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Being Mrs Spence-Episode 18




Being Mrs Spence-Episode 18

Written By Amah's Heart


She clapped and cheered as he took several other steps without his walking cane.

It was like a child who is learning how to walk again, taking each step carefully to avoid falling. Same it was with Coleman.

Since three weeks now he has been practicing on his own.

From trying to stand without help to taking steps with stick.

Florence was making sure that he is not reclined to a wheelchair for the rest of his life.

He was done with his physiotherapy, Florence who wasn't relenting paid for another home service therapist who comes around three days in a week.

With all this help Cole was gradually getting back on his feet.

She also drives him down to see their doctor who was giving him both injection and drugs that may help his low fertility issue.

The doctor said is 50 50 and if Cole is Lucky the medicine will work in his favor but if it doesn't there is nothing else he can do.

Cole has been following the whole procedure for over a month without missing anything.

Florence has been backing it up with prayer. She hopes the whole process will be to Cole's favor.

That evening as they retire, he said.

"I appreciate all your efforts sweetie, I don't know what I would have done without you. You are single handly running the house. Since I don't have any job, I'm not physical feet to search for another, I can't even count on my mother to help. She will tell me how much of a failure I am before thinking of helping. I love you and appreciate everything you have done and still doing for me...

Florence curved a smile and nod without a word as she folded his washed clothes and put it away in his wardrobe.

".... however, I have another request, is just something little. Please, I solely depend on you because I have no other help to count on...

Florence paused from what she was doing, turned and asked what the problem was

"... sweetie... this is the seventh month, my company gave me six months to pay up the loan but we're already in the seventh month. I have been getting reminder and other messages in my email concerning the debt. Remember, why they decided not to take up the theft case was because of my health but I should for no reason fail to pay up the money I owe them or another trouble will be brewing. I have been through a lot already, I don't want more. I can't count on my Mom, she won't give me another dime after the hospital bills which I still get insulted for and she never visited ever since. Is there any way you can help out... sweetie.

Florence asked him the amount again and he told her. She gave a heavy sigh.

"Cole, and you called this a "little help" that's huge. Ever since I moved in, I have been spending both on feeding, your drugs, general house maintenance and the home service therapist that attains to you. All of this are unexpected huge expenses but since am in it already, i can't leave it half way. But you starting the request and making it sound like the money is just a token makes me wonder if you have forgotten that I'm a salary earner. Give me time Cole, I really don't know...but maybe like a week or two. Let me collect my next salary and add up to what I have at hand.

Cole thanked her as she went back with what she was doing.

Florence phone was vibrating. Cole called her attention to it as he asked her who was that calling her.

Florence ignored him as she took the phone down stairs.

It was Maxwell, she has finally spoken to Maxwell and pleaded with him not to be mad that Cole was dying and there is nobody to attend to him.

For a month now they have been talking on the phone, she saw him briefly when he visited her work place twice.

She asked him to stop coming to her office, that she will come over to his place instead to visit and they will get to talk.

Maxwell who had been trying to be patient was loosing his mind.

Just thinking that Florence was getting back with her husband was driving him crazy and he can't do anything about it.

It was a video call, Florence sat on the cushion downstairs and answered it

"Hey...how are you..." she greeted him first.

"Not really fine. I don't understand what's going on with us. You promised to come over so that we can talk but you never did. You are over there with your husband... how do you expect me to feel about that? I miss you Flox, I'm loosing my patience waiting and hoping that you will still be mine but to be realistic, I don't see that happening with your cold attitude towards me. Your sister said she will talk to you, I have spoken with her twice this week and she said that she has tried her best in talking to you but you are so keen on helping your "dying" husband. Flox, just tell me the truth, do you love me and will still be mine or you really want to get back with Coleman...answer me Flox. Let me know my stand... please.

Florence inhaled slowly before saying.

"I love you Max, I really do. The problem now is that Cole needs me, i can't leave him at his present state. He is still my husband... because the divorce is on hold at the moment. Let him get back on his feet first then I can reason clearly. Tomorrow is Friday, by Saturday I will drive down to see you...I promise. We will get to talk better...

"Flox, one more question... please, don't lie to me. Are you both sleeping on the same bed?

Florence frowned at the question

"Max..hmmm. yes, we sleep on the same bed.

"Why, I mean since you are half separated and what is only keeping you under his roof is his health, so why are you sleeping on the same bed? It only means you have fully accepted him and I shouldn't get my hopes up. He is making love to you right....? Wow... Flox. In my bewilderment I'm.... I'm just astounded at you...

Florence sighed again before she interrupted him.

