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Water Mate - Chapter 27




Water Mate - Chapter 27

Mystery Mate Series present

By Authoress Kemmy B. Gabriel


Suzanne's standpoint

Making my way back to the home I ran away from, it brought back so much memories; painful memories. The route had change since I was last here, the sea had gone black and the corals and rocks were dead, no fishes was in sight. The water grew colder as I swam closer to the palace, it was like carrying my own tail to death. I couldn't breathe calmly, I was very worried, worried about the fact that I knew I couldn't stop her. My head was throbbing with worry, my scales tingling as I got closer to the heart of the darkness. I swam into the quiet city, my eyes widened in despair when I saw what was left of the once beautiful city.

The soulless bodies of mermaids and mermen littered the ground, every single building was destroyed in one way or the other, dead sea horse attached to their carrier. Achlys had drained the life force out of all of them, killing some while most were still alive. My eyes watered as I stared at the destruction, evil people would always seek chaos. Sighing and holding the tears back in, I swam ahead to the palace. The body of the guards weren't different from the others, even the fish guards were lifeless.

"How strong is Achlys," I mused. I was still swimming and looking around the destroyed palace with my eyes when I felt something heading my way, I quickly spun out of the way.

A rowdy and dry laughter engulf the palace, spread through the ocean. Above the palace, dark clouds stood over it and a form stood below it. She swam down, her darkness trailing behind her, wrapping around her body and connecting to her tail. Achlys giggled and twirled in the water, smiling to the music in her head.

"Isn't it just lovely sister?" She giggled, swinging the trident carelessly in her hand. "Do you love my new dress?" Achlys was just like me, only that everything about her was black.

"If you call that thing a dress, then whatever you say." I shrugged. Her darkness was overwhelming, it was taking a whole lot of energy to keep it away from me.

"Just look at you," she eyed me with disdain, "so beautiful and perfect, glowing in all those sickening flamboyant colours, shining brightly with your rainbow scales, you make me sick."

"I guess you'll be glad to know the feeling is mutual," she threw her head back and cackled. "Love what you have done to the place," I said as I looked around, "suits you."

"I know right," she chirped, "it takes true genius to be able to create such wonderful environment." She purred, spreading her hands to exaggerate her point.

"Hmm, you had to ruin my wedding, didn't you?"

"Somebody had to do it," she shrugged, "is is bad that I wanted my baby sister to come visit?* She pouted, "I missed you." She laughed at her own ridiculous words.


"Nah uh uh, don't call my name, bad things always happen to those I hate that dares call my name," her eyes darkened more than it already had, "you are a disgrace to every sea creature out there, mating with a vampire?! Really sister?!"

"Who I choose to be with is none of your concern," I replied calmly.

"Yes it is! You let that bloodsucker strip you, see your glorious body and drink from you! A mermaid and a vampire, that doesn't even make any sense! You only made me hate you more!"

"So what is it going to be? I need to get back to my husband," I replied mirthlessly. The trident began to spark with black bolts of energy as she growled.

"I will give you two options, you either make this easy by surrendering your powers willingly and I will make your death less painful, or you fight me, I kill you and still take them, which one will it be?"

I stroke my chin, pretending to be thinking about it, "how about none?"

"I was hoping you would say that, fighting you is way more fun." I swept my tail up, avoiding the ice shards coming from behind me. I spun around to see my attacker, none other than zombie Proteus.

He shot out his arm again, causing the ice shards to form from the water and hurl towards me. I waved the ice back to him, enlarging it. A tower of water shot at me, trying to grab me. I spun out of the way, making sure my finger graced it, freezing the ice. Achlys disappeared, leaving me with just Proteus.

Proteus attacked without a break, sending shards of ice, his energy water balls and the plants of the sea to get a hold of or kill me. I dodged as much as I could, blood controlling won't work on him because he had no blood in him. The water shot rocks and items at me, ones I skillfully dodged as I swam closer to Proteus. He turned and swam off when I got closer, I charged my tail with more current, swam to his front and slapped him down to the ground with my tail.

