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Being Mrs Spence-Episode 22




Being Mrs Spence-Episode 22

Written By Amah's Heart


She tapped him and he opened his eyes.

"You aren't sleeping, so why pretend...

He looked at her and sat up.

"You finally decided to come home. I was already trying to move on since you are wicked enough to leave me in my pitiable condition and go to where ever....I know you didn't go to Susan's house, where have you been staying all this while?

Florence move round the room, then come back to him.

"Does it matter, wherever i was shouldn't bother you. All that matters is that I'm back. Lizbeth said you fell in the bathroom and she rushed down to help you... I thought you are supposed to be walking effortlessly. the physiotherapist informed me that you are alright. You can move around without any help and many other things. you should be able to do things independently. I paid him off because his work was done. I don't understand your reasons for still falling...

Cole sat up properly and looked at her.

"My health collapsed back after you left. You're damn wicked Florence. Even after my calls and Lizbeth calls to inform you about my health, you refused to come home. Instead you asked her to inform me to go ahead and kill myself... Florence, you are heartless. You opened your mouth to say such trash to your ailing husband and felt no remorse. You really wanted me to go and die in my misery and saddened state. Well, I'm happy that Lizbeth has really been helping me out...I wonder what I would have done without her. I'm still happy that you retuned, we have been running low on food stuffs and other necessary things...I hope you will be kind enough to help out.

Florence sighed heavily.

"You pushed me out and makes the whole effort I poured into you to look like nothing. You never appreciated or even showed kindness in your word or action. You took me for granted and still expect me to continue wiping your butt... things aren't done that way Cole. I wanted to stay in a place that I felt loved and appreciated. I'm sorry with my harsh words but you pushed me too hard Cole. You did pushed me. By the way...my leaving also brought good tidyings to you.... concerning the house and some other things.

Cole looked at her wondering what she was talking about.

Florence continued.

"...The first good news is that I'm pregnant...it seems so though...

Cole looked at her surprised.

"What are you talking about Florence... you mean that you are carrying my child in your womb... right now? You are pregnant... for real?

"Yes....yes Cole. I'm carrying your child...

Cole laughed out loudly.

"Come here...come to me. Oh my goodness... the fertility drugs worked faster than expected. I asked the doctor and he said is only after three months and two weeks of completing the drugs it will start taking effect, he said within the period of treatment, i won't be able to get any woman pregnant until the treatment is all over and I will only be completing the whole drugs and it's process a week from now. But if you are pregnant, it means the drugs worked faster. It worked within just...two months. I'm surprised that you're pregnant but super excited though. Come here...

Florence went to him excitedly, he kissed her for long before releasing her.

"... I'm happy... that's a great news sweetie. The doctor was wrong when he said is only from three months upwards that the drugs will be effective and that's only if I follow it squarely without missing any. Thanks for paying for all the drugs, I know it was really expensive but you made sure I don't miss out. The last one, you didn't want to buy it but after I persuaded, you got it for me. We're finally going to be parents... for real this time. I love you sweetie...and I have missed you.

They kissed again and Florence later got up and tidy the room.

She gave Lizbeth money to go and buy groceries for the house.

She later went back to Cole and they continued their celebration in bed.

She held back the second good news and decided to tell him later.

She melt under Cole's touch, as they went on with their love making all through the night.

She wanted to tell him about the house in the morning but decided to come back from work instead.

Maxwell called her within the day, she spoke with him and said she will be coming the following day to see him.

She went home and that evening she brought out the check and showed Cole.

Cole had this ghost look when he saw the amount written on the cheque.

"Sweetie...Where did you get such an amount from...and for what exactly?

"For the house Cole, Maxwell gave me the cheque after I told him about the house...

Cole paused and stared at her.

"Wow...he gave you this huge amount of cheque. What was he thinking....? I mean I wasn't expecting this. I'm dumb founded... how did he want us to be paying back? Monthly or weekly?

Florence smiled and said replied

"He does not want a pay back. He gave it to me...for free. Totally free...we don't have to pay any dime back to him.

Cole was silent for a long time, staring at the cheque.

" What did you do for him to sign this kind of cheque...how many times did you guys have sex? I won't be mad at you if you make out with him... atleast the end result is massively huge. What was he thinking...I don't understand that your ex. Is he foolish and stupid at the same time? He must be very foolish to have given you this money for free...is it really for free? What does he do again for a living...? I'm... just shocked and don't really know how to react. You must have really given him enough bedmating satisfaction, enough super love making and it twisted his brain in writing this cheque for free. Because, no man in his right senses will give out such amount to his married ex girlfriend for free. When the person isn't crazy...

