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Water Mate - Epilogue




Water Mate - Epilogue

Mystery Mate Series present

By Authoress Kemmy B. Gabriel


Returning home was the best thing that had ever happened to me. Finn and I finally got that honeymoon on my special island, I showed him my treasures, forced him to visit the new sea king with me and then spent the rest of the days in the bedroom. When we returned, I resumed duty as a queen, taking care of the financial deals of the kingdom. I was always working with Finn, we both had great ideas and enough time to slip in some extra "activity" between works. I took over Lida's duty, joined Finn in training to sharpen my skills. Kassandra was a blast, she had gotten so much stronger and sometimes we would sneak out with Claudia like in old times and go on missions.

Claudia, I honestly don't know what is up with that one, as usual she gave up on anything love and relationships but gladly accepted to be some kind of assassin for the gods or whatever she calls it. It would surprise you to know that she had a daughter, don't look at me, I was as shocked as she was herself. How did it happen? You know that time she tried to make Eros jealous? She quit it and decided to just move on with her life, became a battle angel for Zeus and did his work. Then few months before I returned, they met again, had a one time thing and boom! She got pregnant but hid away from everyone so no one would know.

Two months after I returned, she appeared with her cute little angel in her arms, she pleaded with us not to let anyone know she owns the baby and handed her over to Kassandra to parent her. Claudia didn't believe in motherhood, she was made to battle and eliminate, that is her mission in existence so a baby was comprising things. Of course Kassandra and Axel accepted the beautiful child, they didn't have any child of their own. It wasn't going to be easy, the child was immortal, a goddess. We all knew that sooner or later, Aphrodite would find out a mini version of herself and her son exist. But until then, we were going to keep her safe.

If keeping a stubborn child safe is a thing. She is as stubborn as her mother, always looking for trouble even though she is nothing but a year old. If had been a year since I returned, a year of ruling and enjoyment. I was happy with my life, I didn't need anyone else.

"Floriana, I am telling you I hate what you have done to the garden, it's filled with so much colours and flowers and scents, it's disturbing!" Finn complained. I gave the garden a touch up and he won't let me be. I didn't have the strength for him, I was dizzy and exhausted.

"Finn, please, let's talk about this tomorrow," I murmured. He eyed me for the umpteenth time, he still insist I see a physician for my recent sickness and lack of blood. It had been a month since it started, I was always throwing up and needed to drain more blood from the blood garden, probably the heatwave.

"Floriana, let's go see a physician, I have been telling you that for weeks! You don't look fine at all!"

"I am, I just need to feed..."

"You are not a vampire, you don't need to constantly take blood!" He bellowed, throwing his hands up.

"I don't want to see any physician! I can heal myself and it's not like they would know what is wrong with me, I am a sea person remember?"

He huffed and threw himself on the bed, probably thinking. "Elfina!" He exclaimed all of a sudden. "Why didn't I think of her sooner? She would know!"


"We are going to see her first thing tomorrow morning, I need to know what is wrong with you." It wasn't a decision to be argued. The next day, I was met with a pretty unexpected news.

"I am what?!"

"Pregnant, you are four months pregnant," Elfina repeated nonchalantly as she flipped the page of her book.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, how come? I thought she was going to get pregnant in years to come?"

Elfina raised her eyes from the book and gave Finn a sardonic look, "because most vampires get pregnant after hundreds of years or never at all doesn't mean there isn't a possibility for the baby to come early. Plus, your wife isn't a vampire, she is a mermaid. If you take a good observation, when a male vampire mates with females of other beings, the chances of them having a child is higher, like Lida and Eamon or a human female to a vampire, especially those."

"Oh," Finn looked at me in an horrific way.


"You are not giving birth to an egg, are you?"

Elfina chuckled while I rolled my eyes, "no, I am not bearing an egg." I glared at him.

"But your kind bear eggs," he said with the same horror. I sighed and shook my head.

"A mermaid bearing an egg or live offspring depends on how strong the father gene is, her kind and class of mermaid or luck. I am not a mermaid if you would remember, plus I've spent all my life on land."

He grimaced, the questions I was avoiding finally came. "I've been meaning to ask, do mermen have dicks?"

"Finn," I whined.

"I'm curious." He shrugged.

"Most people don't know this but yes, they do, both on land and in water. There is a hidden flap when they are in the water just about where you would expect it would be, both girls and boys. Their genitals is hidden inside their tails, the tail just act as a covering. It erects when needed and stop looking at me like that."

