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Water Mate - Chapter 24




Water Mate - Chapter 24

Mystery Mate Series present

By Authoress Kemmy B. Gabriel


Suzanne's standpoint

Nothing was more perfect than having Finn swim beside me, I took him everywhere I had enough time to, showed him the beauty of the ocean. Finn didn't like water, I could tell by the look on his face. But he pretended to like it for me, that alone was sweet. After a long time of swimming, I brought him back to the garden lake. Sandra was already there waiting for us as she played with a small pink energy orb in her hands.

"Suz...I mean Floriana!" Sandra exclaimed. Finn rushed out of the water first and hurled on the ground. "Er...is he okay?"

"Yeah, but probably would never go swimming with me again, bummer." I laughed. Sandra only looked at him as he continued to throw up. She had become more quiet and mature since she became a vampire... Or rather, since she met Axel.

I looked at the other half of my body in the water, thinking of how to return to normal. I felt tingles on my tail before it started glowing, my tail morphed into two limbs and ripped away from each other. I grinned, I just had to think about changing and I would change.

"You know Suz... Floriana, you look beautiful like this," Sandra commented. I raised my head up and smiled at her, "come on out," nodding my head, I swam to the edge and walked out. My rainbow scales still remained as well as my hair and the robe. "Here." Sandra said calmly, handing me a towel.

"Thank you sis." I held the towel and looked at my hair, how do I turn it back? I also needed to do something about my bare body changing, perhaps if I wore a dress before I completely changed back. I decided then to get on that after I finish resting.

I shrugged and began drying my legs and then my hands and torso. The more water I dried off, the more normal my hair became. Once I was fully dry, my hair lost it water form only this time, my beautiful light brown hair had become silkier and had a long rainbow streak at the right side of the hair and at the tips. My fingernails almost looked like glass with faint rainbow flashing in them. I'm proud to say I looked more alluring than I used to be.

"Here's your dress," I took the dress from Kassandra and pulled it over my head, Finn had ran off to probably feed or throw up some more, "does he hate water that much?"

"I think he generally hates anything other than blood or wine getting into his system," I said as I remembered the time at the ship when I tricked him to help me win against the pirates, "he'll be fine."

"You best get eating, change your clothes so we can gossip," Sandra whispered.

"About?" I asked with one brow raised. She glanced around surreptitiously and leaned closer.

"How good our mates are in bed,"

"Oh geez!" I exclaimed, causing her to laugh. She took my hand and pulled me along, she wasn't joking, she was going to force that information out of my mouth.

"Your Majesty!" Lida shrieked when I walked into the dinning room. I offered her a delighted smile. "Please sit and have lunch sweetie." I knew she was up to something, the way her eyes were rolling around like Sandra's, they were both dying to get the gist.

After I finished eating, I scurried to my own room, but there was no escaping them, they came after me. "Oh come on guys, it ought to be my private life!" I exclaimed.

"Hey! I gave you lessons, I need to know how well my student performed," Lida defended. I groaned and tossed my dress on the floor. We were in my bathroom, I needed to bathe again even if it wasn't necessary. "Don't you think I deserve to know dear?"

"And as your sister who have always tried to make you and Claudia see reasons, I also deserve to know. Plus, we are you best friends so start talking." Sandra demanded like Claudia would. I sighed and stepped into the bath. Immediately my legs touched the water, the red amulet glowed to prevent me from fully transforming.

"Whoa!" Lida exclaimed, it was the first time she was seeing my scales, especially the rainbow one. "It's beautiful!" She gushed.

"You didn't even see her in her full form few minutes ago," Sandra said proudly, "now back to the gist."

"Okay, you tell us first," I demanded, turning the table on her. Kassandra snorted with a look that said she didn't care if we knew.

"So it happened after I became a vampire, when I woke up that is. Axel was there, I couldn't remember anything but the fact that the beautiful vampire was making my head feel light. So what did I do? I pushed him down on the bed, sink myself into his long hard..." I gagged. Lida glared at me for interrupting the story.

"What did I tell you about being prudish, butter?" She asked chidingly. My cheeks flushed red, making me turn my face away.

"As I was saying, then I rode him with bliss. God it was hot. We marked each other after that."

"Simple and easy," Lida said with a nod. I knew it was my turn. I bit down on my bottom lip, I wasn't going to tell them everything about their king because I'm his mate.

"Well, I drove him to cloud nine by being the alpha,"

Yeah, only for few minutes before he dethroned me.

