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Devil's Secret - Chapter 17




Devil's Secret - Chapter 17

The Mexican Drug Lord

Authoress Jennifer



"tell me to stop Daisy "he said as I felt his lips on my skin , I felt shivers run down my spine as he sucked on my neck

He brought his head back and looked at me

"you don't want me to stop"he asked and that was when the strong smell of alcohol hit me


His expression changed immediately and he walked out slamming the door really hard

I stood there frozen and unable to move

what the hell just happened ?

As usual I stayed on my bed facing the celling unable to sleep

there were a lot going through my mind which I really don't know how to say

since the whole ordeal with Liam few days ago I haven't seen him since then ,He goes out early and come back late.

I stood up and opened the door,I made sure no one was out before going downstairs

and by no one, I mean Liam.

Reaching the sitting room I saw Liam focused on his laptop

He lifted his head and turned towards me with his eyes staring directly into mine

He looked back at his laptop in a second with his expression still same

Is this guy a robot or what?

"so I wanted to talk to you about working for you ,I can't stay here all day doing nothing ,aside that I need to pay off the depth so I can move out and continue with my life "I said

"Get ready tomorrow by 8 am" he replied closing his laptop and going upstairs

I felt like bringing the other night up but since he was drunk maybe he doesn't even remember

who knows maybe it's all just the alcohol.

I feel so foolish thinking about it, thinking that there would be some meaning or explanation

"c'mon pout your lips" Ciara said and I did exactly as she said

"omg you look so beautiful "Ciara added making me giggle

We sat down at the back seat while Liam drives to where I have no idea

Ciara made me dress up and now we were taking pictures,I kept looking at Liam a few times but he looked focused on the road.


About thirty minutes later we drives into a huge warehouse and parked

I came down along with Ciara how didn't stop taking pictures and smiling

"You're late "a voice said making me turn to her

A girl of about my age with tattoos all over her body and her dress way too revealing stared at Liam

"This is Daisy ,show her everything she needs "Liam said and she nodded battling her fake lashes

I could see the deadly glare Ciara and the girl were giving each other

"I'm Danielle but Dani for short "she said to be

"Nice to meet you "I said gently

I followed Dani her while Ciara excused herself

She showed me where I will be working daily and things I will need

"For the next stage I'm going to teach you how to protect yourself and how to shoot because you will need it "she said and I nodded

she started teaching me and to be honest she's pretty hard on me

I kept using my eyes to search for Ciara or Liam but none of they came by

"Keep learning I will be right back "Dani said and walked out

it's been thirty minutes and she's not back,I'm pretty exhausted

I came began walking to the other side of the warehouse when I heard loud moans coming from one of the windows

I was kinda surprised but was shocked when I heard Dani's voice

I don't know why I was still going closer but I have a feeling about the person she's making out with

out of curiosity I decided to peek ,it was Liam

shock was an understatement,I was frozen

I saw Dani caught my eyes so I quickly left and went back to the training room

Some minutes later Dani walked back in like someone who won a lottery

"I'm so sorry you had to see that Daisy ,Liam just can't control himself around me you know"she said proudly like I care

"maybe next time I will try keep my voice down or we will just do it somewhere else. you know his Mine "she said jokingly with a hint of seriousness when she mentioned "mine".

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