His body plunged down like an anchor, bashing against the ocean floor. Using my pearl binding spell, I tied him to the ground. I whipped around, shot my hands forward and blocked the blast from the trident sent my way. The power zapped into my system, tearing past my veins and blood vessels. Pain, the pain ate into my hands, transferring to my shoulders, back, stomach and down to my tail. The darkness passed into me, she was sucking my energy away. Achlys laughed, adding more powers to her attack.

I inhaled, channelling my own energy into my hands and sending it forth to the tips of my fingers. Rainbow energy slowly coated the black blast, slowly growing from my hands and eating it way to her. Achlys growled, adding her second hand to the trident.

"You are not going to defeat me sister, not even when I'm dead!"

"Urgh!" I grunted as the sudden rush of energy, power was leaving my body, more power than I ever expected to use. It was then I remembered Kale warned me that she could sap my energy and redirect it even stronger. I tried to stop myself, but I had no control over my hands or body.

"Having problems little sister?" She taunted. "Surely you can do better than that... Oh wait, you can't." She laughed. I screamed as she returned my energy to me, mixed with dark arrows. The blast whacked me against a building, smashing me through it to the other side.

My body plunged down some stairs, breaking it down with my body as I hit each one. I grunted and moaned in pain, my body was badly hurt. I made to move, but my pearl bind attack suddenly tied me up, squeezing my tail together.

"Let's see how well you do with underwater electricity," she laughed. Current flowed through the pearls after she snapped her fingers, the bolts transferred into my body. I screamed and thrashed on the ground, trying to free myself from the pearls and the pain. "Sister, the more you struggle, the stronger the electricity." She mocked.

Each movement caused an indescribable pain, things in me melted, snapped, still all I could see was bolts. I grabbed a chain of pearls, screaming from the full force of lightning coursing from it. With all my strength, I ripped the pearls off and hurled it back at her. The pearls snapped itself around her before she could move. Achlys screamed out in pain, but it was short lived as she smiled. Her body sucked up the charges, it adapted to the current and made it food to feed her powers.

I took in a deep breath, every attack was a means to energise her. "Shouldn't have done that sister, let's try another attack shall we?" She spun her black trident circularly above her head seven times before pointing it at me. Beam of energy zapped out from each fork, deep red energy rushing to me. I raised my hand, putting my shield up around me.

The beams hit the forcefield, clamping down on it with a choppy sound. I held up my other hand weakly, panting for breath. Achlys growled and increased the beam to a full bloom blast. The forcefield began to crack with every passing seconds, I held it up as much as I could, power left my body. It was no use, even as I was fighting her, she was draining my energy. The barrier shattered to pieces, the red blast made it way down to my weak body. I screamed in anguish, the fire impaled me to the ground, burning my body. It was like standing under the sun in a hot desert, or getting caught up in a burning house.

The fire engulfed my body, swallowing my scream and destroyed any beauty I might have had left. I couldn't see properly, even after she stopped. She used the trident to pick me up and hurled me away. The water swept through me, I was thrown somewhere and I knew where it was the moment my body plunged down on one of the big spiky ice. The ice cut through my back, burst out through my chest and rose high above me. Shards of ice impaled my hands and my tail.

"Did you really think you can stop me sister? I am all powerful!" Two pillar of rock rose from the ground at her command, each by my side. "Goodbye sister, it was nice killing you." The pillars enclosed on me, rumbling on the ground as they drew closer.

I shut my eyes, I was a failure. I promised Finn I would return, I knew I lied but I still had this little hope that maybe, just maybe there was a chance for me to return. I never got that baby I wanted, never got to spend my honeymoon away from the palace. The rocks closed together, compressing me, smashing the ice inside of me as my bones broke into pieces. I smiled at the white light in my eyes, a painful smile.

"Finn, forgive me..." I trailed off as my eyes closed, giving in to the darkness. But before my eyes completely closed, the spirit of a woman hovered over me, smirking as she sucked on her finger. She was beautiful, her eyes were like mine; ocean blue.

"Do you know why I begged Selene to make you the mate of one of her most strongest sons?" Her voice whispered into my ears, it was like a gentle ocean wave. "Because a blessed son of Selene has the power to do and undo in anger or in determination, a powerful force like one of her creation will divide the earth to save his mate, and because beings like Finn and Kale, don't die."

