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Water Mate - Chapter 25




Water Mate - Chapter 25

Mystery Mate Series present

By Authoress Kemmy B. Gabriel


••••••••••••••••• Narrative •••••••••••••••••

All his life he had been the type to live freely, even though he was a prince, he never truly let it get into his head. He lived in his own comfortable mansion amongst humans, loved his personal space and freedom from royal life. The girls he got to mess with as bonus, surely an elf prince wasn't suppose to act that way. He was a playboy, enjoyed a day's work, partying and a beautiful chick to end the wonderful day. When his brother suddenly called him back home, he knew something was off.

Why summon him from far away when there were others?

Eamon didn't want to go but he had to, curiosity if you will call it that. When he got home, he found his elder sister, Elfina, queen of the Northern Elves. The way she looked at him, the way she and his brother kept exchanging looks, he knew something was up but couldn't place his hands on it. Elfina gave him a very ridiculous message to deliver to the vampire king, something she could have done herself but chose to send him. He remembered hearing her whisper comforting words to her brother in his room...

"Erick, I know this doesn't please you to have a mix breed in our lineage, but it has been written in the stars, mom herself made it so. You know if she doesn't do this, that goof would never settle down and make proper use of his life and time, it is the only way."

He didn't even think about it, simply shrugged it off as he thought they were planning to matchmake him to someone. His idea was to mess with and then dump her. What he however didn't expect was finding a woman destined to be his and his alone. She was as hot as hell just sitting there and laughing, her smile making his heart beat fast. Everything he overheard made sense, him coming here made sense. He didn't want his siblings to be satisfied that their plan worked, but his mother deserved a kiss for pairing him with a hot cookie.

Certainly his human friends and rivals would drop their jaws down if he returns with her. Two of his rivals were dark elves who lived there, half elf, half human. They had gotten married and were showing off good with their human beauties. He admitted their women were great to look at, but his could draw a million whistles. Eamon was rich beyond his imagination, as a legitimate business man he had his own money, and as a prince he was loaded.

One more thing to show off with.

How could he fight it when her incredible behind led him to his room. His eyes were fixed on the sexual sway of her behind in her tight leather dress, the movement of her pale slender legs. All he could see was his hands kneading those two possibly soft cheeks as he rammed into her. That was all he could think about, even though he was absent mindedly replying her conversation.

She had everything he once daydreamed his woman would have. Red hair; Eamon was a sucker for red haired women. Soft skin which his mouth could suckle on, full round breasts to fondle with and ass, lot and lot of ass. He hadn't even thought about her slender body, one that made all his previous flings look like ragdolls. This woman was the real deal. And on top of it all, she was sexy, beautiful and from a very good background.

To hell with reasoning! He was going to have her now!

"And here we are," she announced with a bright smile, one that made his senses turn upsidedown. She held the door for him. He quietly walked in, fighting the urge to look back. "If you need anything, please don't hesitate to call me goodnight Your Highness."

He spun on his heels with wide eyes, "just like that?" She froze from the step she was about to take.

"Er...is there something you would need sire?" The look of confusion in her face made him puzzled.

"Aren't we talking about the mate thing? How it would work out?" He asked quizzically.

"Oh," she mouthed, "I thought you needed time to process this, I was going to talk tomorr..."

"Shut the door, let's talk now," he commanded, heading to the big bed in the room. He heard her shut the door while he sized the bed with his eyes, if it would be enough to take the strength of their love making. "What is your name? I heard the queen call you Lida."

"Yes, that's my name."

"The bossy one is your brother?"

"Older?" She nodded as she joined him in the bed. "How old are you?"

"A hundred and twelve,"

"Fifty nine, too young?"

"Good enough for me," he stood up and started undressing. Lida's eyes went wide when she saw what he was doing.

"What are you doing?" She whispered.


"Why? Don't tell me it's what I'm thinking!"

"Okay," he shrugged, "I won't tell you what I'm thinking, just lie down and spread, I love teasing my women..."

"Excuse me!" She shrieked, "the first thing you must know is no man dominates me, and the second is you are not getting a glimpse at my packages until I'm sure you are worth my time." She said defiantly, folding her arms to make her point.

"But isn't this what we are suppose to do?" He asked puzzledly.

"Yes, but I choose to know you first and not in my king's house, I won't be free to do what I want. Plus, mama needs to know the right button to push so she won't end up under. If you want me princey, you have to earn it." She said cockily.

"So, I get to hustle for my right," he grumbled, causing her to narrow her eyes at him, "isn't it my right?"