"At first he was laughing at me in amusement, not until I showed him who's boss," I said pompously. "I did that thing you said I should do, he was shock and yet satisfied..."

"Oh my fangs! Florry, you didn't!" Sandra gasped with wide eyes. I raised my head up with pride, grinning widely. Sandra cupped her mouth and looked at Lida, "she did?"

"Yeah, I taught her..."

"You have to teach me!" Sandra hollered, "I have been trying but it always seem like I'm getting something wrong. Axel won't complain out but I know he knows I suck, I have to learn. If Suzanne.... I mean Floriana can nail it, I definitely can."

"What is that suppose to mean?"

"No offense sis, Lida would you?"

"Of course," Lida smirked, "I'm a bitch when it comes to pleasing men."

"Speaking of which, don't you have a mate?" I asked with furrowed brows. Her smirk fell into a sad pout.

"No, I don't have a mate and I don't think I will ever find one, not when I'm always in this castle."

"When last did you have sex?" Sandra gasped. Lida huffed and stomped her foot in annoyance.

"Thirty years..."

"Thirty what!" Sandra and I exclaimed.

"Yeah, I'm fifty nine already, having sex here is hard because I have a reputation to keep, and Casmir doesn't make it easy by monitoring the men I move around with. Every time I end up in this cool relationship, he shows up like an enemy of progress and chase the guy away. I got tired of the disappointments and heartbreaks, that is why I accepted the job to be the palace keeper. Now here I am thirty one years later, empty of all pleasure. It has been a while."

"A while is an understatement, I can't live that long," Sandra said with a disapproving frown, "there is no way another sister of mine will live without having fun. Thank goodness Suz... Florry is now on the fun side, as our teacher you must be too."

"Don't worry, I practice on myself and keep tags on the latest moves, that is why I am always updated." Lida said wit a shrug.

"We are getting you laid, period." I rolled my eyes at Sandra's irrevocable words. Whether or not Lida wants it, Sandra would find a way.

After bathing, we sat on my bed, me watching Lida lecture Sandra who was taking notes. It was funny but I guess I did that too. I was using my water magic to make a nice silk with beads and corals for my mermaid form. It didn't take me much to get it done, walked to the bathroom and changed. After few minutes, I returned to the room to see Claudia sitting on a red chair and watching Lida and Sandra in amusement.

"Oh my... Claudia!" I squealed.

"What! Where?!" Sandra shrieked. When her eyes fell on Claudia, she squealed excitedly and ran to her. I hurried over to my sister too and hugged her. "I've missed you." Sandra sobbed.

"I did too," I muttered.

"I told you, I am not completely dead, I will always come to visit you two. Now how is the new vampire coping?"

"Great," Sandra said excitedly and returned to the bed. I went to the bed too. "Axel is always trying to make me learn how to use my powers, my powers are cool."

"Really, what powers?"

"M'lord said I am now the fourth fastest vampire, I have fast reflexes and ability, my destructive chain whips and some kind of energy orbs in my hands that destroys anything or anyone it touches. Aside from that, I have my ability to manipulate emotions and turn them to commandments, the ability to read thoughts through emotions as well and twist emotions too. Hmmm, I still have my beauty to struck men stiff."

"If you concentrate your orbs properly, you can make giant ones, turn them into beams and even make your own body the energy." Claudia advised.

"I'll have to work on that,"

"You were sitting here the whole time, why didn't you make a move love?" Lida asked with a bewildered look.

"I don't even want to know why you were teaching her how to give a blowjob, pretend I didn't see anything." Claudia said with a dismissive wave. I gave Sandra a look, one she understood because it made her grin.

"So..." I drawled whimsically, crossing my legs and placing my hand under my chin. "When you saved me with Kale, you mentioned something about giving in to Eros' demand to protect me. What demand?"

"Oh no," Claudia murmured.

"And I remember how a very good looking guy chased you when you took me to Aphrodite, wasn't that Eros?" Sandra teased.

"Look, I saved the guy and he fell in love with me, his problem, not mine." She shrugged, but with the way she was rolling her eyes, something was up.

"Eros? Almighty god of love and sexual desire; son of Erebus and Nyx?" Lida gasped, "that one likes you?!"

"Aphrodite and Ares actually," Claudia corrected grouchily, "yes that's the one."

"How did you save him?"

"Yeah, that is what I also want to know," I scooched back on the bed and stretched my legs on it. Claudia sighed and ran her fingers into her hair.