Her musical laughter trailed after me as the darkness enfolded me. I was at the edge of falling, her words echoed in my head, I needed to trust in my mate bond, so I searched for it. I searched deep inside of me for that connection, deeper for the powers that could save me. Memories of Finn flooded the darkness; his smile, laughter, playful moments and amuse eyes. Our wedding came to mind, my promise to him jolted energy through me. I promised him I would return and return I would, forcing my spirit to look for what I needed...

And I found it.

I felt his worry, his fear, his pain as he cried in his throne room. He thought I was dead, I was already dead honestly and the pain was destroying him. I saw his memories, felt his desire and regret, his blames on himself. I saw through his wet eyes, watched him clutch his chest as he screamed in agony, tears gushing down his eyes and hitting the floor like acid. The walls were cracked but his anger and pain remained confined in the throne room. He slammed his fist on the floor, calling out my name and begging me to return to him, to remember my promise and don't let him continue to feel the pain. My soul and spirit cried with him, I wanted to return, I needed to return.

"Finn! Finn!" I shouted his name, begging him to hear me, to respond and see that I was there. "Finn please listen!"

Trust in the mate bond... The woman's voice whispered again.

I gave in to my desire to return, gave in to the pain he was feeling as I cried out to him. I felt different, I could feel around me. Finn's heart was mine, his breath came out of my mouth, his eyes were in mine, his voice heated my vocal. Our hearts merged together, our feelings became one, he was in me as I was in him. And beyond the horizon of darkness, a red form stood staring at me, it powers overwhelming mine. His red eyes flashed with delight before his lips curled up and one word came out...


••••••••••••••••• Narrative •••••••••••••••••

The pleasant sound of her bones crushing made Achlys grin with satisfaction, everything ended up the way she knew it would. Staying locked up for so many years gave her enough time to build her strength, to connect her mind to her sister's and have the ability to turn any attack to energy for her. It was the perfect way to end her. If she hadn't been locked up, she wouldn't have developed such incredible abilities, she would have been dead with just a single strike from Kymopoleia.

She let out a laugh when the rocks slapped together, echoing out a squishy sound from what it crushed. Achlys twirled in the water, jubilating her success. Once her sister's soul ascended, she would collect it and become a dark goddess. Finally, she would have enough powers to fight and destroy all the gods of the sea, killing them one after the other until she alone is the supreme. Then maybe, just maybe she can manipulate the vampire into becoming her mate.

Having the body of her sister had it consequences, she felt the attraction to the bloodsucker as well and couldn't help but feel the need to make him hers. Once she became the supreme water goddess, she would find and make him hers or go for the beautiful son of Selene that lived on earth. She was a woman after all and if there is one thing all women want is a good and powerful man.

"Proteus, see what I did? I killed her so easily, aren't I wonderful?"

"Yes Milady," the dead-living king grumbled. Achlys was about to speak more when the rocks started shaking, from gently to violently.

"Her soul is so strong it's shaking the rocks, she must be stronger than I thought," she mused. The rocks shattered as a white and blue light burst out. The wave of the blast sent both her and Proteus flying away.

Steading herself by spinning her tail until she got her balance, Achlys growled once more and swam back to the scene. Mass of energy floated in the spot where the rocks used to be, blue energy twisting in itself, whirling and curling into a ball. A creepy smile formed on her lips, this was what she was looking for. She lifted her trident to sap the energy, but a bolt from the energy zapped her. With a scream, she swam back, holding her hand where it hit. It wasn't like the last one, this one shot agonising pain through her trembling hands.

The mass slowly began to shape into a body, the formed part turning rainbow and white. Achlys watched with mouth open, unable to comprehend what was happening or what to do. In a matter of five minutes, her sister stood before her with eyes closed, unknown powers radiating from her body. The energy she was giving off didn't feel like any sea energy, it was foreign; dangerous to her.