"Not yet," Lida smirked, it had been a while she dominated someone, "but I can help you take care of that..." She pointed at the bulge in his pants. "But you will have to surrender full power to me and not let it get too far, deal?"

Half bread was better than none, at least he wouldn't sleep with a hard-on. "Then I surrender myself into your capable hands beautiful."

Lida suddenly jumped on him with lightning fast speed, wrapping her legs around his waist and hands on his neck. The sudden jump made him stagger back, but he had great balance and strength. "Call me cookie," she smirked, "as you are my candy."

"Yes ma'am," he grinned. She pulled him, causing them to fall backwards. But before her back hit the bed, she flipped them over so he would be under where he belonged. "You are fast." He commented.

"Only when I see the need to show a man who's boss," she purred. "When last did you lay with a woman?"

"Honest answer?" He chuckled.


"Last week."

"Ouch," she pouted, "I haven't been with anyone for thirty..."

"Days?" He growled, not liking her honest answer.


"You're kidding, right?"

"Nope, mama have been so lonely, I'm hoping you would make up for all my lost years..." She paused when she saw the look of disbelief in his eyes. "I know it's hard to believe, but I haven't been touched for thirty, my brother always ruined things until I stopped caring. By the time you get this bad boy in here," she grind herself on him, "you'll know how true my words are."

"You are killing me," he moaned.

"This is only the beginning candy, only the beginning."

Of course she knew what she was doing, she had always been the type to torture her prey, it made her very glad to see them beg. Lisa paused and took in the man laying beneath her, he was just too gorgeous and she still didn't believe they were to be together for so long. It brought joy to her heart, she was honestly tired of living the same live over and over again.

With a smile on her face, she worked on him, fishing out his weak spots and the right button to push. She pleasured every spot, every nook and cranny of his lower region, teased his lips which tasted like apple pie and made him ejaculated a million times. Eamon was beyond disoriented, no woman had ever succeeded in leaving him in such confusing and blissful state. He was going to pay her back, just not yet.

"There," she said buoyantly, "that's better, isn't it?"

"Wow," he breathe, completely dumbfounded on the bed, "I will pay you back."

"Only when you win my heart, you have a long way to go. But right now I need to get some sleep, I have to prepare breakfast tomorrow and see that the castle affairs are well taken care of."

"Hey," he called softly, "stay with me tonight?"

"Nice try mister, but this is enough for a night. I like to leave you hanging while you dream of me, the things you would do," she winked at him, "goodnight princey."

He watched her exit, swinging those ass of hers out of his room. Damn! He was definitely stuck with her.

Suzanne's standpoint

I woke up with a groan, my body was being compressed. I already knew who it was, not just the tingles said so. After I forcefully pulled Finn from Kale who wouldn't stop taunting him, I separated them by yelling them to dumbness. Then I pulled Finn to our room, screamed at him to get to bed which he did like an obedient boy, but then he entwined our body, resting half his weight on me. According to him, Kale could sneak into our room and try to take me away from him, or I would go to him.

In conclusion, it was an uncomfortable night.

"Finn, it's morning, let me go,"

"Ten more minutes," he murmured. I huffed and threw him off but he caught my waist and spun me around, forcing my body to astraddle him with the sudden spin. "Good morning sea girl."

I tilted my head back slightly and laughed, that name was cute and somehow funny to me. "Good morning Omega."

"Omega?" He chuckled, I winked at him. "Damn," he laughed, running his hand through his hair. That moment he looked breathtaking.

"You are so beautiful my love," I purred and brought myself down, I pecked his lips and raised myself back up, "I would have loved to have another go at the intimate thing, but we have guests to attend to."

Finn's happy smile fell, replaced with a scowl, "I forgot they are still here," he scorned, "what do I do to get rid of them? Especially that dog?"

"Finn, you know I will never leave you right? Kale has a m..."

"Choice mate, he is capable of falling for anyone including you. Floriana, you are goddamn beautiful, a sight for sore eyes. Kale is no different from me, he loves a good sex and a lovely woman... Okay, I was worse than him in that area, I sleep... Slept around a lot... I should shut up now."

"You better," I said with a grimace. I exhaled through my mouth and smiled, "they can never take me away from you, wanna know why?"


"Their names isn't Finn Bloodmoon and they can't turn me on the way you do."

"Plus, I am a fabulous kisser," he grinned, "wanna try?"

"I don't see why not," I laughed. Finn flips us over, slamming my back on the bed. My eyes widened when he straddled me. "What are you doing?" I spluttered.