"Okay, it was few years back, on my death anniversary. I had recently ascended as a celestial spirit with no duty in particular than to protect my siblings. To you I was twenty then, which I was. I was exploring when I walked into a battle, Eros and some ugly looking demon guy or whatever he was. The battle was tough and if you know me well, I stuck around to see who would die – I wish I hadn't by the way – and there was this giant sword in the ground, the sword looked very heavy and it seemed like Eros was trying to protect it.

Somehow, the demon guy got the upper hand and wounded him, he crashed helplessly and was going to get killed. I got bored, walked to the sword, pulled it out and slashed the demon into two. The sword wasn't even heavy, it is as light as a feather. Hermes was shocked but then told me the sword has chosen me. I didn't care, I simply shrug and sheath it in my new armour. I shouldn't have but I took Eros to his home and spent my five days with him, tending to his injuries.

After then we became friends, I would pop in temporary to check up on him and on my death anniversary, I would spend the five days with him. He was a cool guy, treated me like nothing more than a guy which is totally cool. But then when I turned twenty five, he started acting weird around me, directing his sexual comments to me and getting too close to my personal space. I mean the guy won't let me breathe! I should have left but I didn't want to, he had helped send me on missions that gave me more powers as rewards, including my wings. Plus he wasn't telling me so I thought it was better that way, I loved him too much as a friend to lose him..." She muttered the rest to herself.

Sandra secretly tapped me, I grinned at her, already knowing what was going on.

"He however came clean two years ago and won't let me be until I accept him. The man has tried so many times to make me get sexual desires but he doesn't realise that I am made of rock. I guess he sees me as a challenge he must conquer, that's it. Aphrodite likes me because I keep saving his sorry butt and assisting her."

I grinned wider and wiggled my brows at her. "What is that suppose to mean?" She asked frowningly.

"You like him..."

"No I don't," she snapped immediately. Sandra and I gasped.

"You do!" Lida squealed. Claudia glared at all of us.

"What makes you think I do?"

"Because the Claudia I know will always shrug off an allegation, she never jumps into defence mode like that, there is something to it." I said as a matter-of-factly.

"I do not like him, he is a pervert!" Sandra giggled teasingly. "Stop it Sandra, I don't like Eros!"

"Okay, she loves him," Lida said with a nod, we all nodded too.

"What is wrong with all of you, I don't even feel a single thing for him," Claudia huffed.

"Your red face makes it hard to believe love," Lida laughed.

"And you are fidgeting." Sandra pointed out.

"And drumming you fingers on you thighs which you only do when nervous or lying."

"Damnit," she muttered, "okay, maybe a little..."

"Oooh!" We cooed. She narrowed her eyes at us.

"Do tell,"

"But it's nothing, just simple feelings that will go away," she waved it off, forming indifference. I looked into her eyes, so much affection. "He has other more beautiful goddesses coming his way, he is just after my body, nothing else."

I gave Sandra a bewildered look, there lies the problem. Claudia looked so sad, her lips were quivering and eyes watering. I sat up from the bed and cleared my throat. "Claud, did something happen between you two?"

"No," she sobbed, "why would you think that?" She asked, wiping her tears.

"Honey, you are crying so something is definitely wrong," Lida pointed out. Claudia sniffed and like the brave girl she was, she swallowed her tears.

"I got tired of him chasing me about so I thought "why not give him what he wants so he would let me be for once", so I did, I gave myself to him. I literally spent a night with him before I left. He hadn't tried to see me since then."

"Yeesh, how many times did you sleep with him?" Kassandra asked sympathetically. Claudia rolled her eyes about sheepishly, "Claudia..." She drawled.

Claudia looked at her feet and shyly tapped it, "I lost count..."

"Hey!" We exclaimed with joy, only to cough to cover it up.

"How come? Did you spend so long with him?"

"You know time here runs faster than it does up there, I am telling you through human time. Up there, it is slower and in that little time, I lost count... Don't judge me okay!"

"So," I grinned, "you want more?"

"Did you really think you could successfully sleep with the god of sexual desires and get away with it? I bet he did something to turn her libido and is waiting for you to come begging him." Kassandra said reasonably.

"But of course!" Claudia exclaimed. "Why didn't I think of that! He said something like that before I left, that I would return to him, stupid thing! How dare he use my affection for him to... That's it, I'm getting a earth boyfriend and messing around with him, let me watch him cry as his plan backfires." Claudia growled angrily.