A gasp left her mouth when Floriana opened her eyes, it was red but not the red of her merside, the red of a bloody vampire. Red veins stretched from her wrists to her shoulders, neck and up her face. Not a single scale covered her cheeks or body except her tail. The other colours turned sober as the red dominated them, the red of her vampire mate. Achlys swam back as she gulped, real fear enveloped her as her sister transformed into a vampire demon. Claws as fucking long as wolverine's, strong and shiny with silver, fangs dripping with blood and stopping at her bottom lips like a mini saber-toothed tiger. Her pallor skin almost looked ripped and dry and covered in black markings.

Achlys shook it off, she shouldn't be afraid, she could contain energy. Floriana smirked at her before looking her hands. "Still think I'm a disgrace for mating with a vampire king? Who knew I could take his powers and blend it with mine?"

"It changes nothing, I will drain your energy like I did before!" Achlys yelled, trying to sound brave.

"Sister, I can perceive your fear," Florry whispered tauntingly and inhaled, "I can hear the rattle of the trident as your hands tremble. This form isn't just a vampire, it strikes fear into the hearts of who sees it," she tilted her head, "let's see how strong I am now."

"Proteus, now!" Like a puppet, the dead whipped a current of water towards Floriana. She laughed and raised her hand, enjoying the new energy her mate gave her. She twisted the current around her wrist, shot out her hand, snapping it around the tail of the zombie king. Florry yanked her hand backwards, pulling him to her with a strength none of her kind possess.

Catching the man by his throat, she smiled deviously to her sister and crushed his neck, transferring heated rays into his body and destroying it permanently. Achlys raised the trident and released it energy, sending a spiral blast of black energy to Floriana. With a yawn, she whipped the energy away, directing the force to the ground. Thrashing her tail, she was beside her sister with a grin. She grabbed a hold of the trident, causing Achlys to scream as the gold returned. Achlys let go of it and swam further away from her vampire sister, watching as the trident fully returned to gold.

"I don't need this," Florry threw the trident on the ground, it forks plunging into the earth with a dinging and clacking thud. "Now where were we?"

"What...how is this possible!" Achlys screamed, everything she killed for was about to end. Rotating a orb in her hands, Achlys fired the dark orb towards her sister. Florry ticked it back to it owner, adding her own energy with a single flicker.

The red and black orb shot to Achlys, she swam out of the way but it made an unexpected turn, hitting her right in the tail. Instant paralysis took hold of her tail, the bones froze along with it strength. She screamed as she fell down to the ground like she was carrying an anchor. The force of the collision dug the earth two feet down. Floriana swam above her and released the red energy Finn once used, combining it with hers. The two powers laced into each other, spinning down with a rush and in a spiral motion. The large blast hit it target mercilessly, pushing the earth further to break down, cracking the soil beneath the ocean.

Achlys' scream echoed through the vast ocean, the scream of the end of it troubler. The earth dug further down as Floriana increased the force of the powers, determined to break through Achlys' thick barrier. The energy burst her into mass, destroying her body and releasing her dark energy. Floriana abruptly stopped the attack and stretched her hand towards the trident, the trident flew straight to her. Once the trident touched her hand with a pop, she spun it above her head, summoning a current above her to draw the dark energy. The current sucked up every single last one of it, extending to draining the ones around the palace. Once all was in, she trapped it in a large ball, threw the trident back on the ground and held it.

Her palms reddened as she crushed the ball with Finn's destructive element, the particles falling into the curtain of her tail and transferring to light energy. The ball completely melted into her tail, giving her a new energy. She slumped down to the ground as her mate's form left her abruptly, sapping all her strength.

Floriana smiled as she looked up from where she laid, she did it. However the sea was destroyed, there was still so much to do and she would have to stay to fix it and wait until a new ruler is elected. She placed a hand on her chest, sending a grateful and assuring emotion to her mate that she was okay.

"Kymopoleia, you did well," the woman's voice echoed in the sea, "you must take the trident and return the souls it took and purify the ocean. Then you must journey to the place it would show you, a place where you would release the new king and owner of the trident. The journey there is dangerous for I set great traps to keep evil away from him, he was too young and fragile to be known. I would remove the traps but I would not, you must get there with your own might and strength.

