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Devil's Secret - Chapter 37




Devil's Secret - Chapter 37

The Mexican Drug Lord

Authoress Jennifer


He was so focused on his phone when i used the cutting board to hit him

He collapsed on the bed as blood pour from his head.

I packed my things up and rushed out of the apartment when something caught my eyes

it was that same Logo that was on Anna's apartment door

What the hell is actually going on

I rushed out of the apartment and hailed a cab

I tired my possible best to act really normal because I didn't want anyone to suspect that something happened

I know telling Liam now is going to ruin my chance of knowing what really happened to Anna.

The cab arrived at the house and I made my way in

I closed my room door and collapsed on the bed

My head was filled with so much that I can't even imagine and it's causing me headache .

So Mavin is working for some people that asked him to kidnap me and I broke his head creating every possibility for him to be dead by now and also he might have a hand in Anna's apartment

it's just so confusing.




"Hey " Ciara called and I jumped nervously

"are you okay"she asked and I nodded

"you look nervous and scared "she said staring at me

" we were suppose to talk about breaking into the apartment "she said

"I know " I replied

"I have a date with Liam in a few hours"I said and she smiled widely

"I have the perfect outfit"she said rushing to her room

She came back with a beautiful sliver gown that the back is open

"this looks really beautiful ,but it's it too much " I asked

"there's nothing as such , you will look perfect in it" she replied

Ciara helped me in dressing up

I wore my heels and styled my edges .

She did a simple makeup my face and I stared at myself in the mirror.

Behind all those makeup and smiling face I've been keeping up,I'm so worried and scared.

Liam Pov

I wore my trousers and a simple t-shirt

"Don't tell me that's what you're going to wear to a date" Rio said

"Don't you like it "I asked

"Dude she's going to be disappointed" Rio replied

"I've never been on an actual date before do don't blame me okay" I stated

"I have some tuxedo that will fit you perfectly"he said making me nod

I guess it won't hurt to wear a tuxedo.

I stared at the final look and it was really good I must confess

I walked to the sitting room and waited for Daisy.

She walked down the stairs I. a shining sliver gown

I had no words because she looks beautiful

"You look really beautiful "I said and she smiled widely

"you look really good too"she replied

for the first time in my life my cheeks heat up

I can't believe I'm blushing

Gosh I'm a man ,not just any man a dangerous one and she's making me blush ,,it's a shame.

we walked to the car and I opened the car door for her to entre

"where are we going to" she asked

"we will see it's a surprise"I replied

I actually tried taking my eyes off her but I couldn't

She looked really beautiful but tensed ,I wonder if I'm the one making me so nervous .

We arrived at the yacht and her jaw dropped

it was beautifully designed with fairy lights ,they actually did a great job with the decorations

"it's beautiful "she muttered making me smile with satisfaction

we sat down and the food was brought to us

I was happy when she relaxed and we began talking

I tried so much not to bring any topic related to her father .

"Can I use the restroom" she asked and I nodded ,and directing her

I waited for minutes but she didn't show up so I decided to go check on her

"Hey are you okay"I asked staring at her

"yeah am fine"she replied nervously

"No your not , relax I'm here okay"I said and she nodded

I crashed my lips on hers and she reciprocate

we kissed passionately as I wrap her legs around my waist

She moaned into my ears I felt myself go hard

I raised her gown and he slide my fingers into her as she moaned loudly

I really want to take her right there but I couldn't so I just stopped

"Liam I have to tell you something"she said making my heart skip

I know it's not good.

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