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Water Mate - Chapter 22




Water Mate - Chapter 22

Mystery Mate Series present

By Authoress Kemmy B. Gabriel


Suzanne's standpoint

What a day. Finn stayed outside to help fix the mess with Stormy and Sebastian, while I used it as an opportunity to hurry to Lida to help me get ready to turn my mate on. She already got the seamstress to get me something while I was mourning, she gave me the dress and perfume and then the instructions on what to do. I was damn nervous, the crazy thing I had in mind to do hadn't ever crossed my mind before. I learnt a disgusting thing to make sure I please him.

I stared at myself in the mirror, hands on my chest as I steadied my breathing. I wore nothing under the short loose chiffon dress, the sheer fabric did nothing in hiding my body. I had my hair braided to the side, it length shouldn't be a disturbance to the moment. The perfume was harsh, pleasant but harshly alluring.

"You can do this Floriana, you guys are mated to one and other, meant to be with each other. Finn would leave him, he loves you and his actions have proved that. You can do this Floriana, woman up and walk up to your mate."

After breathing for the next ten minutes, I nervously walked out of the room, pretending like he wasn't on the bed going through different files that were spread on the bed. I glanced at him, he wasn't even looking at me, he was working meticulously.

I'll fix that.

I hung my robe at the window and walked over to his side of the bed. Finn sat at the edge, one leg folded in the bed, the other touching the floor and his back slightly bent from the silver headboard. Did I forget to mention his bed was a royal king size canopy bed with red and grey diaphanous curtains? It wasn't as beautiful as mine, didn't scream out my taste because of it masculine touch. I already planned to make it more my style, but for now, I would enjoy the comfort of the red, grey and silver room.

"What you doing?" I asked playfully, dropping my royal rings on the nightstand.

"I'm going through Axel's work, trying to combine it with mine and at the same time, I am checking the formula for the blood tablet. The message came earlier, the tablet is ready and this is the formula, I have to make sure they aren't trying to poison my vampires." He replied without sparing me a glance.

"How can you know if there's poison involved?"

"I was the one who brought the idea and three third of the formula, haven't I mentioned to you that I'm a scientist and physician?"

I snorted. "Oh pelease, you have to be way older to be able to obtain those degree, aren't you like thirty something?"

"Florry, aren't you the reincarnation of my more than a hundred years dead mate?" He asked with a chuckle. "With a lot of time in my hands, I learnt a lot of things, so nothing gets pass me."

Yet I sit in front of you half naked and you haven't noticed.

"Can't you do this work tomorrow? I need to ask you something important." I said nervously, rubbing my arm.

"Sorry hon, the side of your bed is clear, go to sleep, we can talk tomorrow."

"Finn, you are making my courage cower away, I just spent one hour in that bathroom gathering the courage to face you. I can't spend another hour tomorrow encouraging myself, now look at me and admire what I'm wearing!" I snapped upsettingly.

"Not now coniunx," that stupid name again, "I promise we will talk... Is this e?" He asked rhetorically. I sighed disappointedly, he was the kind of man who focus on business.

"Please give me another pet name, one that doesn't make me sound like a man." I huffed.

"Not now Min kärlek,"

"What's with you and stupid names?!"

"I'll call you whatever I want, now don't bug me, I'm busy."

There goes my courage.

I stood up quietly, not uttering a single word. I walked over to my side of the bed and sat down, thinking about my life for some reason. I was really hoping for a better reaction from the man I loved, he didn't even look at me. I sighed heavily and lifted the bedsheet, I was sad.

"What the...!" I looked over my shoulder, he was finally looking at me. I looked away from him and got into the bed, covering myself up to my shoulder.

Excitement, I was bubbling with joy now, he finally noticed me. I closed my eyes, unable to hold back my smile as his gaze dug holes into my head. It felt like I was going to explode with joy, he hadn't even made a move but I was happy.

"Florry?" He called softly, he was already laying behind me. His hot breath fanned my ear and cheek, blood rushed into my cheeks.

"What? I thought you were busy," I said feigning annoyance, though my smile didn't help much, "go back to work."

"I can work tomorrow, I already packed the files, it can wait."

"Finn, leave me alone, I want to sleep..." I waved my hand away, pushing his face away from me. "I told you I spent one hour encouraging myself, my courage is gone now, along with my desires."

"I can bring it back, please blooma,"

"Blooma now? Really Finn?" I chuckled.

"Come on, don't make me tickle you to submission." He threatened jokingly. I turned around, still making sure the covers stayed above my chest.

"Only if you promise to be gentle and let me take control, I am the alpha in bed, got it?" I asked grinningly. His mouth fell open in shock, disbelief twinkling in his eyes. "Babe, I'm waiting." I said in a singsong.

