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Devil's Secret - Chapter 16




Devil's Secret - Chapter 15

The Mexican Drug Lord

Authoress Jennifer



We arrived back at the apartment and dragged out lazy self up

thankfully we didn't get much drunk else we would have blown our cover

"wait "I said to Ciara

"we need to make sure no one is in the sitting room "I I said and we peeked through the window

the whole place was empty ,so we went in and ran to my room

"Did you turn off the lights when we went out or are my eyes deceiving me "Ciara asked

"the lights are off , I'm not sure the alcohol got into us that much"I replied

My hands finally turn on the switch

Our face dropped

Our jaw dropped

Our eyes almost popped out of it's sockets

His face held no expression and he eyes held furry

He sat down with his legs and arms crossed facing us

I could hear the beating of my heart

Ciara tensed up and we didn't move

I think the alcohol cleared up instantly

"we....I....we..."Ciara shuttered even though Liam didn't ask us anything

"Both of you should see me as early as 7am tomorrow morning"he said and walked out

okay that wasn't what I was expecting but it went well

"I think my heart stopped beating"I said to Ciara

"me too"she replied

we were both exhausted and tired so we collapsed on the bed before sleeping off


I felt something touching my face and I opened my eyes gently

it was someone's feet ... Ciara's feet

I removed her feet from my face and checked the time

My head was spinning and it hurts so bad

it's six thirty in the morning and Liam said we should see him by seven

I tapped Ciara before she finally woke up and went to her room

The shower helped my head a bit,I got dressed and went downstairs with Ciara

we both have hangovers

"Good morning Liam"we both muttered as he drank his coffee

"Daisy I'll deal with you when I come back and as for you Ciara ,get ready and follow me "he said walking upstairs

'Daisy i will deal with you when I come back' that word kept ringing in my ear and


I spent the whole day roaming about,I really didn't have anything to do

I think I'm going to talk to Liam

I can't stay with them forever ,I need a life

if his going to employ me full time so I could pay the depth and start a new life

Everytime I read the note Anna left for me I feel more alive again

it's like she's beside telling to hang on

telling me to keep fighting , telling me never to give up.

The door opened and Rio walked in

"Hey Daisy "he called

"Thank God you're here,I'm really bored "I said and he chuckled

"so I heard you guys went out partying last night"he asked

"yeah , Ciara just wanted me to have a good time"I replied and he nodded

"so did any guy talk to you guys ,,I mean Ciara or did any guy make any funny move on her "he asked

"nope no one did" I replied and a genuine smile spread across his face

He really cares about Ciara ,they would make a great couple

Unlike me ,I'm not sure I would ever find love ,who would even want to me ?

I sat down in my room and stared at the sky through the window when my door opened and closed

"Liam "I called surprised standing up

"I'm really sorry about what happened and it would never happen again"I said before he would say anything

"it better not happen,I don't want others staring at you"he said and locked eyes with mine

wait ,

hold on

is my mind playing tricks

I was so lost In thoughts that I didn't know he was standing right before me now like an inch apart

"tell me to stop Daisy "he said as I felt his lips on my skin , I felt shivers run down my spine as he sucked on my neck

He brought his head back and looked at me

"you don't want me to stop"he asked and that was when the strong smell of alcohol hit me

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