"Max, we're not doing anything. He's not touching me I'm not touching him. We're just bed mates and that's because he needs help mostly at night to get up and use the bathroom and also to change position in bed. If I'm not close enough he may tries to do that on his own and fall off and that will be another illness added to the present one. He can't make love to a woman yet until he is physically fit. Max, that's more reason why I promise to come see you on Saturday. Stop thinking this way, you aren't helping me here at all. I need my sanity to keep up with this whole thing. I'm doing all of this to make sure Cole is back to his feet soon enough so that I can be free too. Will you rather prefer I leave him to die and then carry the guilt for the rest of my life. I don't have such heart and since I have started this...I will continue to the end. I'm only praying that the almighty God I serve will see me through all of this...

They spoke a little more before ending the call.

After the call, Florence stood and saw Lizbeth sitting on the dining side.

She came to Florence.

"I wasn't eavesdropping Mrs Spence, I just came out few minutes ago when I heard you talking. I also wanted to talk to you...

She cleared her voice and continued.

"....I know this must be very hard for you ma. I know how much we spend every week and I know is all on you. I also know what Mr Spence did, how he kicked you out because of Marina. Treated you like trash and a whole lot of names calling and threats also played out while you were away. I never knew who you are but when I later realized that you are a good woman, my thoughts changed immediately. What baffles me most is you coming back to take care of Mr Spence. No woman in her right mind will want to do what you did...not after everything that happened. But here you are going extra mile to make sure he is alright. Whenever you are out to work, I'm responsible I taking care of him. It sometime a tedious process, he sometimes doesn't even call for my help at all. I might not have thanked you enough because I'm not a family member but just a help but I deeply appreciate you Mrs Spence. You are one of a kind. I do have regrets sometimes... maybe I should not have mentioned what I learnt about Marina to Mr Spence. Maybe allowing him to find out by himself would have been better... maybe in that way, there will be less of physical and internal body damages. I almost fainted at the bloody sight, I thought they were both dead before the medics arrived. Is a relief that they are still breathing and trying to get better but if I have kept my mouth shut, maybe Marina would have traveled out or disappear without anyone knowing. Mr Spence probably will mourn all his losses in silence without heavy damages. I'm sorry... very sorry for indirectly causing all of this. I never foresee the aftermath of it, I could have find a better means...

Florence smiled, she tapped her a little and said.

"I believe you did the right thing by informing him. Because if Mr Spence had found out after it was already too late, he probably will get a gun and shoot himself. Stop beating yourself Lizbeth, you telling him was a good idea. Although the physical harm and mess is too much to take care but I'm glad to have you, your great help is well appreciated...

Lizbeth smiled, Florence retuned the smile before leaving her to join Cole in the room.

She saw Cole sitting on the ground with his head bent and his walking cane beside him

She rushed to him.

"What happened...? She asked as she tried to help him get up to his feet and helped him to the bed

"I wanted to know who called you and who you usually seclude yourself to talk to most times. Well, I couldn't even get to the door, the results is what you saw. Florence, I know you are helping me get on with life and I appreciate but I also know whoever you must be talking with is a man. Probably that your good for nothing ex boyfriend. That's a disrespect to me as your husband, you are a married woman and speaking romantically to another man is cheating and disrespect to my person. Even though I can't do anything due to my condition at the moment, I was still able to perform perfectly well in bed to your satisfaction. Florence, you need to stop speaking to him and focus on me like your one and only. I can't stand sharing my wife with another man...

Florence boils angrily as Cole remind her of their love making few days ago.

She has lied to Maxwell that nothing of such was involved, getting an unsolicited reminder makes her stomach growls.

The doctor had confirmed Cole free to meet a woman. The doctor advice him to also exercise his waist. It could be through sex or other means.

He had been trying to touch her for several weeks even before the doctor confirmed him alright.

She refused and only fell for his touch last week because she wanted to fall not because he forced her.

She moved closer to him and said angrily.

"Don't even think of pushing your lucks with me Cole. No, don't try it. Because we slept together and had sex twice last week for the first time in almost two and half years does not give you right to claim me as yours. So, don't push your lucks.

"It was actually three times not two. twice last week and one this week. On Tuesday to be precise. You still enjoys my touch, you moaned and kissed me passionately. You missed me and has been craving for my touch. Doesn't the sex and all the intimacy we shared together means anything to you at all...

Florence gave a sarcastic laugh.

"It means absolutely nothing to me. Maybe a little pleasure at that moment... that's all.

Cole frowned and said.

"You're lying. I don't believe you at all. It maybe hard for you to admit but you can't possibly deceive me. No man have been able to touch you the way I do and no man will, not even your ex. Florence, I know all your weak spot...I study your body like book. So I know how you like it done...

Florence interrupted.

" You know all of this and yet you never got it right. You act like an animal during sex Cole, that's the bitter truth but it must be told. Listen to me, I'm not promiscuous or flirty like you. I stayed without getting intimate with any man for over two years, not that there were no man, not that I don't desire it sometimes but I'm not Coleman Spence, I'm Florence Richard Adam. I'm disciplined, God fearing and I respect my marriage vow which all means nothing to you. Go to bed Cole, let's not banter word to avoid pissing me off.