"Straddling you for a change, stop looking at me like that, you'll love it."

"No I won't! Your weight, you are the size of a mammoth!"

"Oh you will pay for that," he smirked, "but not today," mischief shone in his eyes. I gulped as he tore my beautiful nightdress off, leaving me bare before him.

Finn pulled his djellaba over his head and flung it away. Finn pinned my legs slightly together and inserted his tarse through the tight opening of my semi-closed legs. The intensity of his penetration made my head swell, the tightness gave me the perfect feeling. Finn pinned my wrists beside my head and started moving. His stroke spun my vision around, the bliss sank into my head. I moaned loudly, arching my hips to meet his slow pace.

"This is why I said none can be like you Finn, I'll kill anyone who tries to torture me like you do," I groaned.

"And no one can ever have the right to touch what is mine." The air whipped around me as I was suddenly flipped to my stomach. Finn pressed his weight on my body, sliding back in from behind. I whimpered when he spanked me, squirming as he continued to spank and thrust.

The pleasure, the bliss, all came crashing on each other. He fit in me perfectly, so perfectly I knew no one would be able to fill me up as much as he did, no man could fill the void in me like the almighty vampire king. I reached back and wrap my hand around his shaft to help control how deep he gets, changing the angle of my butt for more satisfying effect.

Once again he changed our position after getting enough from the one we were. He placed me on top of him and entered me slowly, pushed me back so my hands would be on the bed and my weight would be on it. The angle was complicated but yet satisfying, it made me feel like I was in control of the speed, depths and thrust which I proudly was. It was way better than our first night which had a few pain to go with it.

My favourite part came, the part where Finn bit and feed from me. Our pleasure collided when his teeth sank into my neck, once again his bliss was mine and mine his. I had never felt so satisfied and never would be satisfied.

We ended up in the tub together, messed up there before I came out and dressed up. Finn whistled teasingly when he saw the flaring dress I wore, it popped out my glorious chest in a decent way. Then it was ruined when Kale barged into our room and kissed me before I could stop him. The kiss was brief, but it happened so fast I couldn't stop him.

"That's for slamming your foot on my tarse and giving me a hard time!" He shouted as he ran away. Hell, hell was about to let loose.

"Kale!!!" Finn thundered, his roar shook the whole castle, made things fall here and there.

"Yes pussy!" Kale shouted back from the hallway. I watched as Finn transformed into a beautiful – but scary – vampire form, one I had never seen but wish to see everyday. It was like a whole new demon, one ready to kill for touching what was his.

Do something!... My mind shouted.

"Finn..." He was gone. I gathered my dress into my hands and ran after them, not even knowing what to do. I had no idea what was wrong with Kale, but he was enjoying toying with his life. Sebastian curled up in a corner, whimpering with fear, he was bleeding.

"Oh my... My baby, what happened to you?" I gasped.

"Finn, he hurt me," he whimpered. I quickly brushed my hand over his severe injury, the deep gash in his neck, almost cutting off his windpipe. Finn was a beast when pissed, and he was pissed.

I channelled a little energy into healing him, just as Lida joined us with fear.

"What is happening?" She asked frightfully.

"Kale and Finn, take Sebastian to rest while I handle..." Thunder clapped in sky. "I gotta go!" I ran out, following the furious bark and hiss to the running field. There stood Kale's glorious wolf, pushing off Finn's attack with effort.

Finn jumped on him, twisting himself in the air before grabbing a hold of Kale's jaw. He held both and made to rip the wolf's mouth open but Kale turned with lightning fast speed and smashed my mate on the ground. Finn on the other hand pulled him along, the force dug the ground three feet down. They jumped away from each other, but with the way Kale's wolf looked, he looked excited, like he wasn't playing with death.

"Should you be watching this in amusement?" Stormy asked, I jerked away from her.

"Stormy, you sacred me, when did you get here?"

"Just now," she shrugged her shoulders and shook her feathers. I averted my eyes back to the boys when Kale yelped. Finn had managed to dig his flaming hands into his chest, ready to rip his heart out.

A blue light coursed from Kale's body and injected itself into my mate, catapulting them away from each other, dragging dust and creating a deep line with their body. Finn groaned as he rolled on the ground, crying for his hands which was glowing blue. Whilst Kale whimpered and nursed his wound. I thought they were done, but then Kale stood up again, his aura changing as his fur took a new light.

Stop him!

The fight was entertaining, I couldn't. Finn stood up too and hissed in challenge, red energy seeping out of his body. Oh well, times up.