Unbelievable! Claudia in love?

"Why don't we go shopping like you planned milady? It would be a good time to free our mind off things." Lisa suggested. It sounded fantastic to us, so in the next hour, we were ready and pulling Claudia along.

I forced her to follow us, I took the biggest carriage and five vampires to slave for us. Sandra's words, not mine. Finn didn't know we left, I had no idea what he was doing or where he went to. Luckily, Stormy followed us to protect me and she literally screamed frightened Knight into coming too. Only the heavens know what she did to him to get him so frightened and obedient.

The girls and I went from store to store, shocking many at our surprise coming. It gave us the opportunity to see more exciting fabrics and clothes, shoes and jewellery and hats and so many fancy things I never knew I could have. We got our skin pampered, hair done – Claudia was forced – and then had dinner in a pub, yes pub. The dinner was at 8:47pm, we were done with shopping and the men already sent out goodies ahead of us, except Claudia's which she sent to her own other world home.

Stormy and Knight remained outside the pub, waiting for us while we ate and drank with two old pirates. The oldest one was telling us one of his exciting tales, Claudia was more interested in it. She loves adventure.

"Milady," the waitress called with a bow, "do you need more food?"

"No, my stomach is filled, thank you," I smiled, the manager was being too nice. Well I guess you have to, it's not everyday a queen walks into a local pub and sit like she belongs there. "What about you girls?"

"More rums for the gentlemen,"

"More chicken for me," Sandra chirped.

"I'll just take wine, thank you dearie." Lida smiled. Food wasn't of any nutritional value to vampires, but they sure loved living like humans. Plus, some humans live here too.

"I'll be right back." She hurried off to get their orders.

"I think it's time we return to the palace, I must prepare the king's dinner," Lida said as she glanced at the grandfather clock.

"No, let's stay a while," Sandra said happily. Lida sighed and averted her eyes to the somewhere else. I had been noticing someone staring at her since we walked in, his eyes hadn't left her for even a second. The man wasn't a vampire, neither was be a werewolf or warlock.

He had straight blonde hair, one that fell over his cheeks, over his shoulders and down to his hard stomach. His eyes were forest green, vanilla skinned and long lashes. He looked like a delicious cup of ice cream just sitting there and staring at Lida. His hair covered his ears, the ornaments on his headband looked too sophisticated and expensive. His attire wasn't like any vampire's, straight and too royal like. In fact, the way he had been behaving was filled with grace and maturity, one would mistake him for a prince.

Many ladies were gawking at him, he was the fine man in a pub, one my friends hadn't even noticed. I couldn't take it anymore, I nudged Lida's arm. She sat by my right, Sandra to my left and Claudia at the other side of the table with the pirates. Lida had her hands on her cheeks as she listened to them. She dropped one hand and looked at me questionably.

"Don't look now, but there's this guy that have been checking you out since you got here, he hasn't even blinked." I whispered.

Her lips curled into a smile, "is he cute?"

"He is a mouth candy," I whispered dreamily to exaggerate my point, "the table at the dark side, the one close to the stairs."

Lida laughed like I said something funny and shifted away, she stylishly looked around fast and back to me. "Oh...my...tits!" She whisper exclaimed. Her breathing became tensed as she fanned herself. I laughed and nudged Sandra, jerking my head towards her.

"What's her damage?"

"Hot man, twelve o'clock," I inclined my head to the guy. Once Sandra's eyes met him, her jaw dropped. I closed her mouth and turned her head around.

"Sweet mother of Axel, where did that one come from?" She whispered.

"I'm nervous luvvy, what to do? He has been staring at me you say? How does my hair look? Do I have something on my face?" She panicked.

"Lida, breathe," I laughed, "I think he likes you, you look stunning."

"Something doesn't feel right, my heart is thumping and not in the "hot guy alert" way, this is something different."

"Well duh!" Sandra exclaimed, snapping her fingers, "emotion reader here, hold on and let me check but I need your hand," Lida quickly stretched it to her. I smiled, I already knew what was going on, didn't know how but I knew. The guy was Lida's mate. "Wow," Sandra breathe, letting go of her hand.

"What? What did you see?" Lida asked anxiously.

"I read his and yours, the chemistry and the bond, Lida, that man is your mate."

"My what?" She asked dazedly.


