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Devil's Secret - Chapter 18



Devil's Secret - Chapter 18

The Mexican Drug Lord

Authoress Jennifer



It was time to go home and I kept a straight face

"Are you okay"Ciara asked for the tenth time

"I'm okay just tried "I replied and she nodded

why do I even care that he had s£x with Dani

it's not like I like him or anything or he likes me too

I'm just overthinking things

But at least even if he wanted to f*ck her he should have done it somewhere else

I hiss for like the tenth time making Ciara and Liam turn to me

I shot Liam a deadly glare and he focused back on the road

sh*t I'm loosing my cool.

"you know this one isn't gonna pass me now tell me what the hell is going on "Ciara asked slamming my room door

"and that give me that crab that you're tired"she added sternly

she's so persistent ,how do I tell her that I saw her brother and Dani having s*x at the warehouse

"and don't worry I'm not going to get angry no matter what "she added asif she was reading me

"I saw your brother and Dani having s*x at the warehouse "I said gently

"ohhh that "she replied

"you knew "I asked and she nodded

"yeah ,they are just together for the s*x,you know what I mean ,,they made an agreement of on string attached and f*ck anytime they like ,my brother doesn't like her even though I know she's head over heels for him and trying to make him fall for her "Ciara explained

"I really hate her guts and she annoys me so much with her fake life"Ciara added making me chuckle

"that shouldn't bother you at all ,they should f*ck all they want as far as he doesn't get attached to her " Ciara said

"yeah it just kinda weird when I caught them , I never thought he had anyone " I replied

"yeah no my brother is very secretive " she said

"I need to tell you something"she said and I nodded

"Rio and I are in a relationship"she said and I smiled widely

""congratulations."I replied hugging her tightly

"really ....I thought you would yell"she said

"why would I ,,,Rio is an amazing person and you guys look perfect together and trust me that guy is totally into you,he stares at you like a kid staring at candy" i replied

"really "she asked laughing loudly

"Liam doesn't know else he would freak out by the way "she added

"so tell me any hot guy on your list"she asked

"nope never had any "i replied and her eyes widened

"don't tell me you're a les' she asked

"nope I'm straight"I replied back and she nodded

"we should change that you know, there's this wedding I was invited to this weekend ,and trust me there are alot of hot and single guys at weddings you should come with me "she said exictedly

"nope I'll pass"I replied and she frowned

If only she knew what I've been through

if only she had any idea how life treated me right from small she would know I would never love someone because I just a broken,used and messed up girl.

After much thought I later came to a conclusion that I'm alone and always will be alone

what Liam said that night was completely nothing .

right now I'm dressed in a blue gown with white stripes all over it ,my curly hair was shining brightly and gown didn't show much skin

Thankfully the scars on my leg wasn't much so I could wear dresses now

After much persuasion from Ciara I finally agreed to follow her to the wedding but on my condition "I wasn't going to wear heels"

Our makeup were neatly done and we looked stunning

"I'm afraid we are going to steal the spotlight from the bride "Ciara said making me chuckle.

Rio was the one who dropped us at the venue and can't stop using his eyes to undress Ciara

We walked into the Hall and my eyes dropped at the first person I saw .

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