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Devil's Secret - Chapter 10



Devil's Secret - Chapter 10

The Mexican Drug Lord

Authoress Jennifer



I walked downstairs to see Liam sitting on the couch

He stared at me before looking away

I checked the time and it's still 5am in the morning

Since the nightmare I couldn't sleep again and I can't get my mind off Anna

"why are you here"he asked not looking at me

"i had a nightmare ,I can't stop thinking of Anna"I replied wiping the tears off my eyes

No one can make me cry but Anna

Even when Father use to do all nasty things on me I still manage to hold back my tears but for Anna I can't

I can't imagine an existence without her

she's the reason I'm still struggling and leaving.


I woke up and noticed I saw covered with a huge blanket

I didn't know when I slept off on the couch ,

I looked around and saw Liam making breakfast in the kitchen

it looks like a failed attempt because he keep cursing and dumping the burnt food in the trash

"Good morning"I greeted and he turned to me

"Rio will take you there , spend the night with her because we're leaving for Mexico tomorrow "he said walking away

He didn't even give me the chance to say anything

Is he crazy or what ?

who is going to take care of Anna if I go with him?

There's no way I'm going to Mexico without Anna ... completely impossible

I decided to make breakfast myself and enough for us all

After breakfast I rushed to go freshen up and went back downstairs to see Liam and Rio arguing

They noticed my presence and stopped ,why do I always have a feeling they're talking about me

"Morning"I greeted Rio cheerfully ,,,,I'm just excited that am sending the night with Anna

she will be really excited.


Rio dropped me off saying he had things to attend to before we leave for Mexico

what am I saying it's "they" not "we" , because there is absolutely no way I'm going to another country entirely with my sister battling with cancer


"Hey buttercup"I yelled exictedly entering her ward

Thankfully she looks better than before ,I was so happy considering the nightmare I had last night

"you came today"she replied exictedly

"yeah I did and guess what I'm staying for the night "I said smiling

"wonderful ,now what did you get me "she asked battling her lashes which made laugh

"I got you a cupcake with the name buttercup on it"I said showing her and she furrowed her brows

"it's was all Rio's idea"I pointed out immediately

"I'm only eating this because Rio is cute "she said and I smiled at her


Anna and I spent the whole day together I really missed her ,right now she's asleep

I hide under the hospital bed so they won't know I'm still there because it's pass visiting hours

After I was sure no one is coming in,I sat beside her


"Father "I called dryly

"Princess ,you can run but you can't hide "he said grining

"I will always find you princess"

"you're mine and mine alone "

"remember your birthday is in a few months , only then will I be able to eat you bit by bit "he added touching my cheeks gently

"no never .... don't touch me"I yelled angrily

"Soon princess you will be mine "

"where ever you go I will find you"he added


I jolted from my sleep and wiped the sweat beads on my forehead

my eyes went to the window and I saw a shadow walk away ,fear gripped me more.

I checked the time and saw it was 2am.


I woke up due to noise and loud beeping sounds

the doctor were rushing in and doing alot of stuff on Anna

Her eyes were closed,she looks pale and not breathing.

I didn't know when someone pushed me out and closed the door ,I stayed at the window and watched how they tried to review her

She wasn't breathing ,she wasn't responding ,she was taking her last breath while I was sleeping

The doctors came out with a pity look and that was when I knew what he wanted to say

I saw one of the nurses raised the bed cover and covered her face with it .

My heart stopped beating,it was like the earth was still

The doctor was saying something but I wasn't hearing it, everything was blur ,he handed me a note which I collected

I still didn't know what was happening

Anna would never leave me right??

she was fine just last night?

I brought her cake,we talked ,we laughed ,she was fine

"Anna please don't do this to me "

"Wake up please ,I can't do this alone"

"Anna please ,I beg you"

No response, she's actually gone.

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