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Water Mate - Chapter 26




Water Mate - Chapter 26

Mystery Mate Series present

By Authoress Kemmy B. Gabriel


Finn's standpoint

Kneeling there and waiting for her reply was the hardest and longest moment I had ever wait to hear something, she was still in shock so her wide eyes remained gawking. I know, it was soon but what difference does it make? We are mates, we love each other so what is stopping us? She needed to be officially made queen by being my wife, and also to keep others away from her... Sort of. Elfina said it was okay, and I know it was okay.


"Floriana," She corrected dazedly, "am I in a dream? Because it seems like you are proposing to me."

"You aren't, Floriana, will you marry me?" Say yes already!


"No?" I squeaked, the air got knocked out of me, she said no. "But why no? I thought you loved me, I thought..."

"If you'll let me finish," she snapped, "I was going to say no, this is not a dream and it was to myself. Finn, I love you and there is no way on earth I'm ever going to live without you, do I even need me to say yes before you know?"

I laughed and buried my face in her palms, for a minute there my heart felt like it was going to fail me. "So, are you going to wear me my ring or bathe me in tears?"

"Can't I do both?" I laughed, lifting my head up. She removed her left hand from mine and wiggled her wet fingers.

"This ring won't wear herself, would she?" I took her hand with a smile and slipped the ring into her finger. The ring responded to it new owner with a bright glow, followed by her name encrypting on it in gold. "Whoa! It can do that?!"

"Meant for you babe," she surprised me with a shriek, throwing herself on me. The force knocked us both down to the ground, my hand on her waist so she won't slip. Not even caring about the fall, Florry crashed her lips on mine, laughing into the kiss.

"Congratulation!" Florry jolted away from me. The crowd she never noticed standing there all applaud. It was just the court members, some few important nobles, her sisters, the elf and stupid Kale.

The court members were all dumbfounded, of course I intentionally invited them knowing I would cry, their king crying for a woman. It was my way of showing her that I truly love her and feel sorry for the past. I looked at Floriana Who had her hands on her mouth, eyes wide with disbelief.

"Hey," I said softly, placing my hand on her cheek, "sorry if this offends you..."

"Are you kidding me?" She whispered, dropping her hands, "you proposed to me in front of your important people? Won't that leave a stain in your ruthless...?"

"I know, I want them all to know that as ruthless and cold as I am, the only soft spot in my heart belongs to you." I winked at her, she laughed and winked back.

"Oh my little sunshine is getting married," Claudia said joyfully, easily pulling Florry up to her feet. "It seems like only yesterday when I used to change your diapers..."

"And when I used to brush your dirty teeth, you are all grown up," Sandra said dramatically. Florry rolled her eyes while I chuckled.

"Here," Kale said with a grin, stretching his hand to me, "grab on?" I slapped my hand on his and let him help me up. "Congratulation man, you have successfully added one ball to your dry balls." He laughed.

"Kale, are you okay?" I asked frowningly. He responded by throwing his arm around my shoulders, his deep voice making his laugh echo in the garden like a trumpet.

"Come on bro, take a joke. Is it wrong to acknowledge the fact that my little brother just took a step closer to becoming a big man?" He asked laughingly, "damnit! I'm so proud of you little brother!" He shrieked, violently ruffling my head with his knuckles.

"Get away from me you ballless dog," I growled, "try getting your mate pregnant to prove you are a man." I pushed his hands off me. Kale flexed his shoulders and grinned wider.

"There is more than one way to prove how good my dick works," he winked at me suggestively. I growled and faked a hurl.

"Ugh Kale, you are stupid, stay away from me from now on,"

"But love, I wasn't talking to you," he inclined his head to Florry who was laughing as Lida and Sandra gushed over her ring. I turned my head back to him and threw a punch, he ducked and ran past me, laughing as if it was funny.

"Dickhead!" I shouted.

"Smack ass!" He shouted back, smacked Florry's behind and ran off still laughing.

"Kale! You hopeless dog!" Florry shouted after him.

"Love you too sis!" I heard his deep voice shout from afar. "Now make use of your womb and give me nephews!"

"To hell..."

"With you Finn!" He shouted before his voice faded off. I didn't feel as jealous as before, maybe because I knew she was going to marry me within three days.

That is all I want.

Suzanne's standpoint

The party was going great, even more better since Kale left and Finn was breathing well again. Although he would sneak back, smack his head and ran off again, the man was looking for who would kill him. Lida introduced Eamon to her parents, she made me tag along so I could shut Casmir up. Her parents were getting along with the prince, in fact they were overjoyed to hear their daughter was one of the few who got elves as mate, especially a prince.