"Humph," he smiled and caught my nose with his fingers, "the last time I checked, you didn't even know what a blowjob is."

"Should I show you how much I know about it now? I've been practising." I said excitedly.

"Are you sure you can handle it? I'm a difficult man to please." He said with a smirk. I snorted and smirked back.

"No matter how difficult you are, you will always succumb to your mate's and alpha's touch, that's one of the good thing about the mate bond. Now confess that I am your alpha in the walls of this room."

"You will have to dominate me first," he shrugged innocently. I smiled slyly and pushed him on the bed. I quickly astraddle him, allowing the bedcover to fall down to my waist. His slight hardness poked my behind, causing me to smile evilly. "What?"

"Someone is already hard for me, that proves I AM the alpha." I uttered conceitedly.

"Like I said, you'll have to prove it first sea girl."

"Oh no you didn't," I laughed, "sea girl, really? Do you need help with a name?"

"I don't see you coming up with anything better, don't judge." He pouted.

"We'll argue about this another time, now I am going to get off you and you will undress quietly."

"Excuse me?" He laughed.

"Yes, undress for me," I got off him and folded my legs, "and do it sexily, like a hot man on hire."

He burst into laughter, his amusement really obvious. I kept my face straight, waiting for him to oblige to my demands. "Alright, undress it is."

He slowly crawled out of the bed and stood on his feet, a sexy smile on his face. I watched as he unbuttoned his shirt, slowly and sexily removing them. He chuckled when I ogled his chest, his beautiful abs and muscles. My eyes memorised every single lines of muscles, every hollow, every spots on his immaculate chest.

Why are some people so perfectly made? And why are others not?

He slipped off his shirt and dropped it on the floor, still giving me his amuse but sexy smile and causing me to girn. He unbuckled his belt and slowly slipped his loose pants down and kicked it off carelessly. I coughed nervously when I saw the protrusion from his boxers. Then he pulls his boxers down his hips and pass his muscular thighs, revealing what was hiding behind his boxers.

I choked on my saliva, holding my throat to calm down. "Are you alright love?" He asked with a lopsided smirk.

"I'm fine," I coughed, "my saliva doubled over, shocking."

"I thought alphas were bold," he taunted, leaning down on the bed. He rest his palms on the bed and smirked slyly, "this dress looks so..." He sucked in a deep breath, "spectacular on you. If I drop my jaw, will you lean over and pick it up?"

"Only if you don't have drool allover it," I said with a wink, he threw his head back and laughed. I was greatly amusing him. "Stop laughing, I'm trying to be sexy."

"Alright sexy mama, your turn."

"I take my dress off when I want to, now lay down and let mama do the work."

Finn shook his head with a quiet laugh, he could laugh for now, soon he would be moaning my name. Finn continued to laugh as he got back on the bed. I took back my previous astride position and wiggled myself on his hardness. His laughing seized, his face wrinkled up. I wiggled my brows at him.

"Feeling dominated yet?" I teased.

"Not close baby doll."

I harden my face and looked down at his chest where I placed my hands, the coldness of his skin merged with mine, his soft flesh melted into my hands. I ran my hands over his shoulders and chest, relishing the flex of his muscles underneath my delving fingers. I shifted down, gliding my behind on his shaft. I bent my body down and ran the tip of my tongue on one of his hard male nipple. He groaned, squirming a little. I ran my tongue on the other, rewarding myself with the satisfaction of another groan.

I smirked and sent my hands to his back. I slid my hands down his back, memorising the smooth flow of warm flesh ending at the base of his spine. I smushed his excellent cheeks, making noises of pleasure. Moving south of his body, I explored the backs of his hard thighs and sturdy calves.

"Are you just going to keep teasing me?" He asked impatiently, his voice a lecherous silk.

"Sorry, what did you say?"

"Stop frustrating me and do what you ought to do." He snapped.

"Admire me as your alpha, say it big boy," I teased, "come on?"

"Okay fine, I admire you as my alpha, now stop frustrating me."

"I hadn't even started," I said with a laugh, "I only touched you." He narrowed his eyes at me, warning me to keep quiet and continue.

I took hold of one of his nipple and rolled it over my thumb, squishing his lightly. I removed my hand and held the hem of the dress, pulled it over my head and threw it somewhere behind me. Finn sucked in a deep breath. His heated gaze touched my breasts, and it felt as though he'd slid his tongue across them. I wiggled my nose as my nipples harden. Finn reached for my breasts but I swat his hand away.

"Don't touch me, not until I order you to."

I was playing tough, but I hoped I wouldn't disappoint him or I would never hear the end of it.

Time to get more serious.