I shifted to my merform, excluding the tail. Once I shifted as quick as possible, I gathered every single strength in me, broke through their overwhelming powers and got a hold on their blood. The power from them was like nothing I had ever felt, it threw me down on my knees, breaking my connection and sending wave of pain through my body. I screamed out in agony, I can swear the pain ripped off my kidney or something. My heart stopped beating, stilling with a violent pulse.

"Floriana!" At least the fight stopped. I fell on the grass, crying and screaming and thrashing at the invincible force trying to rip my heart out.

"What have you done to her?!" Kale yelled.

"Me?!" Stormy yelled.

"Don't touch my woman!" Finn yelled, I could tell he was yelling at Kale.

"Let me heal her you nitwit!"

"I will heal her myself, get away from her."

"Finn, will you stop being stubborn!"

"Stubborn?! You kissed my mate!"

"Instead of arguing like fools, why don't one of you just heal her!" I heard Knight hollered.

"Fine, she is your mate so whatever,"

"I'm still going to kill you..." Anger, with anger, I snapped my eyes open, snatched their heads and bashed them together like two coconuts.

"Fools!" I yelled, ignoring the pain. They howled in pain. I didn't give them time to collect themselves, I punched Finn in the stomach and threw him away, but I didn't touch my Kale.

Kale immediately touched my forehead, a new peace washed over me. I exhaled with relief as the pain died as abrupt as it came. "Never try to possess me again, I am a god," he whispered yelled, "and not Finn when he is angry, you can die."

"Why the hell did you kiss me?!" I hollered.

"Your boyfriend slammed his foot on my cock and made my wolf and I suffer through the night and in the morning, he got to enjoy himself! My mate is still not pregnant and the attack on my wolves is getting worse! I frustrated and my wolf needed a good fight, Finn was the only one who could give me that." He started out angry but then calm and shrugged at the end.

"What?" I gushed. "You got him pissed because you were in the mood to fight?! He could have killed you!"

"Or I could have killed him," he shrugged, "the anticipation on who would win was exciting," he grinned, "look," he pointed at the healing hole in his bare chest, "I haven't gotten a wound as deep as this, isn't it amazing?!"

"Moron!" Finn smacked his head. Kale glared at him. "I can't believe how childish you could be!"

"Me childish? What about you? Your jealousy is ridiculous!"

"She is my mate!"

"Well your mate threw you away and chose me to heal her..."

"Floriana how could you!" Finn shouted with a note of betrayal.

Here we go again.

"Why didn't you push him instead?! What the hell do I need to do to make everyone know you are mine!"

"Marry me," I joked to lighten the mood, didn't work. He scowled at me, hissed at Kale and stomped off. "Well, what a wonderful way to end my morning."

"Leave that idiot," Kale threw himself on the ground, smiling proudly at his healing wound. "How have you been darling?"

"Seriously?" I squawked.

"You and that vampire need help, let's go Knight." Stormy huffed. She spread her wings and flew off with Knight.

"Now that we are alone, I will tell you about your evil twin..."

"I have an evil twin?"

"Every celestial mermaid is born with an opposite, one they must conquer to get their throne. Your evil double however was different, she was born an adult while you were a baby, strange and unfair. The ocean and Amphitrite chained her and locked her away with the hope of protecting you forever, but Proteus freed her."

I shrugged, "I'll just kill her then..."

"Listen Florry, Achlys is very powerful, she has the pollution and darkness of the sea in her, she is more powerful than you are..."


"Yes, Achlys is much more powerful, especially now she has the trident and Proteus at her command, she would squash you like a grape..."

"Then how am I suppose to fight her?!"

"You just go and have trust in your mate bond, that is all I was told to tell you. I am not sure myself, but your mating with Finn has something to do with it. Achlys can predict your moves, she is you but you are not her. She has the same abilities you have and even stronger. She can absorb your attacks and reflect it back even stronger, either way you die. But you must go before seven days or she will get more stronger and send the sea to attack your mate's land, she will do anything to pull you out including coming here herself."

"Just great, now what? What use are you then?" I almost cried.

"The blood garden you seek, the witch knows what you want and is happy to hand it to you if only you can convince your mate to kill the pureblood that killed hers. Once he is dead, the garden will be released in a land you shall mark, one in the castle but only you will be able to step in."

"Who is the pureblood?"

"Lord Modred's half brother Zalutan, kill him and the garden is yours."

"I'll speak to him about it, now I just need to go lay down and think about my life." I stood up wobbly, was I really going to die? I didn't want to leave, not when Finn and I were just getting together.