Cole looked at her for sometime, he breathed deeply.

"You are not the woman I used to know, you have really changed Florence. You no longer talked to me with fear and respect. I guess is because of my health...I won't be like this forever, hope you know?

Florence ignored him, she walked out of the room instead.

After an hour, she was calm and retuned. Cole wasn't sleeping as she climbed in beside him.

She gave enough space between them.

"I'm sorry Florence, I easily gets angry this days due to my condition. I do love you and appreciate everything you have been doing. I'm sorry sweetie, please look at me... I need you. I need your warmth, I want to hold you and...

Florence interrupted him.

"Sleep Cole. You can sing all the love poem from now till day break and there will still be nothin for you. If you disturb me further, I will either leave you alone here and move to either another room or I sleep on the floor. I mean it...

Cole became quiet and later said

"Florence, remember the doctor said I need to be exercising my waist, so that I can heal up faster. Making Love to my wife is part of the exercise if you really want me to get back on my feet soon..."

Florence sat up, turned to him and said.

"One more word from you again and I'm out of here. You have a gym house, go and exercise there but if you disturb me again, I will be out of here.

Cole did not bother her again. After sometime he dozed off.

Florence turned and stare at him.

She used to be very much in love with Cole but not again.

Looking at him now, she does not know what exactly she feels.

Maybe pity was what she has for him.

Florence couldn't see Maxwell on Saturday, she promised him again the following weekend

Maxwell had been patient, really hoping she will come back to him. He's patient were almost running out but she's kept persuading.

The only problem now is that Cole's healing process was taking longer than usual.

Cole on the other knew that Florence may probably leave him if she discover that he can do majority of things dependably.

He decided that he will continue to pretend just to have Florence stay with him.

The weekend she promised to go and see Maxwell came. that Friday night, she and Cole were as usual having their romantic fun

While they were at it, Florence mentioned Maxwell name twice.

Cole suddenly felt irritated with her

"Max... Max your ex? You just mentioned his name twice Florence. What the hell is wrong with you... we're making love as married couples do and instead of moaning my name you are calling your ex instead...

Florence acted all surprised.

"Did I? No...I didn't. It was your name I called... you probably did not hear me well."

Cole later continued but Florence called Maxwell's name for the third time and even more clearer.

Cole angrily pushed her off the bed, she fell and quickly stood up, took the glass cup that Cole used to take his meds and broke it on his head.

"Just giving you little dose of your own medicine and you can't take it... Coward. Those times you Kept calling Marina's name during sex, I asked you to stop because it drives me insane having my husband thinking of another woman while on top of me. You didn't stop so I decided to overlooked and endure it instead. The table is turned now and you can't even endure it like I did. Hurry and get back on your feet, let me know what I want to do with my life.

Florence clean herself. She ignored both the small blood running down Cole's forehead where she smashed the glass cup and the pitiful look on his face as she took a blanket and left the room.

When she returned back to the room in the morning, Cole was lying on the ground close to the bathroom.

Florence went to him, lifted him up and realized he was wet.

"What's this... whaaa... you pee on yourself...oh my God! But since three weeks now, you go to the bathroom sometimes on your own, with the help of your cane. Why didn't you call me since you needed help..

Cole didn't reply, she helped him to the bathroom instead.

She quickly hit up water, pulled off his cloths and scrubbed him up with the hot water.

Ever since he got better, Cole will always tell her not to bother, he wasn't handicap. He will bath himself and do other personal things on his own.

But he allowed Florence to attend to him without a word that morning.

He watched her treating him like a baby, before helping him to the bed.

He loves and enjoys every of it.

If that's what will keep his wife from leaving then he will continue to apply it.

She helped him get dressed before covering him up with a duvet as he lay down.

Florence cleaned up the room while Cole watched.

He has deliberately did what he did to get Florence pity and it works.

He has used the bathroom confidently before without help on numerous occasions.

"I'm sorry, I thought you were mad at me that was why I couldn't call. I was actually going before I suddenly fell and I couldn't get up. I remain there for over five hours...

Florence opened her eyes shocked when he said five hours.

"I'm sorry too Cole. Maybe I shouldn't have left you alone. I was truly pissed with the way you threw me off to the ground....but don't try that next time or I will do worst than just breaking a cup on your head...

She went downstairs and later came back with a hot coffee, just the way he likes his coffee.

They stayed in bed talking, and one thing lead to another and they got intimate again.

While they were still at it, there was a knock on the door.

It was Lizbeth.

"Mrs Spence, you have visitors. Susan your sister and the man with her said his name is Maxwell. They are sitting downstairs...

Florence quickly got off from Cole.

She wondered why Susan brought Maxwell to the house.

How will she face him now.

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