Once the king is free, you will live with him, teach him the ways of light and how to rule. Until he is fully established on the throne and fit to rule, you cannot leave the ocean or return to your mate. All connections with him has been cut off so his strength would not aid you, you must do this alone and prove that you can survive with your own powers. Rest a little and then begin your work."

She closed her eyes, she couldn't feel Finn's strength but she knew he was there. It was a way better assignment than dying, and she would stop at nothing until she gets back to her mate, until she returns to Finn.

Finn's standpoint

I walked around the castle with hands behind my back, humming as I took long sluggish steps. Floriana promised to return yet it had been a year and a week since she left me, I knew it was coming and she would never come back. At first she died, I felt it and almost died myself before she returned and borrowed my powers. After my powers returned, I only felt her assurance that she was fine, but everything ended after that. The year had given me time to rebuilt the castle which I almost destroyed, to change a lot of things as I hoped she would return. Even though it looked like she would never come back, I still had hope that maybe, just maybe she would return.

Knight flew above, squawking as his wing flapped ferociously. His was good, Florry left his mate behind and their little hatchlings were learning how to fly with him. It brought me joy that he was happy and much more friendlier since a woman dominated him, funny though. Floriana could never stop being a blessing, for the plans she left, the help she gave me, the blood garden which I was still grateful for. Through her Axel and Lida found their mate, I wouldn't even mention how her sister managed to get herself the position of the assistant to Axel, she had gotten way more stronger since she was turned. She helped me gained the full loyalty of my people, maybe that was her part.

I had hope that even if she didn't ever come back to me, another her would come just like she did. I missed her, no doubt about her. Many times I had pleaded with Kale to help me check on her, his report was always positive and filled me with hope that maybe she would return after all.

"M'lord," Casmir snapped me out of my thoughts, "the new shipment of drugs has arrived, do you want to accompany me to get it or should I go on my own?" He asked grinningly, he had been bouncing with excitement since he found out he was going to be an uncle. Eamon's elf DNA made it possible for Lida to conceive quicker than any vampire, Elfina said the child would be an elf with half of his father's powers, no vampiric trait.

"I will stay back, have anyone found Sebastian yet?" That stubborn creature ran away three days earlier.

"No, his scent hasn't been picked up yet, but we are planning to get Nigel to track him down since he is the best at tracking."

I nodded and waved him off, averting my eyes to the gate. I could hear heavy paws, like that of Sebastian's. His heavy blissful breathing filled my ears, the idiot was back.

"Nevermind then," Casmir chuckled. Sebastian whopped as he leapt over the high gate, cracking the ground with the force of his landing. A light laughter merged with his, one I hadn't heard for a year.

"Casmir?" I breathe, asking him if I was seeing things, like Floriana riding on Sebastian's back.

"No m'lord, it's real, she's real!"

"Finn!" She threw herself down and ran over to me, dramatically spreading her arms. I remained frozen, not sure if she was real because hallucination had been a buddy to me since she left. Her scent hit me, our connection snapped back into position.

She was real.

"Sea girl!" I rushed her in a tight embrace, spinning her in the air as she laughed. Her body contact with mine filled up the emptiness in my soul. "You came back!"

"Told you I would," she grinned, "thankfully, Sebastian felt my presence and came for me, I was in a real pickle there," she glanced back at Sebastian who was purring in excitement.

"I've missed you," I squeezed her into me, not wanting to ever let go.

"Thank you, I still need air though... Hi Casmir!" She pushed at my chest to release her but no, she is never leaving my sight again. "Can't breathe, need air..." She gasped. I released her, she gasped and stepped back.

"What happened? Why did it take you so long to return? Do you know how hard it has been for me?" I asked shakily, the lady was capable of making me a crying mess.

"I had to find and rescue my little brother, train him to be king and then rebuilt the sea, wasn't easy I tell ya." She huffed with a grimace.

"You could have sent me a message, we had our mind-link, what happened to that? Why didn't you just..."

"Hey," she cupped my cheeks, "I'll explain later, but what I want to do now is explore the rush of excitement from being back in your arms, you have no idea how long I have waited to return to you. So mister," she leaned closer to my ear, "ready to take your alpha to your bedroom and make up for the times she didn't dominate you?"

I smirked, "sounds like a plan."

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