"That good looking candy for me?" She asked as her lips stretched into a wide smile. "Oh yeah baby! That's what I'm talking about yo!" She exclaimed joyfully and loudly, fist pumping the air. Kassandra and I burst into laughter. She got on the table and did a funny happy dance, hooting for herself.

"Lida, are you drunk already?" Claudia asked quizzically, the waitress who brought our order just stood there in amusement.

"I didn't drink, I'm happy, check butt sway!"

"Why is she happy?" Claudia asked puzzledly.

"Candy, candy, all for me!" Lida shrieked. Claudia looked at me in bewilderment, I shrugged as I continued chuckling. Trust Kassandra to laugh her stomach out.

"Okay Lida, that's enough," I laughed, "won't you get down and get the candy?"

"Er yeah! That's exactly what I would do!" The whole place fell into a sudden silence. Everyone lowered their heads immediately. "Oh, not you again!" Lida exclaimed.


"Milady," Casmir called from behind me, I chuckled as I finally understood. I looked at him over my shoulder. "The king wants you back in the castle immediately,"

"Tell him I'll be there when I'm d..."

"I can't do that, he almost killed me when I told him left with your sisters and mine," he glared at Lida, "you should have known better than to escort the queen out without the king's permission, he has promise to have you locked up." Lida dropped down from the table with fear.

"But you were standing there, you didn't stop me," she whimpered.

"Because I thought you were allowed to, now we are all getting punished!"

"Casmir calm down," Axel sighed, he has fainting fingerprints on his neck.


"You guys should know better than fear when I'm sitting here, let's go and pay," I grinned at Casmir.

"But I haven't gotten my candy," Lida whimpered.

"Lida, move or I move you."

"I am not going anywhere," she huffed defiantly, folding her arm. In a matter of seconds, Casmir had her on his shoulder. "Hey! Put me down!" She screamed, hitting his chest. I saw the guy stir in his table.

"Axel pay, let's go," he bounced her up and walked to the door.

"Casmir drop me or I'll tell mother you are the murderer of her precious pumpkins!"

"She won't believe you little sis, too bad."

"Casmir!!!" She continued to shout as they exited. I quietly followed them out. Casmir tied her up and ran off with her. I jumped onto Knight's back ready to leave.

"Hey! What are you doing?" Stormy barked, "get on my back!"

"I thought you didn't like anyone riding you," I smirked, "Knight fly..."

"Spread those wings and I'll pluck them all out, now stay." Knight obeyed.

"What have you done to him?"

"My secret, now come here."

I didn't have the strength to argue to I obeyed, she is so bossy. Flying with her really was better, just like Knight said it would. Once we got to the castle, I went straight to the throne room to yell at Finn for hitting Axel. Who I saw there made me more happy than anyone else.

"Man the Kale!" I shrieked. He laughed immediately he heard that. I rushed over to him and flung myself on my gorgeous big brother. "I've missed you so much."

"I definitely missed hearing that, thanks for almost killing my mate," he laughed.

"Sorry about that, I was pissed and..."

"I know," he chuckled, his hands remained tight around my waist, "your mate hit his man because he let me into your home, I don't think he likes me." Kale said with a pout. I glared at Finn who looked as if he was about to kill Kale.

"How could you try to keep me away from the love of my life..."

"I'm the love of your life!" He shouted. "Kale get your hands off my mate or I'll kill you!"

"Baby, should I leave?" Kale asked smirkingly. I pinched his nose.


"That is all I want to hear," Kale planted a soft kiss on my cheek, forcing Finn out of his throne. I laughed as Kale was suddenly tugged off and pinned on the floor, Finn hissing at him. "Dude, I have a mate and she bears your mark, stop overthinking." Kale laughed.

"Then don't kiss her!"

"Did I?" Kale smirked.

"And it was beautiful baby," I blew him a kiss, he caught it and placed it on his lips. Finn growled and threw a punch at his face, but Kale moved and the floor took the heavy blow. The solid floor cracked, creating a deep hole. Kale easily pushed Finn off and hurried to use me as a body shield.

"Come out and fight like a man," Finn growled. Kale snorted, pulling me closer to his chest while I laughed.

"I rather fight with my woman," he said with a stifled laugh. Finn's fangs extended, his veins and eyes turned completely maroon.

"I'm going to kill you dog!"

"Ouch, that broke my heart," Kale whined, "but luckily I have my angel to comfort me, right love?"

"Absolutely sweetie," I giggled. Kale went as far as kissing my temple to annoy him more. The swords in the room rose up by Finn's command, all ready to attack, "if you release those swords, I will shield him and then I die." The swords fell. Finn screamed and pulled his hair.