"So basically if..."

"Finn, I am more worried about my baby here. I am pregnant in case you didn't hear her! My child is probably a vampire which will make bearing him or her..."

"Him," Elfina corrected. I took in a sharp breath, "he'll be more vampire than your kind but still have your ability to control water and maybe more."

"Okay, so it literally means I have to transform to have him or I'll die!"

"You can't give birth to him in water, he'll drown!"

"I don't think so," I tried to remember what mother taught me, "if a full blooded newborn can stay underwater for up to 35 minutes without needing air, then I'm sure he will be able to manage for ten to fifteen before I get him out. And tail birth is more painful because my tail flaps would have to split apart and sometimes even up to my thighs, I don't want to feel like sushi." I lamented. Birthing of merlings is extremely painful, especially when the child is fathered by non mermen.

At least that was what mother told me.

"Okay, I'm going to worry about this later and panic now... Finn how could you dare get me pregnant without my permission?!"

"Excuse me?! How was I suppose to know that you would conceive?!" He exclaimed incredulously. "Are you really blaming me for getting you pregnant or is this hormones? Definitely, that would explain your recent snapping."

"Finn, what if..."

"Don't even think about it," he growled. I hugged my stomach, I was going to be a mother, whether a good mother or not, I would do great.




The pregnancy took so long, everyday made me more snappy and redrawn until the day my baby came. Finn was out on royal business, I was at the ice garden with Sandra, chattering about things when my water broke. The pain was indescribable, when others talked about it, I didn't know it was that hard. Now imagine how hard human pregnancy is, double it and there you have my kind's. Since Sandra couldn't run me back home because any slight mistake would kill me, she helped me to the fountain. I blew fire into it to reduce the coldness of the water before I got inside and shifted.

"How is it suppose to work? What am I suppose to do?" Sandra asked panickingly.

"Hold my hands," I cried. She took my left hand and held it tight. I rested back in the fountain, placing my head on her shoulder. You know that middle line between a mermaid's tail? It's there for a reason.

My claws sank into her palms as the splitting began. My water curtains began ripping apart like I was being sawed in half. I used my other hand to grab Sandra's, breaking her bone with the strength but she didn't move. The agonising pain of my tail tearing apart forced me to scream my lungs out, blood covered the once clear water as my tail slowly tore apart to my mid thigh section. I threw my head back as the second stage of pain began, the umbilical cord detached. Sweat drenched my body, tears drowned my face. I mentally vowed not to ever get pregnant again and kill Finn when he returns.

After almost two hours of screaming and hurting Sandra, I was free. More blood gushed out of me, completely turning the fountain water into a blood pool. I panted heavily, fighting the urge to pass out.

"Get him out of the water," I whispered. Sandra quickly freed herself from me, dipped her hands into the water and felt around until she got him out.

"What? No eggshell?" She said disappointedly.

"If it was an egg, it would have been easier than this, less painful," I explained as I took the blood covered baby. With my claw, I cut off the cord and wiped the blood out of his face with my hair. "Finn, I need Finn, the baby must feed from his father or mother but I don't have any blood left in me."

"The king is far away, what do we do?" Sandra panicked. I fought the exhaustion as I breastfeed him. Once he drank enough, I let myself sink into the water to pass out as my tail merged back.


Well, that was how I eventually got my only son and child, I wasn't joking about the never getting pregnant again thing. By the time I woke up, Finn was back and allover our son who he already named Elroy. I was on blood for days before I finally had the strength to walk and take care of our son, forbade him from touching Elroy for a whole month as punishment for not being there.

My story had ended. I ran away from the sea to take refuge on land, only to be welcomed by two amazing sisters and parents. We had our good and bad times, went through a lot and discovered secrets, but we made it through. Then fate played a game and gave me a mate, a mate I was born for. We didn't start out good if you would count my first life, but we ended up great with the most precious little boy.

Time flew fast, Elroy grew fast with wisdom and power. Kale never came around much after I had him, but as years flew by, he found his mate and I heard she gave him hell. When I met her, there was something familiar about her, but I couldn't place my finger on it. Elroy was much more attached to her than me, his love for her filled me with concern. At first I thought he would fall in love with her, but Elfina made me know that Elroy would be the guardian and protector of Kale's children, that his love for the mother is because of the children born and yet to be born.

"Elroy has a great part to play in their lives, their destiny is entwined. I don't know what the future hold for them, but I believe that together, they would make it through. So until then, we would have to wait and see."

The End.

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