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Being Mrs Spence-Episode 19




Being Mrs Spence-Episode 19

Written By Amah's Heart


Florence got dressed and quickly went to see her visitors.

She tried to wear fake smile and pretend like she was truly happy to see them.

"Hey Susy.. Max. What are you doing here. Wasn't expecting you...

Florence tried to keep a steady eye contact with Maxwell despite finding it difficult.

Maxwell kept staring at her, when Florence couldn't keep up it, she looked away and refocused on Susan

Susan spoke first

"Flo, how're you...? Maxwell here wanted to visit. He knew that you will not agree for him to come over so he asked that I bring him and since I wanted to see you too, so...here we are.

Florence said mostly like a whisper.

"You could have called first but why is everyone wanting to see me... what's going on?

Maxwell who had not said anything spoke.

"I needed to know how you are doing first and obviously you are absolutely great. And another thing is to know why you have decided not to keep to your word. You kept postponing our meeting. I mean, we needed to talk, I also need to move on if you have decided to be with your husband. Instead of keeping me like a wanderer...let me know what you really want. Because I can no longer pretend or wait till eternity for you Flox. Is okay if you want to be with your husband, i will never stop you but what I dislike is playing with my emotions everytime...

Florence replied them angrily.

"Why are you being self centered Max, Susan you too. None of you even asked how Cole was doing. Do you all think I'm enjoying myself down here and care less about every one and everything else? Please, try and be sensitive for ones. Cole maybe on a wheelchair and his recovery process is slower than I thought he is still my husband until the divorce papers are signed and sealed by the Court of law. What y'all should be asking is how's Cole doing, atleast in that way I also feel cared for. Max, Driving down to my place and acting like I have done something wrong just because I haven't seen you yet is selfishness...I promise to see you Max, I haven't gotten the time yet but that I will do. Cole is my priority right now, if he's better then I can also think of moving on and...

Susan interrupted her with a finger pointing up stairs while standing to her feet. She was talking loudly so that Cole can hear her where ever he was.

" Do not force your Cole down our throats. I never liked him when he was healthy neither will I...now that he is probably bedridden. Your Cole is arrogant, disrespectful, egoistic and ill tempered...the list goes on. You choose to come back here and take care of his mess, is your choice as the Jesus baby, Bible quoting, virtuous woman and godly wife that you think you are. I'm not like you and do not for a second want to be stupid like you Florence. Coleman took advantage of your softness and plays you like a football. Remember the day you came to my house crying foul over how he dislike the cloth you wore to his office party and sent you back home because you were not dressed in the skimpy cloths he wanted... Yes, that day I wish I can shake you up a bit to stand up to him and tell him your momma did not raise a soft cat. Mom and Dad raised us to be God fearing, yes...but to also be tigris and not allow anyone to kick us around in the butt. I believe in God and loves my husband dearly. Jimmy is an amazing man but never will he disrespect me to the highest order and I will run back wiping his buttocks. Never...

Florence tries to give Susan sign to lower her voice because Cole may hear her. And to also mind what she is saying because of Maxwell was with them.

Susan did not pay attention to her.

Instead she moved closer to the stairs and raised her voice.

Making Florence to sank deeply in the cushion with her head bent.

"... Coleman Spence is super lucky to have a woman like you Flo. Is rare...women are no longer foolish but you chose to be. I can't talk you out of this whole thing...is your damn choice and I have Promise not to stress it again. Normally, Cole shouldn't eat his cake and have it again but he obviously can have it as many times as he chose to because he thinks you will always be there to clean his mess. C'mon Flo, this man never loved you like you deserve. he tortured you emotionally even before getting another woman pregnant, kicking you out after the whole insult with both his own mother and mistress. Threatening your life even while you were out. He live with his mistress roughly two years and never cares if you are alive or dead. After things got sour, and the whole pregnancy thing was all lies and deceit which he foolishly and blindly fell for... They both landed in the hospital and just like magic he asked his mama Golden or whatever they call her, a mother who failed to raise her son well... just a call and you flew back to them like they expected that you would..."

Maxwell tries to call an angry Susan to order but she ignored.

He took his car keys and was about leaving but needed Florence to look at him maybe for the last time.

Florence who couldn't take the insult from her elder sister stood up and said loudly.

", You should all be going... this is uncalled for Susan. We can't both be the same and like you stated earlier is my damn choice and I expect you to respect my choices and leave me the hell alone. Cole is my husband if you have forgotten that. He may not be perfect to your taste but he is changing for good. Stop trying to talk me out of caring for my husband. He needs me now than ever. He hurts me in the past and he is sorry. I can't kill him, this accident has almost crippled him if not for several medical intervention. I want him to be well, I don't have to level down his sins on his head every day. I can't Leave him now, that is what you all should bear in mind. Everyone should move on with his or her life. Leave me alone. You all should leave my house please...coming down to my home with insult is what I can't take from anyone...

Maxwell breathed deeply before walking out.