"So will you guys do a formal wedding ceremony before leaving?" Lida's mother asked enthusiastically.

"No mother, I am going with him to get to know him better, but once that is establish, maybe marriage will follow," she looked at Eamon, "right?"


"Wrong. Father, mother, you can't let Lida go away with this man, so faraway. How am I suppose to protect her from him if they are far?" Casmir said angrily.

"Casmir, your sister is not a child, and I promise to protect her with my life, nothing will happen." Eamon spoke calmly.

"And if you break her heart? What should I do to you then? Do you know how many years I prayed and begged and cried for a little sister before I finally got one? Do you know how hard it is for a vampire to conceive? It took my mother years and I am not about to let the sister I prayed for go just like that."

"Casmir, Lida is a woman, she has to get married at one point and start her own family, you need to understand that." Lida's father said evenly.

"Casmir, stop putting a wall against your sister's happiness, can't you see you are hurting her feelings?" Lida's mother asked with a tone of concern. Lida was staring at her feet, tears dropping down to the ground.

For the first time in forever, Casmir's face flushed with guilt, "I'm sorry, I just..." Lida ran off. I have to own it to that lady, she knows how to get what she wants. By the glint in Eamon's eyes, I knew he knew and was fighting the urge to laugh.

"Mother, I would be right back," Casmir rushed after Lida.

"Am I the only one who knows Lida just tricked him?" I asked laughingly. Eamon released the laugh he was holding, so did her parents.

After a few more dances and speech, the party was over. I kicked my shoes off when I walked into my room, stripping down to my birthday suit as I walked to the bathroom. Finn slammed the door shut after him, muttering to himself. I don't blame him, Kale appeared from nowhere when we were coming up and scared the shit out of him with an illusion.

"Stop muttering," I chuckled.

"I hate that guy."

"That friend of yours..."

"Kale and I aren't friends, we understand each other but not friends. Hell be mine the day we become friends." The exact words Kale said. They didn't realise that they were best friends, the tightest. I shook my head in amusement, deciding to leave them to their denial.

"Well, I'm going to wash up and sleep, my wedding is scheduled to be in two days. I need to see the seamstress, get my wedding dress fixed and prepare the wedding. Hopefully Lida and Sandra would assist me since Claudia is useless. Can I have my wedding by a sea?" I asked, turning around to meet his eyes with my excited one.

Of course, he was gawking at my body, not even listening. I already stripped completely, shouldn't have. "Finn!" He jerked, coming back to his senses.

"Wait, what?" Almost his senses.

"I asked if I could have our wedding by a sea or lake? Also I want us to both wear white, need the best wedding attire and I want the wedding scenery to be like an underwater wedding, can I do that?"

"Mm hm, go crazy, it's your wedding more than it is mine."

"Great! I don't want the wedding to be that big, just the people that attended the proposal and maybe some others who you would like to invite, not much though. The announcement of our wedding should be tomorrow..."

"Do you know that it is difficult concentrating with your behind greeting me?"

"Finn you are not touching me until our wedding night, I'm practicing celibacy from now o..."

"Celiba...what?! What does that evil word even mean?"

"Finn don't shout, now get out,"

"As if," with a rush of wind, I was pinned to the bathroom wall, my legs wrapped around his waist. "Celibacy my foot, over my dead body."

I sighed heavily, "okay, maybe I can manage only this night, but no more."

"We'll see about that wifey." And with that sarcastic reply, he claimed my lips. I can never get enough of his lips, of the whole kissing and sexual thing. My head swelled with excitement as my stomach churned, the feel of his lips on mine was enough to leave me breathless.

Since I was unclad, it was only fair he was too. With my hands, I quickly removed his belt and pushed his pants and everything else down his legs. Finn stepped out of his clothing, still kissing me feverishly. His hand moved up and molded my breast, his tongue slipping out of my mouth and attacking the flesh on my neck. Tears stung my eyes as I feel his fangs bury into me, filling me up with a whole new sensation as his member rubbed my bare core. My body trembled at his move and the suction of blood from my body in the most pleasurable way. My hands hastily ripped off his expensive shirt and ran along his muscular torso, tracing every line it could find.

I already knew his body like the back of my hands, I had mesmerised where to find the right spot to touch even with my eyes closed. I traced my fingers down to the V leading down his genital, my other hand cupping his strong behind. Each touch made him squirm as he was making me, we were even. I couldn't comprehend his next swift move as he slammed into me with full force, groaning once he was completely soaked in my wetness and buried deep inside.

