusing and spinning

My head was all over the place and I couldn't make anything out of the situation

I could feel Ciara's gaze on me on several occasions

what the hell is happening to me

we reached the apartment and both came out

"what did you see"I asked with no emotion on my voice

"I didn't see anyone ,I only heard a car sound that's why I asked us to leave"she replied

"what about you what did you find "she asked

"I didn't really get anything useful ,I was going through her things before you came in"I replied avoiding her gaze

I know Ciara really well and it's more than obvious she's lying to me

it's written on her face and the way her eyes where looking everywhere apart from me as she talks

I really need answers and I know exactly where to get them .


I sat down in Liam's room on his bed with the lights turned off waiting for him

I couldn't sleep even if I tried to

My sister's face was everywhere and anytime I closed my eyes

The door opened and Liam turned on the lights

"you're still awake"he asked

"I couldn't sleep" I replied

He pulled off his pants and t-shirt and lay beside me

"I want to go back to the States "I said plainly and he turned to me

"why , what do you want to do there "he asked

"I want to go see the grave of my sister "I replied and was quite

"when do you want to go"he asked

"tomorrow or next" I replied and he nodded kissing my forehead

Maybe I really need to go back and fix my things

know where my problems ate coming from

I know I'm not hallucinating on this one,that was Anna's bracelet

My plans are to go back to that hospital and find out what really happened when I left

Rio once told me that Liam took care of everything that I shouldn't worry my sister was laid to rest in a nice place

That was when I started fighting depression

I felt she was doing okay

she was in a better place away from pain away from the wicked world.


Days passed and I was sitting down staring out the airplane widows and looking at the clouds

I would have been scared but I wasn't because my attention wasn't really there ,I was going back to where my life was messed up

back to a place of only painful memories

Liam was sitting beside me lost in his own thoughts too

Ciara and Rio couldn't follow us because they had things to take care of back in Mexico

The plane landed and our things were carried to the car that was waiting for us

"are you ready"Liam asked and I nodded

The car drive took about two hours before we reached the cemetery

The place was extremely quiet

I couldn't cry when I reached where Anna's name was boldly written

this doesn't change anything, whosoever planned this must have had it all figured out

I need hospital reports.

Liam and I went back to the apartment

He was awfully quiet and looks disturbed

I just gave him space by not asking him anything

My phone began ringing and i picked it up

it was Ciara

,"Hey I called "

only to hear her cracking voice like someone crying for hours

"what's wrong"I asked gently

"I'm pregnant"she said and my jaw dropped.

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