Susan moved closer to Florence and replied.

"You can't take insult from anyone except from Cole...I guess. You think he respects you now, Flo is just for the moment because right now, he is at your mercy so he has to behave nice just to earn your sympathy. His Golden mama has abandoned him, his sister... I'm sure that one can't spend a day with her own brother. Flo, remember that Dad was a good man, he treated Mom with love and Mom loved and respected him effortlessly. We were raised in a loving, godly home Flo. I care for you like my only sister ever since our parents passed, do you even think they will be happy right now with all of this. Allowing another man who wasn't raised properly or choose to behave right to treat you like trash? I will never... ever tolerate it and Jimmy will never ever try such. Is not in him and mostly because he knows the woman he got married to. I'm leaving your house and never coming back...

Susan took her bag and started walking to the door. She suddenly turned and said to Florence.

"... tell Cole that i will run him over with my car without any iota of guilt if I see him standing by the road side. He dares not challenge me, I will spit on his stupid face. You are nursing him back to health because you are his second Mama golden and silver. Rubbish!! I hate what he has turned you into. Is eight years already with no child or children to count on. You feel Coleman is your cross, then continue to carry him. Maxwell is moving on with his life. He should quickly do so. That young fine man has tried. He calls me often, begging me to talk to you Flo. He loves you and despite all that has happened he still wants to be with you but since you choose your Coleman, I can only wish the best. I hopes this time around, he doesn't pregnant another sexy woman for real...

Susan walked out, Florence watched her kicked her car angrily, she said something, before going in and driving off with speed.

Maxwell was already gone before Susan even came out of the house.

Florence went to a chair and sat hard.

She saw Lizbeth who obviously heard almost everything Susan said.

"Ma'am, I'm sorry to say but your sister is an angry bird. She is too hot and almost ready to fight. Her voice was echoing all over the house. I'm sorry you have to go through all of this. Mr Spence is a nice man and deserves another chance to life. He has a good heart, he may not show it often but aside his good looks his heart is equally good. Maybe with time you will get to see it... don't listen to anyone who tries to condemn him without even getting to know him closely.

Florence did not say anything to Lizbeth as she climbed up.

Cole had earpiece on both ears, either listening to music while lying down and facing up or some other thing.

Florence removed it from his ears. he turned to her, smiled and said.

"I guess your visitors are gone. Susan's nonsense rant was getting to the room, I have to get something to block my two ears so that I won't hear her. Well, I have been listening and enjoying cool music...

Florence decided not to talk about the drama with her sister and Cole never asked.

Instead Cole spoke differently on another topic.

He pointed at the fertility medicine bottle that was already half and how Florence should try and get more of the drugs for him if she was truly out in helping him get better in every area.

Florence told him that she used her last money in the account to pay up his debt.

The money he was owning his company, she used all she had to clear the debt and there is nothing much left with her except feeding money.

Cole insisted that she should try and get the fertility drugs for him, he does not want to miss out on the three months constant medication like the doctor had advised him.

Florence didn't reply as she quietly went about her day.

The drugs were very expensive, she can't afford them for Cole. Not right now.

She has tried to pay up many other Cole's general medication bills. Expenses was too much on her shoulder and weighing her down already.

After a week Cole continue to pester her over getting the meds for his fertility.

Florence end up borrowing some money from her colleagues to get the drugs just for peace to reign and to make Cole happy.

Cole thanked her very well as he continued with the drugs.

The bank was sending a reminder message to him concerning the house on collateral.

He showed each message to Florence.

Although it wasn't time yet but it was for them to be at alert.

"Most times, this things gives me sleepless nights...I really don't know what to do. Sweetie, if the bank take this house we will be homeless. I wish I have a means I can get money to pay up the bank. Is not even a small amount of money, where on Earth will I even get the money. I'm out of job, not physically fit yet to look for another. Even if I get employed now, I need to work like a year before getting entitled to a loan.... I'm deeply troubled sweetie. My Mom will never agree to help, she does not even have up to such amount to loan out. Sweetie, do you...

Florence stopped him from completing the sentence.

"Don't even think of asking me such questions. the only friend I had is Tina and since she got married and moved to far East we haven't even spoken for over a year now. The only time she chat me up was last year when she needed money to stock up her food stuffs business after the arrival of her first child. She asked me to loan her, I don't have such amount of money she was asking for. but I was able to send her little money just to support her business. Susan is the last person I will ever go to, even if she has, Susan won't help. Maxwell, my ex is a no go area....

Cole fled up angrily

"You are mentioning people that will only mock us...mock me especially at the end. Don't even think of going to all of this people you just mentioned. They're only looking out for our downfall...how about getting a loan from your office....?

Florence looked at him angrily.