The force caused me to scream out, but my scream was muffled by his mouth on mine, giving me a taste of my own blood. I kissed him, licking off every trace of blood from his mouth as he moved slowly. Once the blood was out, Finn pulled away and looked me deep in the eyes.

"Look at me, don't you dare look away or I won't let you sleep tonight," he threatened. I nodded obediently and kept my eyes on his.

He continued ploughing into me, keeping his unblinking eyes on mine, daring me to give in to the urge to throw my head back and moan, to let my eyeball roll behind my brain. The brain which he was killing with torturous pleasure, the brain he was pounding out. Series of unimaginable pleasure races through me, each wanting to be the first to reach the finish line, each pulling me closer to my destination.

My nails dug into his biceps as his pace grew mercilessly fast and intensely deep, giving me a clear view of stars whirling around my head. I gave in to the urge and shut my eyes, throwing my head back as my mouth let out it chants.

"Eyes on me sea girl!"

"I can't," I cried. That got me punished as his thrust became punishingly amazing. He thrust his body into mine, continuing his savage pounding, hitting the right pleasure spot as the pleasure built up, forcing my eyes to sink into my brain.

"Look at me or you are never going to get that release you seek," he ordered.

What kind of punishment is this?

"Finn, stop, I can't..." He stopped, Finn stopped moving. My eyes flew open, a glare shot his way for stopping. "What are you doing?"

"Look at me," he ordered again. I kept my eyes on his, blinking with a frown, "good girl." He hit play and the movement continued, shooting me back to where I fell from.

I reached forward and bit his neck, drawing blood from him because I knew he wanted to. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a vampire, nay. But my kind of mermaid could extract blood, most even ate human flesh. Sea maids are much more darker than mermaids, most of them are. Those mermaids that kill and eat human, you can tag most as sea maids. Nevertheless, he was my mate so whatever.

Finn hissed as our pleasure combined, this time mine falling on his. I whimpered as my orgasm ripped through my body, dragging tears down my eyes, sending my body into a messy uncontrollable quivering. He held me up, never letting go or we would both collapsed from our trembling body.

Best way to celebrate an engagement.




The days went by fast with me and the girls excitedly planning my wedding. The seamstress got Finn and I matching white wedding attire, his had a long red cape like he loves it. We had the wedding on a small river, I froze the river so the wedding could take place on the river. The arrangement suited a sea wedding, the guests were more than I wanted but when you are a king, you expect more. A lot of human protection agency members attended the wedding, some elves as well. I got to meet Eamon's siblings; Elfina who was Finn's guardian elf.

She was very nice to me and kept grinning at Lida who was freaking out. The wedding was a success, Finn barely made it through the 'I do's' before he was kissing me like no one else was there. The reception was at the ice garden, Finn's mother's last wish. Kale attended with his choice mate, Kimberly almost passed out when I glared at her.

Claudia didn't stay for long, but she was there to walk me down the aisle before disappearing again, it was more than enough. I was sitting on a table talking to Kale about the blood garden, Finn had agreed to end the pureblood but only if he gets the garden first, we were negotiating.

"I will have to talk to her first, I will get back to you." Kale said with a wiggle of his nose. I rolled my eyes.

"Thank you Kale, for everything."

"What? No man the Kale?" He asked jokingly. I swat his bicep sheepishly. Finn joined us that moment.

"So, what did the dead woman say?"

"I haven't gotten her reply," Kale looked behind me, as if he could see her. "She says the land beside the ice garden would be perfect for the blood garden, but you have to kill the pureblood first."

"In that case," Finn turned and ran over to the center of the garden. He climbed the swam statues and waves to get everyone's attention. "May you all please listen? I have an important announcement to make."

Everyone quiet down. Finn looked at Lord Zalutan with a sneer. "Why did you kill Lord Riker?" His eyes widened, "don't lie to me, the spirit of his mate is standing behind you and ready to cut your head off."

"I don't know what you are talking about?"

"Do you realise that I am a telepath? A strong one that can force the truth out of your mouth?" Zalutan looked at his brother for help. Mildred quickly raised his hands up, stepping away from his shocked brother.

"Don't look at me like that, I am not involving myself in your problems, no one asked you to kill the innocent man because of jealousy."

"Lord Modred, why did you not report to me when he died?"

"You were not the king then as you were just a boy." Somebody is seeking death.