"I think he is going to explode," Kale whispered, "maybe we should stop now."

"Stupid man, I have his mark already, grow up will ya." Kale let go of me. I skipped to Finn and encircled my hands on his neck.

"What? I thought you loved him and not me!"

"Finn, I am mated to you and he has a mate, stop letting jealousy blind you," his face softened, "though he is still more good looking than you are," he scowled, "but I love you nevertheless."

"Geez, how assuring," he said sarcastically. Kale snorted like a serious pig and laughed, "one day your real mate will come and you will pay for your sins, I promise you that."

Kale snorted again, "don't have one. And beside, all women worship me," he said cockily, "even yours..."

"Why y..." I held Finn tighter before he attacked him. Kale was really enjoying this.

"Let go of me!" I heard Lida yell. The door burst open and she ran in, Casmir stomping behind her. "Your majesty I am so sorry to intrude but I wish to resign..."

"No you're not!" Casmir yelled.

"I am, you just made me lose my mate and you still have the guts to go big brother on me?! I am not a baby anymore Casmir! I can care for myself!"

"You don't need a mate, men aren't good enough for you."

"Excuse me?" Kale and Finn asked frowningly. Casmir bowed apologetically, remembering who were standing there.

"I didn't mean to offend you both but my sister doesn't need a mate..."

"Don't you have a mate and a son!" Lida screamed. "My candy will never see me again, I'm going to die single!"

"You don't need a mate and he will never find you..."

"Says who?" A new voice asked scornfully. Lida sucked in a deep breath as she took in who was at the doors, it was her mate.

"Prince Eamon, you are late," Finn growled, "I don't always have to deal with lateness."

"Very sorry m'lord, I had to drop by a pub, my instinct kept telling me to stay there, at least I know why now." He looked at Lida who looked like she was going to melt into the water.

Finn looked from him to her, "what is going on?"

"Turns out my harmless journey to deliver a message from my brother has led me to a mate which is surprising since my kind don't have one. I cannot deny the pull and the fact that she is a vampire clearly states the theory is true, my soulmate is a vampire," he shook his head bitterly, "my brother is not going to like this."

"I smell war," Kale laughed. I was shocked to see him sitting carelessly on Finn's throne, stuffing his face with crackers.

Where did he get that from?

"Get off my throne!"

"Relax, it's just a stupid chair,"

"Stupid chair?! How dare you..."

"Okay calm down, who is this totally delicious... I mean graceful guy?" Finn glared dagger at his new enemy. Anyone good-looking to me is an enemy to him.

"My name is Prince Eamon; younger brother of the king of the Southern elves. I came here to deliver a message," his green eyes remained on Lida.

"Today's tension is high, why don't you spend the night over and then you can talk to the king tomorrow?" I suggested.

"I will be more than happy to spend the next year here," that was meant for Lida.

"And I am sure I will be more than glad to have you around," I chuckled. Finn had drawn his battle sword on this one, he would kill him. "Your majesty, shouldn't you be friendly to a guest?"

"That wants to take my queen?" I rolled my eyes.

"You are such a baby Finn," Kale mocked, "come on queen, show me my room, I'm staying here for the night. Wanna sleep near me?"

"That's it! I'm killing you!" Finn sprang toward Kale who zapped out of the throne room. He ran after him, literally chasing him like a fool. I could hear Kale's laughter in the hallway, and his taunting.

"If I didn't know that was the ruthless alpha, I would have questioned my sanity," Eamon mused. Lida giggled.

"Why don't I show you to your room?" She suggested.

"Don't worry, I can show him myself," Casmir growled.

"Casmir," I called queenly, "get out of my house and don't come back until you are sent for."

"But my queen..."

"Out!" He bowed in respect and hurried off, shooting arrows at Eamon.

"Thank you," Lida mouthed, I nodded my head, "Prince Eamon, follow me please." She majestically walked pass him, he gave me one last acknowledging before leaving.

"Is it me or is this castle getting hot," I flinched as Claudia appeared beside me, "this castle is in for a lo...ng night."

"Where have you been?"

"Kissing a man to annoy someone, you better go stop your two children before one kills the other. You need Kale alive to explain who the new enemy is."

"Oh, that's t..." I loud explosion came from somewhere. "Shit! Bye Claudia!" I pulled my dress up and ran to stop them before the two boys destroyed my castle.

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