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Being Mrs Spence-Episode 23




Being Mrs Spence-Episode 23

Written By Amah's Heart


"Please have your seat Mrs Spence...".

The doctor said after exchanging pleasantries.

"Thank you Doc..." Florence replied with a smile.

"You said your husband is doing fine, I'm glad to hear that...the fat grin on your face says it all. Mr Spence must be doing a great job. So what brought you to my office today...?

Florence blushed before saying.

"I'm pregnant doctor. I'm only here to confirm the obvious truth by properly getting tested. And there's another thing I recently noticed...I have never been pregnant before, so I kinda thought it's probably part of the pregnancy signs. But I still want to confirm that too...my private part gets itchy... this morning I noticed a spot of blood and rash around, I don't know but I haven't experienced such before. I have been away for sometime, it was around last week... almost two weeks now I returned home, and after few days I started experiencing it. I didn't put much thought to it until recently when it was becoming more serious. I have been waving it off and haven't taken any medication because I don't want to take anything that will hurt the baby...

She paused and breathed deeply, not wanting to say anything more.

"When last did you see your month circle Mrs Spence? Doctor asked

"I can't tell, I hardly keep an accurate record but I can't remember seeing my period last month...oh wait. I saw it doc...it started from first and stopped after three days but nothin yet this month. I can't be seeing my period when I'm pregnant...so I wasn't expecting it at all. My husband is really happy and so I am. We're going to be parents after eight years of marriage...

After few other questions, the doctor finally said.

"Mrs Spence, I do not want to thwart your hope of being pregnant. But there is a very slim line to that possiblity... not that it can't happen but your husband was placed on fertility drugs which will last more than three months even getting to four months. Within this period his sperm won't be active until the process is over. Even after is over it takes up to extra month for his manhood to start reponding to stimulus. I believe your assumption is that you are already a month pregnant...let me run the test first before further explaining.

Florence heart started racing as the doctor began to check her.

after the checkup was over, he took her blood and send it to the Lab for further examining.

After sometime the results were out.

"Mrs Spence, I really don't know how to break this to you. Let me explain it in a medical terms... your husband's stimuli's, that's anything that effectively impinging upon any sensory apparatuses of a living organism, which includes physical phenomenal...

Florence interrupted.

"Doctor, I don't understand any word from all you have said so far. Please just tell me what's wrong with me in a very clear language. Tell me what I need to know... let's not waste further time in speaking in terms..

The doctor held his two hands together as he began.

"Since you want a straight to the point result...is fine then. Mrs Spence, I hate to break it to you but the test results shows that you are not pregnant. Due to the years I have known you and your husband, it saddens me to also tell you that you are suffering from STD... sexual transmitted disease. You and your husband must commence treatment with immediate effect... You especially should start right away because infection is deadly if is not treated on time. It can even close up your womb from taking in a child...

Florence was dumbfounded.

She stared at the doctor unbelievable as he continued talking.

Back at home, Maxwell who really wanted to understand what was going on decided against his wish to go and see Florence at home.

On getting there, a lady who he believed to be the help informed him that Florence was away.

She rushed down to tell Cole of Maxwell's presence.

Maxwell was about to leave when Coleman came down without any help.

He was laughing as he walked towards Maxwell

"Look who we have here... Mr ex. So you came visiting us. Hahahaha... your guts is really on a high level.

Maxwell did not say a word as he stares at him.

Lizbeth was in one corner of the house smiling from ear to ear at the drama that was about to start.

"....Mr ex, how dare you come down to my house to look for my wife? Wait... you drove boldly down here because of another man's wife, don't you have any iota of shame or dignity in you? My wife.. Florence remains mine forever, she is not going to sign the divorce, we have already agreed on that and she already a month pregnant for me. She tricked your ass... manipulated your weak and stupid heart to get a whopping cheque from you which she used in saving our home...

Maxwell gave a sarcastical laugh at first before saying.

"If you think your words gets to me... then think again. Listen, Florence never manipulated me in writing a cheque for her, I solely gave it to her with a clear eyes and mind. I could have allowed your crazy ass to be kicked out into the street and you will turn into a street beggar... begging from hand to mouth. Maybe after then you will see your useless behavior clearly. Your suffering rewards will come in tons for lavishing your money on another woman aside your wife, a lying smart side chick. Who actually manipulated you into thinking she was pregnant for you. You're so gullible Coleman. Go get a life and stop acting sick when you are not, just to have Florence fend for you and attend to your lazy bones. She deserves better and you have taken her for granted...far too long...