"Okay... okay Cole. You have said enough. I expected you to be happy and grateful... not this unnecessary questions and insult to Max who just literally saved your ass from getting kicked into the street..." Said Florence who was getting irritated with Cole's words.

"Don't get me wrong sweetie... I'm very grateful. I deeply appreciate you more Florence, whatever style you gave him in bed that made him to lost his mind and gave you this money you have to show it to me tonight.

Florence shakes her head.

"I never slept with Max, not during the separation or this past days. He just gave me the cheque without doing anything...

Cole began to laugh.

"Florence, you must have mistaken me for a child, I'm a grown man...not a baby.

You did nothing and he gave you this amount of money...for free...for freaking free. Waoohhh...and you expected me to believe that cock and bull stories. Well, let me just pretend is true and focus on the positive side. Thanks...I appreciate this. Really...I appreciate sweetie. This is double blessings... becoming a Dad for real and... wait a minute hope the pregnancy does not belong to...oh nevermind.... you know better to use protection with him...

"Cole I said nothing happened with Max. That's the truth, but you can choose to believe anything you wish to believe...I really don't care anymore. Please don't make Max's whole effort to look stupid because I don't want him to regret doing this... neither do I want to regret helping you again. Just be appreciative... and mean it Cole.

Florence said angrily.

"I'm grateful sweetie...I mean it. Becoming a Dad and getting my house back means everything...an

d I'm really grateful. I guess is time to take out the divorce case out of court. We're becoming a family and you need me just like I need you...I also know that you love me and that's the reason why you went extra mile to do all of this. I love you too Florence. Let's start all over again and make sure this time around is for the better. No Marina or Max can come between us... okay?

Florence stood up and walked round the room.

"I really don't know Cole, can I atleast think about it? Give me time...and I will only consider it if you change for real. Your character is still very provoking and I really can't deal. I need to think about it. Max is....

Cole interrupted.

"No more Max. I said it earlier that you should leave all this people that are threat in our marriage out of the way. Don't mention Max again...is now us. Me and you Florence. What is there to think about, we sleep in same bed, our love making is getting very interesting by the day. We are cool together. You came back like I said you will... because you love me and hates divorce. A strong Christan like you shouldn't even be considering such. Is a taboo to your faith. Keeping the vow we made on the alter of God on our wedding day and making things to work out for good this time should be your Moto and focus. Nothing else... nothing should matter at all....

Cole's words got to Florence. As a Christian she shouldn't be considering divorce but with all Cole did in the past she had every right to divorce him.

Is probably the love she had for him that is still keeping her from proceeding with the divorce signing.

And now that they were about to recover the house back from the bank and probably a baby too on the way, is only normal to forgive Cole and start a family like she has long wanted.

Her major problem is Maxwell, how will she do with him.

What will she tell him, will he ever forgive her?

He will really be hurt if he finds out all of this.

She has a lot to worry about and did not want to be an advocate of divorce. Forgiveness is still the key in marriage and she wants to over look Cole's fault and refocus on their marriage again.

They later paid the bank and got their house fully back.

Cole was excited and so was Florence.

She couldn't go to see Maxwell the day she promised and even a week after.

Susan asked her if she has gone to the hospital and she said she was going to drive down there the next day to confirm the obvious truth that has suddenly brought joy and fear to her heart.

She called the doctor to inform him of her coming.

Lizbeth have not being herself ever since Florence returned.

She will always sneak up and hide behind the door anytime Cole and Florence is inside the room to hear what they are talking about and whenever they're making love.

She will stand listening to them most nights until she felt she has heard enough.

She has not been alright with herself ever since Florence came back and start talking about been pregnant for Cole.

Cole has also refused to look at her end ever since Florence retuned.

He has warned her to keep her mouth shut and stick to her job.

He said Florence must not know that something happened between them during her absence.

His word hurts her deeply and she was beginning to dislike Mrs Spence for everything.

She was already thinking of how she will be the next Mrs Spence before Florence came back.

She felt Mr Spence used her to get along.

She felt used and it angered her greatly.

The following day, Florence was driving down to see the doctor.

She also hope she won't regret considering Coleman back, canceling the divorce papers and taking over her seat again as one and only Mrs Spence.

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