Kale let me go, knowing I needed the space. I went to the lake and hugged my knees, crying my eyes out for my despicable fate.

Finn's standpoint

I paced around my office thinking of what to do, I needed to make Florry stay with me no matter what. Even if she won't admit it, even if Kale didn't notice, they were attracted to each other and that attraction is bad. I was still pacing when the elf man walked in.

"M'lord!" I stopped pacing and growled at him. "Just listen to me so I can get my mate out of here, I need to return to work, there is an emergency. Elfina said to tell you that the solution to your problem, the final obstacle in your way is what you know. Remember the priceless jewel of Queen Rosalie, that is the answer."

"Is that all?" He nodded eagerly, he really wanted to be out with Lida. "You know Lida is a precious part of my family, I cannot let go..."

"But she is my mate and you have yours, don't you? Please m'lord, I plead that you do not deprive me of happiness." He bowed.

"Just go, I will get back to you at noon, my head is a mess." I sighed, leaning on the office table.

"Very well then, but am I permitted to take her out?"

"Whatever, get lost." He left quietly while I thought of the jewel. Mother had so many jewel but the only priceless one was... I grinned, I finally knew the answer. With a bounce, I rushed out to get ready.

Suzanne's standpoint

I tiredly stared at ceiling sadly, thinking about everything. Finn walked into our room, grinning from ear to ear, he had been out all day. I hadn't even stepped out of my room since I returned. "Welcome, are you still mad?"

"Dress up, I want to show you something," he threw me a beautiful sea blue dress, "hurry."

I quietly dressed up, fixing my hair and makeup and jewellery. Finn carried me bridal style and ran. I held his neck tight as he ran, watching his happy face. He looked so happy, will I take it away if I die again? I really wanted something but couldn't ask him, it broke me.

He stopped, the place he stopped made me gasp. It was a winter garden, a beautiful winter garden. Finn dropped me down, chuckling. I walked ahead, amazed by the beautiful winter plants, the two ice swans, the vanilla fountain, the cold ground. I took off my shoes and bathe my feet in the snow, twirling around and laughing. The whole place brought me joy, the snowfall made me happy. My feet absorb the snow into my body, making it feel like ice cream to the brain.

"Floriana," Finn coughed, I turned to see him. "Do you like it?"

"I love it, as must as I love the garden back at home, it is beautiful. Thank you Finn!" I threw my arms around him, planted a tender kiss on his cheek.

"I brought you here for a reason," he said nervously, "you might want to sit," he ushered me backward to sit on a ice bench. Finn knelt down, one knee raised and hands clasped against mine. "I know you are confuse..."

"Happy actually,"

"Shut up, you are confuse, full stop." I rolled my eyes.

"Okay, confuse,"

"Good," he nodded, "Suzanne, you are the most beautiful and precious person in my life, the only family I have and want to have. I know I treated you bad the first time we met," he was talking about Dainty, "I was horrible, a monster, a beast..." His voice croaked. "I shouldn't have done that, I shouldn't have hurt you so much, humiliate and hit you, force myself on you... Hell I shouldn't even have been born!"

"Finn, I forgive you, remember?" I asked anxiously, he was at the verge of crying.

"Even if you forgive me, I haven't forgiven myself, I don't think I will soon. You are the kindest of soul, forgiving me despise everything I did, loving me unconditionally even with my flaws, thank you," he sobbed. I blinked, unsure of what to do. "Floriana, I might not be the best of mate, I suck and my jealousy is crazy, insane and immature. I might act like a fool most times, get mood swings like a pregnant lady, yell at you and do stupid things, but I love you, I love you senseless, I love you crazy.

My heart," he placed our entwined hands on his chest, "beats only because of you, just you. I know I might make mistakes but I wish to try, I want us to try together, start a family if we are lucky and I want us to be together forever..."

"Finn," I called shakily, my tears flowed down and turned to diamond pearls on my laps and the ground.

"Don't Florry, let me speak. I am doing this to show every single high one that you are my world, that you mean everything to me..." I sucked in a deep breath as he brought out a small crystal box, I could see a beautiful ring inside. He opened the box, the ring flashed brightly. It was made out of snow and moon crystals, magical gems. Stardust glittered on it, the ring was breathtaking. "This belongs to my mother, she made it herself with her own powers and hands, used her precious gems to make it in hope that one day I will give it to the woman that will drive me loco..."

Finn smiled, tears flowing down his closed lips. "Floriana, will you grant this condemn soul a wish? Will you be my queen and rule beside me? Floriana, will you marry me?"

Dear god! 

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