Cole clapped his hand loudly while laughing.

"Wow... what an interesting speech. You have become Florence advocator...or are there other married women on your list that you advocates for because I can see you prefers them married. Is difficult for you to get your own single woman. That must be one of the reasons Florence swears never to end up with you. Infact if you were all this good why did she ex you to marry me? Mr perfect that can't woe a single lady but decided to go after married women. Enticing them with your bloody money. I guess you didn't hear the part that Florence will never be yours... she is mine and we're going to be parents soon. You remain a looser Mr ex.... hahaha... I'm still wining... hahaha...

Maxwell swallowed hard, his hand was suddenly began to sweat.

"Florence is not pregnant. Don't try to say things thinking I will be hurt. I know the truth already. She sleeps on the same bed with you but will never allow you touch her. She is only pitying your lazy bones and have to do everything she can just to make sure you bounce back... she will sign the divorce papers and be free from your trickery and cheating ass. Does just sleeping on the same bed transfer pregnancy to her... well, I don't think so. Florence will never allow you touch her... she deserves better and is just a matter of time and she will be free from you...

Coleman began to laugh. He laughed for so long before saying

"You are the biggest fool I have ever seen. the highest stupid animalI that think through his anus. if you think that Florence loves you or wants to be with you then you will wait till eternity. She loves me to death and will never...read my lips again, never ever leave me. Florence loves me to stupor, she loves me stupidly and crazily... No matter what I do...no matter the offense I commit she will still stick by me. She is carrying my child which already a month...we slept together and i banged her really hard and long....are you pained? Hahahaha you are pained because I made love to my own wife... you're a mad man. she enjoys me that way and can't stay a night without my touch. We did it last night too... and she kept professing how much she loves me. You're not even close to being the real man that I am. Mr ex, go get a glue and glue back your heart because I can see pieces of it falling to the ground, my help can assist you pack it into a bag and take it to your car....looser..


This time Cole's words really got to Maxwell.

He made a fist, and thought of strangling Coleman but withheld himself from doing that.

He surprised Cole by taking a chair to sit.

"What are you doing...?

Cole asked confused.

"Waiting for Florence to come back and deny every damn thing you just said. Everything you said is a big lie. Florence never slept with you neither is she pregnant... she tells me nothing but the truth and I trust her with all my heart."

Maxwell replied and decided not to say anything again.

Cole kept talking but Maxwell neither replied or paid attention to his blabbing.

He continued saying things concerning him and Florence that will hurt Maxwell. but he tried so hard to remain cool.

Cole couldn't convince him to leave or to respond to his rant.

Just then Florence drove in with her car. Cole quickly sat down.

Florence has seen Maxwell car outside and became scared

She wondered what was going on inside and why he came.

She looked at the doctor's report again.

She wasn't pregnant rather she has infection.

And since Cole was the only man she have been sleeping with.

The one and only man. She has never slept with Maxwell, is only Cole.

Which means she got the infection from him, he transferred sexual transmitted disease to her which he must have gotten from an unknown person.

Cole is definitely seeing another woman.

No matter how sad the truth look but it must be the said woman that he got the disease which he transferred to her.

Is this new strange lady a model, what kind of car does she drives?

Coleman prefers classic hot chicks. Beautiful with a perfect figure.

There is another Marina that probably came around during her absence and Cole didn't think of using protection in sleeping with her.

"Oh God... my life aaah! I'm in disarray... I'm totally done for. Coleman finally wants to kill me with disease he got from another classic "Marina.Who is this lady...who...who! God...oh God....

Florence cried out in anguish. She hit her steering hard.

She has been thinking of how she will tell Cole that there was no pregnancy.

Now, is not just the false pregnancy she was thinking about.

There was a whole lot of other things in her bucket list of worries.

She wiped off a tear drop before going down.

As she got in, she saw Maxwell sitting, Cole was also there.

Maxwell had this sad and disappointed look.

She wish she can start asking for his forgiveness, just realizing that Cole and a different woman have started another dirty game and she even infected him which he transmitted to her.

That information alone made her regret coming back, made her want to run into Maxwell arm and beg him to take her away and she will never retuned back.

But looking at the whole scene in the house and Maxwell body language

She knew then that trouble was brewing hot for her.

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