"The blood garden can only be ours if the killer of her mate is punished for his crimes," he looked at me, asking me for permission to kill someone on our wedding day.

Don't even think about it... I warned telepathically. He grumbled and looked at Axel. Axel snapped his fingers and before anyone could understand, Lord Zalutan was chained to the ground by electrokinesis.

I watched as he was later bundled up to be punished later. Kale nodded, telling him that the witch was happy. After the whole commotion, it was time for my coronation. I was shaking, I knew I was a good queen but the nervousness was enough to make me tremble. Finn gave me a reassuring look, smiling at me with so much love.

Just look at me and no one else... He whispered.

I knelt before him, keeping my eyes locked with his. He spoke, making his kingly speech while I washed his eyes and mouth move. Suddenly there was a chill running down my back, the hair at the back of my head bristled, my scales tingled. Something was coming.

"Do you Lady Floriana accept the position of the queen? To rule by the side of the king for as much as he sees you fit?"

"I do."

"Do you promise to lead your people with love and by the rules? By justice and clear wisdom?"

"I do."

"If you make a mistake, do you agree to subject yourself to the punishment laid down according to the law?" I clenched my fist.

"Yes Finn, yes, I promise. Everything, I promise to rule like I already am."

"Then with the power invested on me as king of the vampire clans, I hereby name you Queen Floriana Bloodmoon." He placed the crown on my head, the beautiful golden crown with precious stone ornaments.

I sprang to my feet and without waiting for any reply, I took control of everyone I could and forced them to move out of the way. I had to hold Finn and throw him away before the shower of ice spike descended on me. I ran closer to the frozen ice garden lake, dodging the spikes.

The ice shattered as eight tentacles burst out to the surface, purple irky tentacles. One plunged down, launching towards me. I leapt into the air, switching to my full form. My legs merged together as my tail abruptly took form. I dived into the water, drawing the current of the water along with me. The giant octopus chased after me, leaving the surface. I led the octopus far away, swimming at a normal pace so it could catch up.

Spreading my hands over a dead coral reef, I forced the corals to grow tall, creating a trap for it. Seaweeds sprouted out, snapping around the octopus and holding it down. It wasn't enough. I stopped and looked around desperately, searching for something to assist me. Pearls! Connecting to their energy, I drew out every pearls in the area, multiply them and merged them into a thick bind. I tied it around the octopus and let it anchor itself to the ground.

Dark energy floated from it as it thrash about, struggling to break free. I thrashed my tail and swam around it, creating a current strong enough to rip it to shred. The thing roared and cried as it tentacles one after the other was ripped by the current. I continued swimming faster until every single last bit of him was dismantled.

I swam back to the garden, it was time to go. I could feel Finn at the edge of the river, pacing about. When I broke through the surface, he heaved a sigh of relief. Finn quickly knelt down and stretched his hand out to me. I took his hand but didn't let him pull me out.

"Are you alright?"

"I'm fine, is everyone alright?" I asked as I glanced at the startled guests.

"What do you think?" He chuckled. Kale came forward and folded his arms.

"Achlys will not rest until she either pulls you back into the ocean, or come after you herself. Kymopoleia, This is just the beginning." Kale no longer had his playful smile, he was cold.

"I know,"

"Who is Achlys?" Finn asked confusedly, "is that your evil twin?" I nodded and sighed again, swimming away from him. "Suzanne..."

"I have to go Finn..."

"What?! You want to..."

"The ocean is my father and he needs me, if I don't stop my sister she would pollute him and send more havoc to land. I need to face her once and for all Finn, I must go back as the only celestial mermaid left."

"So that's it? Why did you marry me then?"

"Because I love you and not just as a mate," the water rose up and wrapped itself around Finn's wrist. He gasped as his eyes widened, father was talking to him. He was like that for over five minutes before the water fell in a splash. "Finn?"

"Promise me you would come back, promise me you won't just leave," his voice was shaky. I took off my amulet, swam closer to him and wore it on him. "I will return Finn, I will fight death and return, I promise." Not saying one more word, he pulled me up and kissed me.

It was the saddest kiss of my life, one that showed how much we would miss each other. Once I broke the kiss, I went to Sandra and hugged her, did the same to Lida before nodding at Kale.

"Remember to trust in your mate bond Kymopoleia, remember." He whispered. I nodded as I pat Sebastian's head.

"Don't die." Stormy warned.

"I won't." One last look at what I was leaving behind, I dived into the water and sped off, with hope that I would return.

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