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Devil's Secret - Chapter 14




Devil's Secret - Chapter 14

The Mexican Drug Lord

Authoress Jennifer



Finally we were done and started making our way to the car when we saw a pair of red eyes staring at us

it was no other person than 'Liam'

if not that I'm with his sister ,I would have thought his here to kill me


"where the hell have you kept your phone" Liam fired angrily

"ohh it was in the car"Ciara replied back

"why didn't you take the guards with you ,I thought I warned you not to go out in Mexico without guards"Liam asked

"we wanted a girl's day "Ciara replied

"do you know how worried I was ,you should know better than defiling my orders ,you know who I am Ciara " he snarled angrily

"you're not my father or my mom stop yelling at me ,stop being so controlling "Ciara yelled back for the first time

okay this is getting heated and I just stayed mute

"Ciara"he called angrily

"Don't Ciara me ,I wasn't the one who asked you to get your hands dirty ,I'm not a kid and stop treating me like one "Ciara yelled admist tears and grabbed my hands

she led me straight to the car and we entered

I really don't know what to say right now

"I'm sorry"I muttered gently as Ciara cleaned her tears up

"it's okay it's not your fault ,I feel so bad right now "she replied and I hugged her

"Liam has been through alot because of me ,I feel so bad for the way I talked to him ,I know his trying to protect me but his also treating me like a baby" Ciara added

"at least you have someone who cares about you, someone who treats you like a baby , someone who is a about to go insane because you went out without guards,you should be thankful "I said sadly

"yeah I know the feeling "she replied making me nod

We began driving back and I rested my head on the car window

when I noticed something ,there this particular black car that has been following us

"Ciara did you notice that car has been following us "I asked and she looked at the side mirror

"Maybe it's Liam's guys" she replied

"I have a bad feeling about this"I replied

"Take my phone call Liam and ask him"she said and I did .

Ciara POV

Daisy took my phone and dailed Liam's number

I knew he would always pick up

"Ciara "he called coldly

"it's me Daisy"she replied

"Daisy "he called softly which is very unusual

"are you okay where's Ciara "he asked

"she's here ,we wanted to ask if you're the one who sent guards to follow us"she asked

"what"he yelled from the phone making us flinch

"turn on your location"he said and Daisy turned it on

We waited for some seconds before he began giving us direction

After minutes of following the directions Liam gave us no one was following us again which is a relief

We drive home straight


Daisy was the first to go in carrying some bags while i carried the remain ones behind her

Liam's eyes were to Daisy first and I noticed the way he looked at her

It was different

He looks like her the same way he looks at his beloved dog when we were still kids

Don't get me wrong I haven't seen Liam like someone before so i don't really know who to compare her with

"Can you give us some minutes"he asked and she nodded going upstairs

Before he turned back to me

"Don't tell me anything"I said cutting him short and going upstairs too

seriously I'm not in the mood for a long talk or yelling I just need to see my baby


I dropped the items with Daisy and told her I would be right back

I passed the sitting room and thankfully Liam is not there

I walked out of the house and noticed his car is gone


" Hey baby "I called smiling

"you should have taken some guards I was worried "he replied

"i know ...can we not talk about it ,I'm in the mood for something else "I pouted

Before he could say anything I crashed my lips on his and we began a hot makeout session

"I love you Rio"I muttered

"I love you more Ciara"he replied making my heart flutter.

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