"Cole, how can you even suggest that kind of thing? You think my company will give me such a huge amount for a loan? Cole, I wasn't there when you were borrowing money from every angle and pumping into Marina. Wanting me to wash the dishes after eating and enjoying yourself with her is uncalled for. If I decide or choose to help you wash it does not give you more right to keep packing dirty dishes to the sink for me to tidy. There is absolutely nothing I can do to help...if the bank are ready, they should come and take the house. We will live in the street. You can even move to madam Gold's house. She is your mother after all and won't kick you out. She has a big house and still has extra building occupied by tenants in an estate. She may give you an accommodation...

Cole frowned at what Florence said. He raised his voice angrily and said.

"You are talking rubbish Florence. How can you even say all of this without any sign of fear or respect? Is better if you did not say anything at all because you ended up getting me more annoyed with all you said. If you are only helping so that you can rob it on my face in the future then stop helping. Your husband kindly asked for your help because his house is about to be taking from him, and the only thing a self claimed loving wife will say is for him to be thrown to the street because she has decided not to forgive or forget his past mistake. Are you without sin... don't you used to do things that I overlooked or forgive? Because I sin differently you think you are better than me. If you want to go to your perfect ex boyfriend that has no spot then byee...the door is open. But I'm sure of one thing you will run back to me in no time... nonsense!

Florence looked at him and shakes her head sadly.

"You're an ungrateful fool. Even if I kill myself for you Cole you will still not appreciate it. My ex, Maxwell will make a better man than you will ever be. You are naturally wicked and I hate you for putting me through so much pain...I...I ju..

She swallowed hard , blinked back tears.

Florence stormed out with a bag and few things in it.

Cole was calling her to come back but she ignored him and left.

She drove to Maxwell's house, knocked on the door.

Bianca who was stepping out opened up, and greeted her kindly. she asked to see Maxwell.

She told him that Maxwell was in his room, since is a weekend, he doesn't come out on time.

Bianca wanted to go and inform him but Florence asked her not to worry, she will go and meet him up.

She went to his room, knocked on the door. No response. She knocked again and again.

"Who's there, what's the problem...do you need something...?

Florence did not respond, instead she turned the handle of the door and realized it was not locked.

She opened it and entered the large beautifully designed room.

Maxwell seems to be working with his mini apple system on a table close to his bed.

He turned and was shocked to see Florence.

He didn't stand, he remained seated looking at her.

Florence slowly walked to meet him.

She opened her mouth to say something but closed it. Maxwell continued looking at her.

She summoned courage and said

"Hey... Max. I'm sorry I came unannounced. I needed to talk with someone... I'm practically done with Cole. He is so ungrateful. Despite everything, he still makes all my efforts looks useless...

Maxwell breathed deeply but still did not say a word

."... I'm sorry for the way I spoke to you and Susan the last time... I love you Max, I Know you may not believe me because...

She paused.

Maxwell spoke

"Because you have been getting intimate with Cole right...while taking care of his health. But you outrightly refused me touching you when we were together? I love you too Florence but I'm trying to move on with my life. You have kept me waiting for almost a year now and I'm not stupid. While I waited was because I was hoping you will come back as you promised but you did not. Now, I'm trying to get over you, here you are trying to rekindle my feelings for You again after which you will run back to your Coleman as usual...

She blinked back tears. Maxwell may not deeply love or want her like before if he knows that she has been sleeping with Cole.

"I never slept with him. We only get to kiss maybe ones or twice but that's all. He did not touch me neither did I. I refused him from touching me Max. You are the only man I want...for real this time...

Maxwell stood, gently draw her into an embraced.

"Is okay Flox. I'm happy there is no intimacy between you and him. Having you back is a dream come true. Please, stay with me... let's plan our life together. But you have to sign the divorce paper if you haven't done so. I don't want half of you..I want you all...

He bent over and kissed her and she responded. Maxwell kissed her face, her neck and back to her mouth.

He paused and asked her if she has eaten. She said she has not but don't have appetite for food.

Maxwell, tickled her until she began to laugh.

He made her sit on his lap.

"Let's go so that I can make your favorite delicacy for you...I miss you so much Flox. I will feed you like a child and will take you out later in the day... alright?

She smiled and nooded.

Maxwell took her hand and kissed them.

Florence suddenly feels abnormal movement in her bowel.

She has vomited twice yesterday and thought it was probably what she ate.

She felt like throwing up again but held herself.

The force of the vomit, ran from her stomach to her throat.

She stood, and rushed to Maxwell private bathroom and began to throw up.

."Flox, are you alright? What is it...do you have fever? You are throwing up..what did you take?

Maxwell asked as he came to stand by the bathroom door.

Florence replied that she was fine, just to dismiss Maxwell.

She stayed in the bathroom staring at herself in the mirror.

What is the problem with her? She has not been feeling alright for days now but waved it off.

hope is not what she was thinking.

when last did she see her monthly flow? What if she is pregnant for Cole?

Florence gasped out and frown angrily.

She can't think about that right now.

She washed her face and went to join Maxwell, who was still relaxing by the door and watching her.

As she was about getting to him she felt like throwing up again and rushed back to the bathroom.

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