I shifted back so I could massage his inner thighs. I reached for his shaft and traced his length with the tip of my finger and circled the head. A shudder worked it's way through his body in anticipation of what I'd do next. I grinned and then licked a wreathing path along his shaft, swirling my tongue around until his body bucked beneath me. I grinned when I saw the grimace on his face, the difficulty he was having controlling himself from going nuts.

"Stop fighting it, give in to me Finn, enjoy the moment."

"Make me."

I chuckled darkly and brought my face back to his shaft. Obsessed with my need to please him more and make him moan my name like Lida said to make sure he did, I slid my lips over the head. He hissed, a sort of hasten holler hiss. I wondered if I was doing it right, but still kept working my way up and down his hard flesh, teasing him all the way down to his balls which my fingers had control of.

Slowly, torturously, I ran my teeth and tongue, frustrating me until he begged me to go faster. With a victorious smile, I increases the pace of my mouth torture. Finn's hand sank into my hair, forcefully ushering my head down to take in as much of him as I could take. Just as I felt his member swell, I quickly removed my mouth and sprinted to the bathroom, laughing loudly. I slammed the door shut and used my body to hold it.


"Yes baby?" I laughed.

"Come out and finish what you started!" He shouted angrily.

"Sorry what? I don't speak gibberish." Finn hammered on the door, trying to push it open, but my body held it down.

"What did I ever did to you?" He cried.

"You did the same thing to me, duh."

"I'm sorry, I am really, really sorry. Now open this door before I... Stupid me, I can teleport."

"Wait... What!" I shrieked. Finn popped up in front of me, grinning devilishly.

"Hello mate," he wiggled his brows at me. I sank down the door, my heart sank with me. "Bet you didn't know I could teleport, now I will destroy you."

"Finn, let's be reasonable adults and talk about a term of negotiation," I pleaded desperately, glancing around for any weapon. Using my powers would be going too far, and where is the fun in that? "I co..." I squealed as he heaved me over his shoulder. He teleported back to the bedroom, the bed to be precise.

Finn slammed me on the bed and pulled my hands high above my head. In a blur he was gone and back, and I was tied up.

"Hey! I said I am the alpha, you can't tie me up!"

"You already had your turn, and I admit you did a great job. But now, it's my turn."

Hell! I was going to visit hell.

Finn knelt between my spread out tied legs and kissed a path to my breasts. All logical sense gave way for predominant sexual hunger. He attacked and feast on my chest, devouring my tits and teasing my navel. Like the time he kissed me back at the dinning table, a delightful scream left my mouth. Flame spread through my chest to my throat and around my body. The fire burnt through every inch of my veins, boiled my blood in delightful rage and stirred my entire system in ecstasy.

Once again, my vision whirled in bliss, I wasn't only seeing splashes of rainbow water in my eyes, I saw fireworks, colourful fishes and dancing dolphins. My consciousness, spirit and soul toppled over their axes when he travelled south, down down south. I moaned and screamed and begged and I am not an alpha.

And when Finn's cack finally slid slowly inside me, my brain completely stopped working. Pleasure clouded brain, that was all I saw, fountains of ecstasy flowing down the stream of my analytical brain. He wasn't at cruel as unexpected him to be. He pushed in slowly, stretching and filling me. I was too arouse to worry about the pain. He held still, refusing to move any further.

I growled and snapped my hands free from the fabric binds and dug my claws into his butt, drawing a groan from him. I forced him deeper inside me, changing every possibility of reluctance. I whimpered a little when he drew out and glided back in, stretching me further.

He plunged in and out of me again and again, driving me closer to the river of ecstasy and satisfaction with every stroke. I scaling through a mountain, climbing up to it very peak. Just as I finally reached it, showers of bliss washed over me and Finn sank his teeth into my neck.

I gasped, his teeth in my neck ampified my orgasm. My eyes rolled to the back of my head as my blood left me in delight. His own pleasure combined with mine, twisted in a binding knot with mine. It threw me high and slammed me down on the ground, my head swelled and whirled from the intensity of the ecstasy.

"Mark me love." I acted on his command, drew out my fangs and repeated his actions, though I didn't drink much of his blood. The connection doubled and toppled on each other, colliding in a brutal crash and merging into one.

I could hear his every thoughts, I could feel his emotions. Our souls were one, our minds made sealed together.

"Who's the alpha now?" He laughed telephatically. I pushed him off me, rolling my eyes and refusing to laugh too. Finn fell on the bed beside me, still laughing.

"Finn, am I going to get pregnant?"

"Vampires don't get pregnant so easily, you'll have to wait for hundreds of years to conceive one." He replied still laughing.

"But I'm a sea maid, not a vampiress."

"Shut up or I kiss your lips shut," he threatened, "now come here." Finn pulled me into a cuddle, something felt wrong with me. My legs were tingling, my scales was struggling to get out. I shrugged it off and shut my eyes, didn't matter.

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